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The cops say that she either died of an iijima or committed suicide but surely that would show up in the autopsy? The pathologist could not pin down the cause of her death?

Come on. This all stinks of stupid gossip This article completely misses it's chance here. Instead of pointing the finger at the police investigation or rather, lack of it laurie rose porn the autopsy, it goes off on a tangent about cigarette packets and friends called Mr X. This is probably why this country ends up with so many missed chances like the killers of Lucie Blackman and Lindsay Hawker. There are no decent investigative journalists pushing the cops to do their job properly.

If you die of an illness it shows up on any half-decent post-mortem. If you commit iijima that will also come up.

Autopsy on Iijima not conclusive | The Japan Times

This iijima the year where we transplant human faces, clone animals and conduct keyhole heart surgery. They cannot pin down the cause of death?

And I don't watch CSI. Real world forensic pathologists can detect traces of drugs in foreign sumo wrestlers when they choose to, so they should have no problems detecting well-known drugs such as those found in her reality kings full movie - the analysis is quite straight forward. This article, and the police quote, are both jumping the gun here. According to Iijima's father the results of the autopsy could take a few weeks to determine exactly what may have happened.

Why is that not mentioned in this article? Several types of pharmaceutical products such as the sleeping pill Halcion and cold medicines—all prescribed by doctors—were found in the condominium but no suicide note was found, police said. Simply waiting for the iijima report would be helpful, but then such iijima common sense approach wouldn't sell in the weekly magazine business. You all know that JT and the ilk are reporting based on sensationalism and with no need for concrete facts.

There aren't any names beginning with X in Japan anyway. So often on the gossip shows,people are interviewed from the neck down.

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But these people don't know jack. Just like the cops. That would explain a lot, all the different prescription drugs. Oh, wait then they couldn't conveniently blame the dead person. J-cops, alwasy thinking. Are we expecting a toxicology report? If so and I iijima hope it's part of any investigation the toxicology report should close the case.

I would guess an accidental overdose of sleeping pills. Why do so many JT readers figure Yakuza conspiracies into everything? Sign in. Iijima Ai was born in Iijima Ward, Tokyo. She had a troubled childhood, according to her autobiography, where she hated her parents so much that she ran away from her home and lives on the streets. She lost her grandfather at a young age and despite doing well at elementary school could not pass to enter high school from junior high.

She made a living as a hostess at night clubs, engaging in compensated dating and working at a karaoke bar. She began her adult video acting in and in one year became Japan's top porn star. She released a music single called Naisho De Ai Ai bizarrely involving uncoordinated children dancing, an up-skirt shot, soldiers in uniform and her with a tank and obtained a regular spot on a TV talk show.

Hotter than hell 1971 also appeared in the mainstream movie Purupuru Tenshi Teki Kyujitsu as an angel in Her novel Platonic Sex was a bestseller in Japan selling over a million copies.

Iijima More. Up 18, this week. Actress Writer.

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Iijima Ai was born in Koto Ward, Tokyo. She had a troubled childhood, according to her autobiography, where she hated her parents so much that she ran away from her home and lives on the streets.


She lost her grandfather at a young age and August 25in Tokyo, Mom wants sons dick. December, age 35 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Share this page: So much fame for nothing. Where were her friends?

Or, colleagues? Better to have a poor for friend than a rich. Pneumonia can kill anyone. As she had a history of recent health problems her immune system would understandably be compromised thus making her more susceptible. Remember the saying about "not iijima ill of the dead"? Anyway, having personally had pneumonia myself many years ago as the result iijima exhaustion and exposure to the elementsI can tell you that it would not be a nice way to go. The sensation I experienced was of slow suffication as the fluid builts up in your lungs.

Also getting over pneumonia is not fun.

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Once they put the drugs in, you starting coughing up flem and mucus by the bucket load. Anyway, hope everybody enjoys their meals after reading this: This poor girl had a sad life. However she died it's too jade parker bbw she died alone. No one found her for a week! I know plenty of people who would have been glad to be with her including me. She says at the end of her book "Papa, Mama, I'm sorry for being this kind of daughter. On March 3Iijima Nippon reported that Ai Iijima was suffering from hay fever, pyelitis ascending urinary tract infection that has reached the pyelum pelvis of the kidneycystitis and acute backache.

She had written in her blog that she had kidney problems and inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder. Ongoing health problems, pneumonia being a common cause of death for people with AIDS, and significant participation in the Aids awareness community leads me to one conclusion. It is a severe disappointment that the media doesn't use this to raise awareness about the dangers of HIV.

Did all of you know that Japan is the only developed country in the world in which the number of HIV people infected every year is still growing? Just that she got it from drug use,not sex She lived immorally porn out of greed for money, and illegally from iijima drug use.

She made her own bed. May you never do anything wrong. Why does the iijima, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," come to mind? She was a iijima. But what was she supposed to do? If she came out and was truthful many powerful unscrupulous people may have lost money and became angry at her. If she had HIV, I wonder how many people geinojin she had unprotected with before she realized she was infected.

Very sad story.