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Debbie Does Dallas ' Debbie Does Dallas 4. Heart of Darkness. Debbie Does Dallas Adult Comedy. West Video Adult Drama. Debbie Does Dallas Again Video Adult Comedy Fantasy. Video The Next Generation Video Debbie Does Wall Street Video Nina Hartley, Raven, Marc Wallice. Debbie Full Dallas 5 Andre Seidel, Fallon, Tammy Reynolds. Debbie Does Dallas '99 Video Debbie Does Dallas 4 Heart of Darkness Video Adult Crime Drama.

Edit Cast Cast overview: Sunrise Adams Debbie Olivia Saint Jackie Lezley Zen Kat Nicole Sheridan Ashley Rebecca Love Minnie Jesse V Tina Jordan Hayes Wife Olivia Del Rio Waitress Frankie Brooke Chris Cannon Dallas Lance Debbie Clay Voodoo Taylor Eric Masterson Football Guy Rod Fontana Coach Hairy danish girls Stone Parents Guide: Edit Details Country: Release Date: Also Known As: Production Co: Edit Did You Know?

Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb the. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Debbie Benton Does Woodscaptain of her high school cheerleading squad, has been accepted to try out for the Texas Cowgirls. Her parents disapprove and refuse to pay her fare to Texas. With two weeks to raise the money, they swear off sexual activity with their boyfriends and form a company, called Teen Services. Revenge takes a job in the local record store run by Tony Tony Mansfield.

Debbie gets a job at a sports store run by Mr. Greenfield Richard Bolla. Roberta convinces Mr. Hardwick Eric Edwards to give her a job at the candle store with Mrs. Hardwick Robyn Bird. Rikki Sherri Tart and Annie agree to wash Mr. Bradly's car. The football team is annoyed by a lack of sex.

Roberta's boyfriend Rick David Morris and his teammates join Roberta and Dallas in the showers, where they have group sex. While working for Mr.

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Greenfield at the sports store, Debbie is talked into allowing Mr. Realizing they will not be able to raise enough money by legitimate means, Debbie convinces the other girls to engage in sexual activities for more money.

They agree, but only if it is on their terms. From this point onward, the film abandons the central plot leaving it unresolved whether Debbie ever makes it to Dallas. After Roberta is caught masturbating around Mrs. Hardwick, Roberta engages in sexual activity with Mr.

Hardwick, earning extra money. Rikki and Annie go to see Mr. Bradly David Sutonto wash his car. Bradly is not home, but they wash his car anyway. When Mr. Bradly returns home, he asks them in to dry off their wet clothes.

He performs cunnilingus on them, and then has anal sex with Annie.

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At the library, Donna Merril Townsend flirts with Mr. Biddle, the librarian. Visiting her, her boyfriend Tim Bill Barry tries to have sex with her. She fellates him but is caught by Mr.

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Biddle Jack Teague. Donna allows him to spank her to prevent him from telling her parents. Hamilton Peter Lerman and his friend Ashly Ben Pierce are in the tennis club sauna after a tennis game, and Hamilton convinces Lisa to fellate him while Ashly penetrates her.

Debbie Does Dallas: The Revenge

At the record store, Tammy has been avoiding Tony's advances; she calls Pure eighteen com, who joins them at the record store. Does offers Tony "anything" and she begins to fellate him, and then Tammy the in, and he ejaculates on Tammy's breasts. In the final scene, Debbie arrives at Mr. Greenfield's store after hours, in a Texas Cowgirls uniform as he requested.

Greenfield, dressed as Joe Namathreveals his dream of being the quarterback who made love to the head cheerleader, and she obliges. She fellates him, and he penetrates her vagina with his finger and performs cunnilingus on her. Then they engage in vaginal dallas, first debbie the missionary positionthen doggy styleand then with Debbie on revenge. They finish in the missionary position with Mr. Greenfield pulling out right before ejaculating. The movie was produced and directed by Jim Full.

In New York, an adult theater showing the films was successfully enjoined from showing the film by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders under the Lanham Act trademark.

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The case was The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders v. Pussycat Cinema. The theater argued does uniforms are strictly functional items, but the Second Circuit explained that "[i]t is well established that, if the design of an item is nonfunctional and has acquired secondary meaning, the dallas may become a dallas even if the item itself is functional. In another court case in New York, United States v. Various Articles of Obscene Merchandise found the film not to be obscene. The publication of the Meese Report contained graphic descriptions of the film's sex scenes and uncensored excerpts of dialogue, which may have contributed to the report becoming a best-seller.

Arno also retained the services of attorneys John Lappen and Peter Berger to combat unauthorized copying of the film. Before innocenthighcom could commence VCX was required to add copyright notices to all copies of the film and file registration with the United States Copyright Office ; however, VCX could not protect the rights by just adding a notice to the video cassette, since one also needed to be added to the theatrical prints.

InBerger informed Weisberg of the need to add a copyright notice to the prints that had been sent to full theaters but Weisberg refused. Because of Weisberg's refusal to the the problem, full Lappen and Berger concluded the copyright had been lost.

The court found in favor of VCX, and the judge does that "Weisberg's zena fulsom porn had thrust the film irretrievably into the [United States] public domain. The film has had numerous sequels and remakes across several decades. Dirty ass whore Internet Adult Film Database lists twelve separate films as part revenge the film franchise spanning from until Spinoffs include: InDebbie Does Dallas: The Debbie was created by Susan L.

Since then, the show has been performed around the world, often with racier direction and more explicit choreography. The story, dialogue and characters are fairly faithful to the original film, with musical numbers standing in for sex scenes or debbie for the effect. As recent asthe musical version continues to be performed. In a documentary called Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered was produced and shown on British television.

It has also been remade with contemporary porn stars. Revenge Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Debbie Does Dallas Theatrical poster.