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What are the causes of decreasing ejaculate? Is this a cause for concern if it persists? Can anything be done to return to the former glory? Hope you have the answers as the matter is really bothering me! Ejaculation in men is the discharge of semen from the reproductive tract, usually at biggest final stages ejaculation sexual stimulation, or spontaneously during sleep.

The process of semen propulsion, in some cases dribbling, is an essential component for natural conception.

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The force and the amount of semen ejected by men can vary tremendously according to the state of arousal, interval between ejaculations and the general state of the reproductive tract. According to the World Health Organisation, the average volume of ejaculate in men is 3.

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Orgasms actually begin in the brain. Asthenozoo - percent sperm motility below lower reference limit.

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Azoo spermia - absence of sperm in the ejaculate. Hypo spermia - semen volume below lower reference limit. Oligozoo spermia - Total sperm count below lower reference limit.

But on one point, the two disagree slightly. Sins thinks that varies case by case. After waiting a few days, I have a little more cum built up, but the power of the shot isn't as powerful as I'd like biggest expect. The cum just plops out, for lack of a better word. Point is, if you want a strong ejaculation forceful load, give your prostate a rest here and there—but maybe not ejaculation long. Should this be regarded as a curse or as a blessing? You decide! While the average quantity of ejaculate amounted to biggest.

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The longest penis of them all is a killer whale penis. Have you ever wondered about the capabilities of your hydraulic pump if you may have one? Would anyone of you like to beat his feat?

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African elephants also have some of the greatest numbers biggest sperm per ejaculate. When mating, the male may release well over billion sperm. As for why elephants have such high sperm counts while other species have larger yet fewer numbers of sperm, the answer has to do with female size. Gage explained, "Since elephants have bigger female reproductive tracts than mice, it therefore appears that sperm ejaculation in the fertilization arena is also vitally important for shaping the evolution of sperm form and function.

He added that "when dilution becomes more of a demand, biggest body shot tube selected to ejaculation much greater investment into increasing sperm numbers to win fertilizations.

Among the largest ejaculates relative to body size belongs to the boar Sus scrofa. European hare males also have some of the greatest sperm numbers relative to their body size.