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In this particular project, which deals with applying for a loan, the user is asked to specify both their total wealth as well as their total savings and investments. With this schema our data object would error. In this example, the when method is leveraged.

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In this case, we have an array with a variable number of objects that we need to validate only if the user hasCreditCards. Again, using the when method, we can conditionally validate the allCreditCards array. The next step is to validate the individual properties of each object within the array. By using the items method, we define the contents of the array. In this specific case, the items are an object but this method can support any combination of comma-separated Joi schemas. For example, if our array would only contain a required string and an optional number our schema could look like this:.

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Back to our original credit card year, though. By using the valid and invalid methods greater control can be applied to the validation.

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Haroon Shamsher". The Independent. Retrieved 1 September Retrieved 15 May One and one is one: Joi simplify the maths". Omnibus Press.

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