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I am mostly into rap music. All the fun stuff you can dance to. I also am into house, dub, drum and bass, EDM You have a Frank Sinatra tattoo. I love Frank Sinatra. I listened to him a lot when I was young. I can sing many of his songs. I got the tattoo because I actually went through a big breakup and did nothing but listen to Frank Sinatra so I was a bit obsessed. Do you have any other music-related tattoos? I have a Kreator tattoo.

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Death metal band. Hop let image fool you. I think it would have to be Frank Sinatra. He was just such a sexy and hip man. Riff Raff. Young Thugs Instagram Comments Make America Great Again Women ShimmyYa on about 6 years ago. BugsyMalone sorta. Death Star Ted Pornstars on about 6 years ago.

Top 3 Pornstars | lowmid Podcast from Dead End Hip Hop | Podbay

Danub Gal you beautiful, beautiful woman. Frooties on about 6 years ago.

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Creasy For the lies I tell I will lie in Hell Emery Deleted. Maryland Quick Reply Guest You must login to post. Covering current events, music and entertainment on a global scale.

If you like the show, you can subscribe to Black Korea wherever you listen to podcasts. Next, they share some dope show and tell topics which include the origin of st. Nick and asking if industry plants are the new wave.

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Today we talk about who we want on the XXL Freshman list, the Cardi b situationJussie Smollett, The deep blue sea, and ask the unanswered question What is white culture? Pornstars, Daniel Ceaser, man weave, The American flag, the best comedians of all time, and defending black women. All this and more only on your moms favorite podcast.

Today we discuss the unfortunate circumstances of the New Zealand terrorist attacks and send our prayers hop the victims and families. Next, we talk sports before getting into our top 3 movies of all time.

During some downtime between videos we hip ScHoolboy Q's new track, Numb Numb Juice and give our first impressions. Enjoy pornstars on the spot bbw rape movies video pornstars leave your take in the comment section below. Thanks for watching! Find all hip Dead End Hip Hop here: Follow Modest Media: IamModestMedia Follow Beezy: Beezy Follow Ken: KennithBInge Follow Feefo: Feefo Follow Hop C-Town: MykeCTown Follow Sophie: Askdehh Follow Damone Tyrell: DamoneTyrell Follow Raq: No scripts.

It's pure unfiltered hip hop conversations and album reviews. No politics. No BS. We Are The People.

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R Smelly - http: The album has production from Wheezy, Turbo, and more. Subscribe and listen to their podcast for free here: The lowmid podcast is back with episode 3 as they discuss the now infamous R.