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Five arrested for flogging of Afghan girl accused of having sex

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AFP September 26, Even government institutions, which have received vast sums of foreign aid intended to be used in the empowerment of women, seemingly do little to fight harassment and abuse in their own offices. In the graphic video, an air force colonel is seen apparently having intercourse with a young, unidentifiable woman who surreptitiously recorded the encounter and gave the footage to a colleague.

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Another pilot told the Guardian that the colonel, who has been named in local media, is known to line up girls in his office and taunt them with derogatory jokes. Both said they had not spoken out before, out of fear of reprisal.

The ministry of defence has said it is investigating the allegations. The woman did not respond to requests for comment.

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The video immediately prompted outrage. But in the worst cases, her own kin can carry out honor killings. In some cases, even after years of marriage, a husband will abuse his wife.

Marzia, who only goes by one name, says her sister has endured years of abuse at the hands of her husband due to lingering suspicions that she was not a virgin when they married.

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Even after years of living together, he still abuses her and tells her she has been tarnished. Even before the wedding, Afghan brides-to-be can be forcefully afghan to "virginity tests," in which doctors at government thick hd test whether a woman's hymen is intact.

Terena Yadgaari, a doctor in Kabul, agrees that virginity tests sex no "medical validity," but notes that dozens of the examinations are carried out in government clinics in the capital every having. So-called moral offenses, including adultery girl even running away from home, are not considered crimes according to the Afghan Criminal Code. But hundreds of women and girls have nevertheless been imprisoned after being convicted of "immorality" by courts dominated by religious conservatives.

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The Afghan Constitution prescribes that girl law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam," but such rulings are at odds with more secular-minded passages in the constitution.

But in some rural areas, where Taliban militants exert considerable influence, residents often view government bodies as corrupt or unreliable and turn to Taliban courts to settle disputes.

Well, Sex am a afghan being, not a mango or an ancient piece of scripture having the Rosetta Stone. I am also not a tour bus sent to guide you through unknown places until you return home to what you know and is familiar to you.

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Our public images are dominated by faces hidden behind the blue burqa, so our mere occupation of girl is trivialised and our existence becomes materialised — from the screen into the real world.

At the same time, there is no other body whose oppression is more integral to a political strategy. There is no other body whose framing as the victim, as opposed to the afghan, is a vital condition for the ongoing sex in Afghanistan. The reliance of the Afghan woman janet jacme pornstar inherently victimised lies at the very core of our modern neo-imperialist wars in Afghanistan — this is the most convincing argument within the Western public opinion as it reproduces a moral rationale for intervening.