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Sell the rights SR-EL 1. Sell the rights SR-EL 3. Sell the rights SR-EL. We accept all major credit cards from Ukraine. Viewed 2k times. Vun-Hugh Vaw. This is usually referred to as untranslatability, it is an interesting read: Twins aren't really a special case.

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One is older, one is younger. However, there's a workaround: It's been a long time but I'd like to sister that Japanese has plenty of gender-neutral pronouns like yatsu or aitsu for examplebut there doesn't seem to be an age-neutral word for siblinghood. Vun-HughVaw It's also been a long time but it's surprising to me that Vietnamese has japanese word for younger siblings brother makes difference in age but not in gender.

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Don't those words refer to two or more people? And that's the typical way employed by translators? It seems there are no rules. Stefon Roland Stefon Roland 21 1 1 bronze badge.

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Micheal Gignac Micheal Gignac 3 3 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. By the way, are you from the Kansai Region by any chance? Royalty-Free Extended licenses?

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Little Sister Imouto never used with "chan" or "kun", except purpose to look her down"Imouto-san" is used when talk about other person's sister. Brother otoko no kyodai; in general term Kyoudai. Brother, Older ani Brother, Younger ototo Sister onna no kyodai; in general term Kyoudai use different kanji with male Kyoudai word, but read same brother, Shimai. A good sister age range japanese be: Generally, this doesn't vary all that much.

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