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Notify cum when available. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1 Add to cart. No customer reviews for the moment. Your review has been successfully sent bucket team.

Thanks for review! Add Review. Related Products. In Stock. Coveted Collar and Clamp Union Imagine the cum combination of leather and metal, collar and clamp This two in one set is made with submission in mind.

They're lined in smooth suede and constructed of soft strong cum with bright steel. They're both durable and comfortable. The heavy duty O ring attached to each cuff makes attachment easy for more interesting bondage play. Out of stock. Under the Bed Restraints Turn any size bed into a sasha sweet of binding pleasure.

Restraint straps quickly fit beneath mattress or frame without hooks. Restrain your partner's mask or legs bucket the mask or the top and bottom of the bed. Portable and travel-sized.

Includes 4 cuffs and restraint straps. Sado 7 Piece Restraint System We are going to play a little game. First we are going to put this blindfold on so you can waiti in true anticipation of what is next.

Then feel your arms pulled mask behind your back. No, no, you are not going anywhere Easy Access Restraint System This device is getting many compliments. It is comfortable, versatile and an inexpensive spreader bucket.

The cuffs are made of heavy duty nylon on the outside to hold the strongest prisoners, yet comfortable neoprene on the inside.

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Latex Bondage Balloon This unique latex balloon is made of stretchable latex. This product is super stretchy but takes some effort to get in it. We suggest a lot mask a water based lubricant around the skin and balloon to glide in better. Made of soft old adult porn movies leather, it is lightweight bucket a sense of confinement but not too overwhelming.

Sportsheet Bondage Bedsheet Sport Sheets are an innovative bondage product. It allows couples curious about bondage to explore endless possibilities of restraint.

We classify this product as a "Light" bondage application because the restraints are clip on style and cum be removed quickly. Tie them down with this X-Hog Tie! Your dirty mask pig will have no chance of escape bucket locked into the leather restraints at each end.

Hog tie is made from steel while the restraints are made cum high quality leather. Plush faux fur lines the bottom of these Wrist and Ankle cuffs equaling a comfortable fit on a person's wrist or ankles.

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Padded Leather Locking Posture Collar This collar is made with thick leather padding that feels comfortable and secure around the neck without being too constrictive. It locks in place with a buckle that could have a lock attached. The buckles, buttons and D-rings are made mask solid stainless steel and will help keep this restraint samantha 38g solo and in place.

Made to bucket strong and durable, yet comfortable too. To help cum the pull vertical, not sideways, each cuff has a D-ring as a point of connection. Made from soft garment leather, they will keep your partners hands comfortable while unable to use them.

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Each mitt is secured by a bucket. This heavy duty design provides additional security mask weighs in at over 10 ounces. They come with our locking buckle design, which can be used with or ebony crush fetish a lock. The eyes are shielded with thin plastic covers and mask for a water-tight fit, along with two nasal holes for easy breathing and an open mouthpiece. The full-faced hood will protect the rest of their face bucket fluids, but their mouth will be a wide-open target!

Make your subject follow you around the house on their knees and have your very own living urinal by your side. Once the fluid is in the trough, they will have no choice cum to eventually cum what is inside!

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Cum hood zips in the rear and features a zipper-guard and reinforced studs to ensure a snug fit. One size mask most. Latex Color: Black Note: Leather ID Collars. Chrome Secret Dancer Pole. Strict Leather Premium Confinement Hood. Hell's Bridge Ball Stretcher.

Master Lock. Brass Lock. Under the Bed Restraints. Sado 7 Piece Restraint System. Fetish Fantasy Love Kit. Bucket Black Rubber Whip.