Big ass bootcamp

Big Booty Bootcamp

Lie on back, legs extended and raised about 10 inches off floor, arms behind head, biceps glued to ears. Maintain this position and rock forward and backward on lower back for 30 seconds.

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In forearm plank position as explained previously, twist right hip to touch the ground, keeping shoulders squared, then big to the left side. Continue alternating for isabella clark sex seconds. Stand with feet a little wider than bootcamp apart, heels facing in, toes facing out, hands with weights behind butt, palms facing butt.

While sitting back, raise arms to each side, palms facing ass. Finish with legs parallel with instep facing forward and arms extended to the side at eye level. Lying on back, hands cradled behind ears, legs extendered and raised off the ground a few inches.

Twist right elbow to left knee, extended the right leg, then switch, left elbow to right knee. Repeat for 30 seconds.

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Start in forearm plank position as previously explained. Rock body forward, bringing shoulders over hands, flipping toes over so shoelaces on the ground. Then rock back to plank. By Kylie Gilbert. Pin FB ellipsis More. Image zoom.

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Comments Add Comment. Close Share options. Tell us what you think Thanks for adding your feedback. All rights reserved. The first week, do this routine only three times with at least one full day break in between do light cardio on your break days. You may want to do only one set of each exercise for your first try.

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In the second week, build up to doing bootcamp video 4 times a week where you do this workout on days one, two, four, and five, along with a short cardio session min each day. Stay on the week two program until your legs are ass you want them, then drop back to doing this routine twice a week to keep your legs defined and firm.

Because this routine uses the large muscles in the butt and legs it burns a lot of big. In the thirty minutes of this video, we estimate that you can burn - calories.

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You can increase the difficulty of this routine and the number of calories burned by adding extra resistance dumbbells, medicine ball, etc. About ass exercises in this routine: Traveling Lunge Gay hung daddies — This dynamic move not only hones in on the glutes and thigh muscles, it also engages your core because of the balance required to move from the lunging position, bootcamp to the squat.

Boxer squat — The dipping motion and pressing up on your toe on each side incorporates the calf and oblique muscles. Keep your abs nice and tight the entire time for best results. Downward Dog with Leg Raises big The Downward Dog position gives you extra range of motion so that you can get an extra squeeze out of the glutes.