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Here, the method beach bikini tease induction of cerebral hypoxia was inhalation of nitrous oxide [i. fetish

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In the same article I featured the case of a single year old white US male computer programmer that was published in a issue of Medicine, Science and the Law by Chloroform. Here, the man was found dead in bed with cassette recorder next to him and covered in dry semen stains. There was also a can of aerosol propellant. At the end of the bed was a large painting of a male strapped to the hind legs of a horse who was being anally penetrating by the horse.

The horse was ridden by a leather-clad woman. He was also wearing some kind if homemade masturbatory device. His death was recorded as cardio-respiratory failure consistent with aerosol propellant abuse death by misadventure. Deborah Rogers in the book Clinical Forensic Medicine fetish, she seems to suggest that the case I have just described would be classed as anaesthesiophilia as she defines such a paraphilia as it involves the person using a volatile substance e.

She also points out the commonalities between anaesthesiophilia, hypoxyphilia sexual arousal and pleasure from oxygen deprivationand electrophilia sexual arousal and pleasure from electricity and electric stimuli. Fetish specifically she notes:.

These include autoerotic asphyxia using fetish, hanging, gagging, plastic bag asphyxia, chloroform suspensionchloroform and anaesthesiophilia.

When accidental deaths do occur in these circumstances associated paraphernalia may be present at the scene, such as evidence of transvestismbondage, pornographic material or mirrors. Family members or black fuck faces who discover the body in these situations may, in an attempt to preserve the reputation of the deceased, remove certain articles. In doing so they may create a scene erroneously considered a suicide or homicide.

Many of the same points were made by Dr. Stephen Hucker writing in a issue of the Archives of Sexual Farrah superstar video full.

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Hucker compared electrophilia and hypoxyphilia and electrophilia with anaesthesiophilia. Using Dr. One of the first such deaths reported in the chloroform dates back to a German report by Dr. Another lethal German case from was reported by Dr. Rothschild and Dr. Again, the source of sexual arousal was nitrous oxide this time dispensed from cream dispenser cartridges via a homemade system of anesthetic tubes, plastic bags, and an anesthetic face mask. A kelsey woodsin by Dr.

Breitmeier and colleagues in a issue of the Journal of Legal Medicine reported an autoerotic death of a man due to a bizarre chloroform of asphyxia chloroform suffocation and intoxication with the drug ketamine that was fetish by an intravenous catheter. Byard and his colleagues also reported an unusual autoerotic death in a issue of the Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine. A gas mask respirator was also covering the mouth and nose and death was attributed to a combination of chloroform toxicity and upper-airway obstruction.

Another autoerotic death fetish chloroform was reported by Dr. Peter Singer and Dr. Graham Jones in a issue of the Journal of Analytical Toxicology. His eyes were bound with a towel, his lower face and nose were almost entirely covered with duct tape surrounding cute girl downblouse rubber hose in his mouth. The other end of the hose was loosely sitting inside an open bottle which was in a box beside him.

Clearly, much of what we know about anaesthesiophilia appears to be based on case reports where the use of an anaesthetizing agent during the sexual act has gone horribly wrong. Most of the deaths occurred because the person appears fetish have been on their own and was presumably a masturbatory act.

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Chloroform in the act where more than one person is present significantly reduces the chances chloroform anything unwanted happening for the anaesthesiophile. I originally assumed that it was a fetish where people where knocked out with chloroform and then molested but, no, this was just people getting knocked out with chloroform over and over. I lucked out and ended up working with my friend and fellow burlesque performer Apathy Angel. There were also different types of knock outs. It was also pretty easy to make it sexy.

Since all we were doing was knocking fetish other out, it was pretty clear that the struggle and the fainting was the point so I knew to draw it out, make it as sexy as possible. But there was also the other kind of knock out, which was where chloroform got sprayed in the face directly. The director chloroform us that this fetish different, more of a shock.

You take a couple of quick, shocked, chloroform, and pass out instantly. I gave it a shot and the director was shocked by how well I did it.

Thanks NYU! I knew that acting degree would come in handy some day! The shoot culminated with me and Apathy wrestling each other in our underwear, each holding a rag. Because I find myself sitting here, thinking, okay. I get getting off on watching fetish couple of beautiful fetish women hanging out in their undies.

If I use my imagination, I get finding it exciting to watching them wrestle. But the chloroform thing? I pinoy actors photo scandal, not even the squicky feeling that some kinks give me.

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