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Someone who you can be yourself with. Someone that you can give all of your love to, who can love you with the same intensity and passion. Someone that can help you grow more, dream more, and believe more. Love finds you everywhere.

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By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Max Apanasenko. About the author I express my thoughts and emotions through words. Finding Love Hookup Culture modern dating. Thanks to their love of Snapchat filters, millennials would rather wear a virtual dog face than interact with another human being IRL.

The Post quotes our friend Noah, an year-old latina lesbians tubes no interest in boning. But Noah is presumed here to represent all of the millennials. Maybe he does. I love to fuck. Maybe they do not like to fuck.

Actually, I'm a millennial and I love to fuck

How much I like to fuck. And not only do I like it, I also do it a lot. If I want to bang? Then I bang. I would have wanted her to come home with those sexy panties full of dripping cum from that sweet pussy so I could clean her out.

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