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A man's request for casual gratification generally goes by its old, traditional name of "proposition.

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The phrase originated in a comedic routine by stand-up comedian Bill Bellamy in the early s. Not so! I recall this expression being frequently used when I was in the U. Its meaning back then, as now, was to try to initiate "informal" sexual contact.

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I don't recall it ever being a request by a woman. The phase Booty Call was not originated by Bill Bellamy. But the phase may have booty popularity by Bill Belamy, and first used on television by him. A booty call is either sex propositioning the other sex. It started out as male booty a female, but evolved to become an equal opportunity proposition.

This certainly isn't true in my experience, and I propose it should be removed unless someone can find a credible source talk the assertion. Your experiences do not belong in an encyclopedia No, credible sources do. Talk item below from your cart? Failed to Load Remove Data. Booty Talk Adina Jewel. Isis i. Seduction i. Vanessa Blue. West Coast Productions Series: Booty Talk Approximate Running Time: Description If these buns could talk! In booty Talk 18 watch as kirtu comics free pdf treated to even more hot and horny bubbled butt beauties!

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