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I lowkey thought Guzman would join Polo and Ander pic. Of course, it wouldn't be another season of Elite without a crazy sex scene, but this one certainly takes the cake above anything else we've seen on TV recently.

Guess we'll have to wait until season 3 to see if they are able to top this one, but hopefully, they just find their own room next time.

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And when they finally did, the showrunners didn't hold anything back, giving fans of the Showtime drama all the back-arching sensuality they had been longing for.

So we chose two. Or Luke Cage and Misty Knight. The surprisingly intimate sex scene from Gypsythe now-canceled Naomi Watts series. And the holy-shit-what-is-going-on polyamorous scene in Sense8.

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Sleaziest Seduction Mickey Rourke: Diner Tough to fully grade Rourke without the popcorn dick maneuver. Solitary Man Even Old Douglas can talk a blonde ingenue into bed.

This was a tough one. Because we all know the answer is really Michael Douglas. So the question becomes: Which was the most memorable, sexy-insane lady that Douglas lay opposite in The Douglas Decade mid-'80s to mid-'90s? Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction? Demi Moore in Disclosure?

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Or Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct? It's not the interrogation scene that does it for Stone.

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That's not even sex. Rather, it's the ice-pick fucking sequences that tip the scales. When you stab someone while straddling them, they call it Basic Cowgirl. Ain't that right, Shooter? Do we exist purely physically for each other?

Melissa Rauch and Sebastian Stan Explain Their Insane Sex Scene in The Bronze

And that scene, it makes me cry—not like, what an amazing actor I am, but sex thinking about these two characters. All it takes is Melisandre telling him his wife is too weak and disgusting, and they swiftly get it on on top of the Painted Table.

Knowing now that Melisandre eventually gives birth to a weird AF sex baby, this scene becomes even more suspect. While Crazy seems less than interested in joining in, he scene the two women touch each other before unsurprisingly making things scene violent by getting Ros to hit Daisy with his belt until she screams. During the scene, Joffrey points his crossbow at Ros—a foreshadowing of when he eventually shoots her in scene next season. The sexual tension between Robb and Talisa was so thick you could cut it with a sword, making their hookup all the more steamy.

Sadly for the both of them, it was also the beginning of the end. Good thing they enjoyed themselves while they could. The highly anticipated hookup has all the makings of a great sex scene: Despite sexy girl bending over fact that Loras is betrothed to Sansa, we soon learn that he jousts for the other team.

This crazy contains spoilers for Midsommar. Because nothing says horror like a German Expressionist film. This classic about a crazy hypnotist is inspiring now for its groundbreaking cinematography and sheer artfulness, more of a gorgeous film noir than a sex horror story. Madonna and Willem Dafoe Fun fact: Roger Vadim Actors: Jane Fonda Fun fact: Destination Wedding. Victor Levin Actors: Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves Fun fact: The Piano Teacher. Michael Haneke Actors: Coming Home.

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