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To ensure the publicly horny aren't caught in a sting by law enforcement—who have historically played the part of affable co-masturbator, until they arrest you for solicitation—users were and still com encouraged to report any suspicious cruisingforsex to the site itself as a "heads up.

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The paradox of the site—that the publicness that made it so appealing also put its users at risk—was not lost on founder Keith "Cruisemaster" Griffith, who penned feature stories about how to avoid minster cock. But it wasn't just cops that users had to fear; byCruising for Sex was scoringcruisingforsex a day, and journalists began trolling the site, hoping to exploit the general public's com of gay men by catching dudes mid-blowjob.

Nightly news programs installed secret cameras in bathrooms com asian moms hot that God-fearing citizens' worst fears were actually true: Cruisingforsex were fucking in the bushes near their children's playgrounds. Read More: Could you or your child be an innocent victim of On the Fox Five ten o'clock news, Monday. Conflating those who "find each other outside the home," as Griffith described his site's users, with exhibitionists and deviants was easy for the networks; homophobia was already rampant.

In response to the sleazy coverage, the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association released a statement calling public sex "as foreign to the lives of most gay people as it is to most straight people. The shadows of that life provided a place for a lot of freedom and self-exploration, where you didn't have to identify or explain yourself or be some kind of example.

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But Griffith, naturally, didn't see his site's users as outside the norm. To him, exploring yourself outside the stultifying confines of an apartment or house was as natural as the trees that grow around a truck stop.

He had a vision of a world where everyone could enjoy public, anonymous, and safe sex. Griffith died from complications of cancer and AIDS inand the site cruisingforsex since been under the watchful eye of Bob Sienkiewicz.

Despite cruisingforsex site's waning traffic, I was still able to find a few recently updated sex spots near my apartment in West Hollywood—including a urinal at my go-to grocery where I'd once noticed a dude lingering a bit too long. I talked to Sienkiewicz about the hottest spots for hooking up inwhy he's still leery of TV journalists, and what today's gays misunderstand about the generation who cruised the country in the 90s.

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In Truck Stop on I, legendary porn master Joe Gage works his usual horned-up magic at a roadside truck stop full of men on the prowl. Rugged Billy Wild is driving around looking for sex when he shows up at a roadside truck stop just in time to watch donkey-dicked Logan Bryant fuck the cum out of cute Dylan West.

What matters to me most here is cruisingforsex everybody gets paid for their work, the ones in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in com back office. That emphatically includes any — yes, any!

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Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? In a specifically sexual context, the term "cruising" originally emerged as an argot "code word" in gay slangby which those "in the know" would understand the speaker's unstated sexual intent, whereas most heterosexualson hearing the same word in the same context, would normally misread the speaker's intended meaning in the word's more common nonsexual sense.

This served and in some contexts, still serves as a protective sociolinguistic mechanism for gay men to recognize cruisingforsex other, and avoid being recognized by those who may wish to do them harm in broader societies noted for their homophobia. In the latter half of the twentieth century, decriminalization of homosexual behaviour increasingly became the norm in English-speaking countries. The protective barrier once provided by the cruisingforsex "cruising" as a "code word" has therefore largely broken down and, arguably, become increasingly irrelevant.

Thus the specifically sexual meaning of the term has passed into common usage to include the sexual behavior of heterosexual persons, as well.

Public health officials have noted that cruising locations are frequented com men who have sex with menbut do not identify with being homosexual or com, who are closeted, married, or in relationships with women, do not date men or frequent gay bars, clubs or websites, or have otherwise no other way of meeting men for sex.

In the United Statesthe term "cruising" was used predominantly to denote exclusively homosexual behavior, but in Australia and the United Kingdom it com used by both cruisingforsex and heterosexuals to describe their com behavior, as witnessed in the common male heterosexual derivative phrase "cruising for chicks".


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In the United States, cruising often takes place in gay barsadult video arcades often through gloryholesadult movie theaterspublic toiletsparkssaunasgyms or gay bathhouses. Engaging in such activities in public places like parks has led to participants being charged with indecent exposure.

Before closing, the business came under criticism for allegedly encouraging drunk driving by some who did not understand the term's historic nicole oring pantyhose, but the name and the sign remain a conscious reminder of gay history.

The term has also been adopted, in an altered form, by the website qruiser. This is a tongue in cheek cruisingforsex, however, cruisingforsex the community functions as a forum for social interaction for the Scandinavian region, rather than focusing on exclusively sexual encounters. Page Title of cruisingforsex. Home Page: Meta Description of cruisingforsex. Your free resource when cruising for sex! The largest free database of cruisy places in com world. Sex Listings include adult bookstores and theatres, sexclubs, bathhouses, and cruisy public places.

Com also offer a free message board, free chat, free personals, free blog, and free amateur photo galleries. If you're a man wanting to hook up with a man, this site is what you've been looking for!

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