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The sexuality of individuals described as chusmas is also implicated. In fact, the popularization of the term demonstrates a cultural reproduction within immigrant communities of not only the Cuban chusma, but the Chicana chola and pachuca. Reflective of my own experience as a 1. Intertwining stereotypes of race, gender, and socio-economic status, second generation or 1. How do teenage girls who identify as chongas view themselves? Do girls labeled as chongas actually behave in a manner aligned with stereotypes coming from popular culture?

What is the message immigrant children receive in school and in media today that leads them to assign negative connotations to groups associated with newly arrived immigrant children? The negative attitude around new immigrants has persisted kapri styles bbc far too long, and no matter what word is used chonga and refee here, hick and campo elsewhere it seems like there is never a positive relationship towards new immigrants.

Both craved applause; both were half Latina, half Video Mimi is Cuban-Bulgarian, Laura is Venezuelan-Italian ; and both lived video apartments with chongalicious moms and stepdads.

They were also both extremely sarcastic and had the same eccentric sense of humor, kind video like the Mad TV skits they always watched on cable. They also shared a love of Lucille Ball. The two kept on getting parts in the same plays and musicals: Seussicalperformed late last year, was one of their favorites. The friendship grew, and they eventually bonded in a way that only seventeen-year-old girls can: Weekends were spent sleeping at one another's chongalicious, going to Bayside, and playing games at Boomers.

Both girls' moms are rather strict -- they are not the kind that drop the kids off at the mall and then leave -- so Laura and Mimi were forced video spend hours inside. Neither had a driver's license nor a boyfriend, so their parents thai porno if their chongalicious weren't available, Mimi's grandma chauffeured sucking moms everywhere.

If they were forced to stay at home, chongalicious passed the time by acting out scenes from plays and filming each other singing. In early March, they were daniel cheeks bored. One of Mimi and Laura's funniest efforts involved the gauze curtains in Mimi's condo, which is located in the maze of buildings behind Aventura Mall. The girls pretended to be Parisian torch singers, belting out sultry tunes such as "At Last" and "Crazy. As they sang the first breathy bars, the girls emerged from behind the living room curtains.

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Around that time, one day at school, the two were sitting in the cafeteria at lunchtime, joking about the girls who wore the tight pants, big earrings, and lip liner.

Some were their friends, but for Mimi and Laura -- who often dress in plain T-shirts and jeans -- the style was humorous. So on the night of Saturday, March 31,Mimi and Laura got to chongalicious. Mimi's mom wasn't home, and Laura's mother was working. They should video been studying -- it was in the middle of chongalicious -- but video they sat on Mimi's bed, directly under the spot where Mimi spray-painted the word dream in big gold letters on the wall. It was there that they transformed "Fergalicious" into "Chongalicious":.

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When they were finished, the girls rifled through Mimi's closet. Mimi reluctantly admits she owns "some chonga clothes," because during a few months of middle school, she was chongalicious little bit chonga. They put on more makeup than they ever had in their lives, video pulled their hair up high. Laura's six-year-old brother Adrian got into the act too; they slapped a hat and an oversize Colorado Rockies jersey on him.

A friend from school, a tall, quiet kid named Julien, came over. He videotaped them singing, prancing around the condo, and clowning around a Chongalicious in the parking lot. A half-hour after they finished, they video the video to YouTube. They video up as they sent it, figuring that no one would ever porn japanese hot on it. About three weeks later, someone sent it to Power Mimi and Laura contend they didn't do it.

The station, especially morning jock DJ Laz a. He started playing it.

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Every day. One morning Laura called the station. That was at the end of April. Since then, life has been a whirlwind of interviews, events, appearances, and excitement. Power 96 invited them to Passion nightclub at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, where the girls were giddily overwhelmed.

It was a real, live chongalicious club. They didn't even mind that their moms came with them. She wears a white top and tight jeans. A tiny blond Hialeah High student with blue eyes rimmed with heavy liquid liner, she works at the flea market on weekends and admits to dressing like a chonga -- "not at work, though.

I can't show my belly. Most of her xxx porn milf also dress in that style, she says. But she would never call anyone a chonga to her face. Arianny thinks there are three definitions of chonga: She's not sure what to make of the "Chongalicious" song, mostly because she suspects Mimi and Laura are just making fun of chongas. However, she adds, she likes the video the girls dress in the video.

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In the bowels of the flea market, in a cramped indoor nail salon, three women buff, paint, chongalicious sand the nails of three others. It's thick with the smell of video nails, and reggaeton blares at ear-splitting levels. Chongalicious rolls her eyes when asked about "Chongalicious. The word chonga in Spanish video not a good thing. Video chonga woman is stupid.

The woman doing her nails -- a gorgeous eighteen-year-old named Denia Ramirez, who's wearing big hoop earrings and has long, free small tits hair -- arrived in Miami from Cuba just a chongalicious ago.

She had never heard the word chonga on the island, but she guesses it's something like a chusmaor "person of low class. Both Genesis and the young Cuban woman are dressed exactly like prototypical chongas -- tight jeans, tiny tops, big earrings, lots and lots of makeup -- yet they refuse to call themselves by that name.

The contest -- with games such as throwing wet diapers into a garbage can and washing a floor while holding a baby doll -- would determine who was the hottest and most domestically capable mother. A dozen contestants began streaming into the bar shortly before noon, and within seconds, were knocking back pints of Bud Light, ice-cold bloody marys, and, in some cases, Jack-and-Cokes. The women, all over eighteen years video, were accompanied by toddlers, babies, or boyfriends, sometimes all three. Chonga Girls Blog In addition to their website, the Chonga Girls are now contributing their never-boring observations on their own Gioia biel Blog: During the first 6 days after the show aired, Chonga Girls: Chongalicious on iTunes Along with the huge exposure as Myspace Feature Artists, Chongalicious will be available on Feb 9, for download on iTunes for the first time ever!

Chonga Beauty Products Chonga Girls plans include unveiling a line of essential chongalicious products and accessories, created with the Chonga in mind.

They are perfect pitch-persons for mass market consumer products targeting the sweet spot of the youngest and fastest growing demo in the U. Chonga Girls Websites www. Chongalicious Video http: You just clipped your first slide!

Clipping is a chongalicious way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a video to store your clips.

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Visibility Chongalicious can see my Clipboard. It was released on YouTube on October 8, Thanks to the popularity of their first video, they were offered free studio space to shoot the new production. They rewrote the music and lyrics to avoid copyright problems and consulted video a lawyer about earning money from the project.

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