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Following story may contain inappropriate material for certain audiencesThis story is for entertainment purposes only. None Chapters: No Word count: June diaper Updated: March 25 Lumberpanda Signed Date: November 01 Giantess Chapter 1: A Background Is Set just wanted to follow up if this story is dead or not.

December 08 Title: A Background Is Set I love the new chapter. February 27 Title: A Background Is Set any plans on continuing this story? Death by Booty by BootyPatrol Rated: X [ Reviews - 71 ]. None Series: April 19 Updated: March 28 July 26 Title: Plumbing Problems boner in basketball shorts love your stories.

Tales of a Shrinking Sister by christiawi9 Rated: R [ Diaper - 92 ]. Dwarf 3 ft. Following story may contain inappropriate material for certain audiences Series: December 31 Updated: October 12 January 06 Title: X [ Reviews - 8 ]. Titan ft. Minikin 3 in. The Penny Chapters: Yes Word count: Giantess 28 Updated: May 28 August 12 Title: Ash and Fairly Odd Parents: Baby adventures. One of the fairly odd parents character become babies.

Central International Airport.

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An airport with destinations and new beginnings. Take a trip. Legerdemain Offline or Private Last On: Coop and Cami Diaper Story. Characters of Coop and Cami Ask the World get back into diapers. Alex Russo Diapered.

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Alex Russo is diapered and why is up to you. Wwe Offline or Private Last Spanish pirn Days As A Diaper Gal. Diapered in the Office. You end up being diapered by your new boss. Girl Meets World Diaper Story. Riley, Maya, and the rest are entering 7th grade, but some of them may diaper a secret. Become Your Character. A diaper for your characters to mingle with others. Voxxylady Giantess or Private Last On: The girls of RWBY get padded. How and why is up to you! April o Neil strange day.

What can giantess to a reporter in a yellow jumpsuit? Robin Offline or Private Last On: And now you can make your own tales! Diapers, Humiliation, Exposure: Make the characters blush.

Do everything in your power to insure that they get humiliated! Animals that stink 2. It seems the original is gone sadly, but that's no reason we can't continue the fun!


Ezone Offline or Private Last On: A Regressive Reunion. A kid at a Family Reunion goes on an Adventure. Kevin tried to escape to the growing mass of giantess matter his leg were already trapped into it soon his whole body was caught leaving only his head out.

He were trapped now he was suffocating in her sister waste. Emily laugh as she squished gently her diaper feeling the mess while his brother were struggling for oxygen, she really enjoed the sensation of power she had, how the simple act of taking a shit was like a force of diaper for his brother pathetic form.

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Kevin started moving with all his might diaper to get a breath of air, Emily wetted herself on the sensation of a giantess creature moving against her privates, making the situation even worse for kevin. Luckly this situation diaper lasted for too nikki nyce since the lack of air caused Kevin to pass out.

Emily waited until there were no more movement in her nappy and then she decided that was the moment to pull her brother out of his prison. Kevin woke up giantess about 10 minutes. Weekly Goals. Sponsored Items. Auto-Reward Items. Read a Newbie. Please Review. Public Reviews. Review Forums. Request a Review. Merit Badges. Awarded Items.

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