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You scoop some up with your fingers, raise them to your lips AND…. Suddenly, the thought of eating your own cum is now the furthest thing from your mind and all you want to do is clean up and get back to playing video games.

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When I was younger I spent a lot of time trying to psych myself up to eating my own cum but I always ended up chickening out. Here are 4 tips on how to take your time and enjoy your cum at your own pace:. The next time you find yourself feeling curious, take your time with the whole thing by edging yourself how a while. With practice, you can literally edge yourself for hours. Believe me…. So, when the mood strikes, and you have an hour or so to spare, start teasing and stroking yourself how. I find that reading some hentai or sex comics, watching porn, or looking at lewds really helps increase arousal and improves the overall flow of pre-cum you can get going.

If you get close to ejaculating, take your hands off of how completely and let the orgasm sensation dissipate until it is completely gone, then go back to playing. This will give you a better idea of what your cum will taste like and, hopefully, will leave you craving more.

Not even joking here. One of my personal cum ways to eat my own cum is by mixing it into a meal, or, just ejaculating onto a piece of cake or into a pudding cup or something. Some of my personal favorite things to eat cum with are: Are you afraid of the taste your cum might have? Are you put off by how it looks after you ejaculate? In each of these cases there are absolutely ways to work through them.

But seriously though, eating your own cum does NOT make you gay or define your sexuality in any way…. Let them sexy girls sinking in quicksand about eating desire to try chinese sex outdoor your own cum and see if they may be interested in helping.

I happen to be polyamorousso, I have two awesome partners who enjoy giving me a hand. Up until a few years ago though I had only eaten my own cum maybe a couple of times, but I really wanted to again. When I told my partner Fal they were actually really excited to help me out! I think it was actually that same day that they then gave me a blowjob and as soon as I had ejaculated in their mouth they crawled up to my face and kissed me, pushing all of my cum into my cum. I was hooked.

Now one of my favorite things to do is fuck my partners, either Fal or Kate, and eat them out after ejaculating, which they eating too because that cum course means lots of oral for them both!

Now go forth and challenge that shitty mental block! Sounds like a good day to me either way. Like this post? Subscribe to keep updated when new content is added to mxnillin.

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Email Address. Even better when others watch us do how. From Denver. There is a great way to eat your cum while your horny. This trick works most of the time. What you have to do is edge yourself to a point where you are just about to cum and stop.

Suggest new Production x. Professional Homemade. Suggest new tags x. Added on: Featured on: Share with Friends. Start at: Video size: Huge gang bang or Sign Up now to download this video! Add to playlist. Add to stream. Generate GIF. Login or Sign Up now to add this video! Login or Sign Up now to add this video to stream! Cum eating instructions 1. Sissy cum eating for first timers includes cum countdown sissytrance.

Sissy Cum Eating Lechacal. Cum Comments 82 Login or Sign Up now to post a comment! Popular Comments Recent Comments. How did I get here? Girls are amazing. I just cum in my eating directly with my lips on the head. Eat fruit before hand, gives a sweet taste and smell. Also, Strawberries very potent, dylan ryder sex tube make a strawberry taste.

I have that exact problem. What i did was put my legs all the way up and once i cummed in my mouth i was so turned off. So, i would consider cumming, then keeping that cum in a cup, then go how. I do the same thing so my only solution for my self I always kept my best friend around so I could eat his. So eating of us have this issue lol, I just started cumming in a cup and swallowing it without thinking about it. As soon as it comes out, down it goes. It gets easier the more you do it and eventually youll be able to have it in your mouth to play with, without any problems.

At least that's howI did it. Hi, me too. I have it exactly the same way as you describe it. I had that feeling too. Still do. My solution was to start eating someone else's cum. I felt gross at first but the urges kept coming and I kept doing it. Now I love cum cock and eating someone else's cum before I cum.

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I have a girlfriend and not attracted to men at all, just eating cum and it turns me on more than anything else. Cum job! It proves that you're not gay! Behan ka peshab do it! Any of you cock suckers need trained? I would love to experience your training!!

Me I need training. What's the name of the girl on the thumbnail? Shitty editing and shitty music. Is this for guys too? There is no sweeter drink then cum.

When you have eating swallowed, give him how smile and wait a few seconds before reaching over to your drink to get the sperm-taste out of your mouth. Hardly any man will notice. I found that if I give myself a cum trim down there, it appears to increase the size of your organ. And if your lover does swallow, she won't choke on anything. My girlfriend liked it a lot more as well. It's brilliant because you miss the taste if you do not like it - I personally doand it goes straight down your throat.

Plus the boy will really like it. Just put your tongue above the penis, and let it flow! My tip is to stick the cock how the very back of your throat when he is going to cum and let it roll down your throat. This way the girl will taste nothing, maybe a little aftertaste, but that can be solved easily I eating it all the japanese sex oriental. She nipple cunts me to control the "gag" reflex when trying to deep throat, squirt a little Chloraseptic in the back of your throat before going down on your man.

I could never even come close to deep throating my guy till I tried this trick, but it worked fantastic! Not to say that it still wasn't a little uncomfortable, but the reaction from my man was more than enough for me. He was completely amazed. More than a year later, I don't need the Chloraseptic anymore and he thinks I am his own little sex star.

Don't breathe through your nose when it is time to swallow Since I was pregnant, I was just drinking a coke. I was going down and had never swallowed before.

4 Tips for Getting Over the Mental Block to Eating Your Own Cum - Mx Nillin

Well, after getting it on for a while, he asked me to suck his dick again. I did and was I surprised when he moaned very loudly and shuddered! He had cum in my mouth, and as a reflex, I swallowed. I didn't even taste it, due to the aftertaste of the coke! Anyone who is not sure should try it! Also, flavored, water-based lubricant is absolutely wonderful! You don't taste anything but sweetness! I actually don't like deep throating because then the taste goes straight to the bitter-tasting taste buds of your tongue, and that's usually where the taste stays.

If you just have him cum into the center of your mouth then swallow, the semen will just cum flow down and the taste doesn't linger. Sometimes guys shoot with great force. If he blows a healthy load, you may find yourself choking on his goodness. If your guy fires forcefully just pull back a bit - it'll help you from gagging on his cum.

The cum will be sweet and not bitter. My girlfriend always gets me to eat a lot of pineapple the day before she gives me a blowjob. She says it really makes my cum taste sweet. Whatever, no complaints, how the boss!! All I know is I'm getting a lot more head than I normally would and I couldn't be happier!! I just put the taste of it out of my mind and swallowed. At first it was gross, I will admit, but after a few times I really started to enjoy it.

Just like with food, the longer your semen stays in there, the less fresh the taste will be. Just try eating 4-day-old donuts how you'll how what I mean! That way you don't choke on it and you can hardly taste it. No matter how bad it tastes, even if he cums a lot, I always swallow doing it this way. I may how like barfing, but the feeling passes when a man's strong hand covers my mouth and his other rubs the front of my neck and forces me to swallow his cum. If you make sure the first time he cums is when you're giving him head, the better it'll taste.

Otherwise, just keep some water classic porn sites. The salt's always good for a sore throat, though!

I eating this because of my parents forcing me to eat ethnic foods that were disgusting. I would real sluts my breath as I swallowed and I would not taste a thing. Having something handy to wash the cum down is a good idea eating well.

This has worked for me every time. I am a girl who love, love, loves the taste of my boyfriend's cum! The three best tips I can offer: Really taking the time to smell him all over makes for an unbeatable olfactory smorgasbord that goes beautifully with the taste and smell of his cum. Smelling him is a very intimate and fun experience eating both of us, and it stimulates the wild animal in me like little else.

This usually gets a big moan - something about my throat muscles tightening at the moment of swallowing. So girls, take your time, and guys hold back. Guys, if you need to, just so you don't come so fast, take a break part way through and eat her eating also. I learned to swallow by first swallowing something right beforehand to get my taste buds ready. After a while, you will cum used to it and won't need the added help - it will be just you, your partner and the cum.

I have a small flat glass tray that i use to cum on when I masturbate and watching porn. Since I have eating this many times, I know how good my cum tastes and I love to savor the taste in my mouth before I swallow it. Using the cum is very easy and I get to enjoy cum full flavor that is not diluted by food.

I also love the excitement of knowing that while I am stroking my hard cock that I am going to get to enjoy a tasty treat once I get brazzers network. I love eating my cum as well how others and I love drinking my own piss as well as others.

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I was also hesitant at first but once I began using the tray, it was very easy for me to lick it clean and I usually do so three to five times a day. I have also had several friends join me and covered the tray with fresh cum for me to enjoy. I started out by edging and just before I had my orgasm, I would squirt a little cum in my hand and lick it how. This way, the excitement is still present and you are still horny. Starting by eating your precum is also a good way to increase your desire to eat your cum. Hope this helps, it is a shame to waste a good load of cum.

Jan 18, Yes, it is a shame indeed. I appreciate the helpful hints. Although I will warn against the practice of edging. This can result in infections and epididymitis, which is not fun because then you get real sick. Plus, your girlfriend has this vision of coming home and you're dead on your bed and your balls have exploded in gore. That's been my experience, anyway. If we're just sharing experiences, then why the hell not, eh? Feb 13, In this short post, i wanted to share with you what work and not less important - what did not lois ayres sex for me, hopefully - this information would help you as much as it help me.

Lets start with what eating NOT work for me: Cumming directly in your mouth: While this might seem as the most obvious choice, that the worst option i ever tried. When i did it, I immediately regret and got strong feeling cum disgust.

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Cum after orgasm into a some container and drink immediately after: Unfortunately, each and every time the urge to drink cum gone after getting to an orgasm.