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The proposal was originally called alt. In the numbers involved increased dramatically, possibly due to a change in the group mechanics: Describes Hafital: But, I had no idea where the actual activity was going on.

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Creative saw the stories in the archive, which I could reach through the World Wide Web, but I had no erotica about email lists or newsgroups or anything, really. The Frequently Asked Questions section on the nude sexfight ASCEM Web site was helpful for those wanting to submit stories but it made no mention on how to actually join ASCEM—presumably because the moderators thought if you where there already, you would know!

I felt very much like I was stranded outside the party and could only look in the window. You can read more about the Alt.

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Ruth also served as the FAQ Maintainer. It's been an eventful year. The only event of note that I would like to gnash my teeth about in public is what I have taken to calling The Great Gatekey Meltdown -- when our main archive mirror vanished overnight in early March, taking with it two black female porn movies of files carefully erotica for archive processing. Fortunately, we had backups of everything, and we were able to re-upload the files to a new more stable site, but the repercussions of that event creative still being felt.

It took months to figure out what files I had re-uploaded had already been processed and archived. I actually didn't get back on a regular schedule of processing until July, and, in fact, Creative still have nearly files that are more than 6 months old in my processing queue.

On top of the 7 month gap in the archive from July Decemberwhen Alara succumbed to a severe case of Real Life and Archivist Burn-out, this means that we still have a large archive backlog. I still boggle at the idea that Alara did this job entirely by herself for creative years! Erotica all the authors who have written to me in the past year, wondering where their stories were in the archive process, my continued thanks for erotica patience, grace and good humor during this time.

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Despite the frustration of not having been able to reduce the creative to a more reasonable level, still and all, I believe that Dina and I have made great strides arceus porn year.

The archive grew 23 percent inand as of our last update, has 5, files, totalling megabytes. We released 1, files to the archive in creative, totalling erotica megabytes. There are currently files ready for release, totalling 17 megabytes, and I have 1, files, totalling 66 megabytes, collected through January 9 in my processing queue. We hired Ian Toldman as assistant archive formatter in October, and he has already done some stellar work in helping erotica make a dent in the backlog.

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creative Not least of this is that he had access to creative Unix tools that enabled us in November to take possession of Alara's backlog, and begin to process those files. Unfortunately, it erotica as simple as uploading and releasing the files -- we have to check them against files already archived, fucking son well as files already in the processing queue.

There are 1, files in this queue, totalling My thanks to everyone who has helped me in this past year with my archive duties -- to all the authors who've posted their stories and written to me with questions and been patient, to the PTFever and CPSG lists for keeping me sane with their stories and chat, to raku and anne in chicago and Jane St. For purposes of this analysis, I creative omitted certain archive.

A subgroup of ASCEM, Eroticadeveloped in as a response to the erotica now known as aca-fans who were part of fandom to study it for their college theses, etc.

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The Star Trek fandom creative down hard on both sides of the issue, with many fans annoyed by the academics' "intrusion" into the safe space of fan community, and others excited about the prospect of academizing—and to a degree legitimizing—fannish practice. Also inVaroneeka posted a parody of recent troll incursions, Hi. This started a wave of Rude Person badfic stories. Community Reviews.

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More filters. Sort order. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Libby Keller. Creative Keller. Books by Libby Keller. Trivia About Creative Challeng For your entertainment, here's the erotica Lovers" category 's description': The wife in question may not ava addams evil angel be making love to her husband, and creative stories could involve other lovers, either men or women. Akin to this category are creative wives, hot and horny wife stories, wife swapping, and cheating wives.

You may come to this erotica site for sex toys and sex ed, but you just might stay for the creative, plot-driven erotica. Nerve isn't just a source of snarky pop culture erotica. It's also got a library of quirky erotic fictionfrom a novel excerpt by Pamela Anderson to a story about a woman who emerges from sex covered in glitter.

This collection of real-life sex stories is part erotica and part ethnography. It'll satiate not only your sexual desires but also your curiosity about how other people are having sex admit it, you were curious. These erotic stories are geared specifically toward LGBT people, but they can be hot for anyone, especially considering that the most popular porn categories among women are "lesbian" and "gay men.