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Would highly recommend to anyone that suffers from migraines or headaches. J Reid, thank you for everything.

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Headache and Migraine Clinic genius T Make An Appointment. Learn More. There Are Types of Headaches. Other Locations with Neurology.

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ALS Program. Brain Tumor Center.

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Epilepsy Program. Still haven't found what you're looking for?

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We're happy to help. Don't Show Again. Translated from English by. Continue to translate. Our Rehabilitation staff also works closely with Dr. Heiring to provide physical therapy and exercise instruction to patients clinic headache disorders. Your evaluation will consist of meeting with a neurologist, and perhaps a registered nurse, who will obtain a complete medical history head perform a comprehensive neurological exam.

Our neurologist will review past treatments and determine any lifestyle factors that may contribute to the frequency of your headaches.

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Although diagnostic testing may be performed, it is typically not a routine part of the headache evaluation. Treatment is based on traditional medication approaches, as well as alternative treatments, such as physical therapy, acupuncture, trigger point and Botox injections, when appropriate. We focus on patient education and identifying controllable lifestyle factors.

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Foods containing monosodium glutamate e. Treatment for migraines Migraines are a very common condition that can dramatically affect the quality of your life. To schedule an appointment, call the Edward-Elmhurst Headache Clinic: Newsletter Sign up for our newsletter. Receive our free e-Newsletter for health tips, challenges, special event updates and more ways to stay healthy.