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Robin creates beautiful low-poly game art and we were keen to learn more about him. Cart by robindao on Sketchfab. Could you introduce yourself to our readers: Who are you and where are you from? I currently reside in San Francisco, California. I specialize in 3D modeling, and sculpting for video games.

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I currently teach 3D modeling, sculpting, and texturing at the Academy of Art University. How did you first get started?

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With teams of fellow students and amazing instructors guiding us we created games art mods. This is where I discovered the camaraderie among fellow development team dao, It was awesome working with ambitious, and passionate individuals. It was great to see something you create in a playable game.

The process begins with an idea which I will quickly sketch out. Creating a concept helps me figure out what to model and how many textures I will need to create.

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Create a game resolution mesh. Finally paint the textures for the prop. My last step is assembling all of textures and models into a game engine such as Unreal Engine 4, light the scene, and take screenshots of the finished scene. I am currently working on a low poly, hand painted outdoor environment. You can keep up to date with it on my blog.

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Talk a little bit art detail about your favorite model you currently have posted on Sketchfab? I rarely create character models, this guy was made purely for fun and it was enjoyable. I wanted to create something cute yet could defend himself if needed. Creating his fur texture was probably dao most difficult part but in art end I thought it came out nicely.

Bunnie Warrior by robindao on Sketchfab. Practice, practice, practice. It takes dao long time to master. I think 3D printing is very cool! Hair the hair you're looking at is the combination of zbrush fibermesh and 3ds max hair farm. I'll spare the details.

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Overall, you can practically make any style out of them. UVs i'm not going to complain how much pain i had to go through. In short, i used the zbrush UV master with a lot of remeshing and merging. Texturing Finally, the boring parts are over. I used substance painter for the texturing, obviously. You know, just drag and drop. Just a few more touch up here and there, you're done. Rendering First time trying to use Marmoset toolbag.

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Art very hard to get into just another drag and drop. However, i'm not quiet happy with the light set up and materials displayed here. I mean, there isn't a lot of customizations you can make with it.

Still, after a whole week of "try-hard-intensify", i got the result dao From this project i've learnt a lot to be sure. Mostly, how to shoot the project for a close deadline and how to properly present my projects in the future. The progress so far: