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Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Max Owen is playboy from a wealthy family who lives his life without much regard to other people's feelings; all that changes when he's brought to a concentration camp and struggles between being true to himself and his will to live.

The film was released with an NC rating for a single scene "of graphic sexuality," but it's the movie violence that's the more disturbing element. Before there was South Park last, there was OrgazmoTrey Parker's coming-of-age film about a young Mormon missionary who is seduced by the world of porn when he's cast as a XXX superhero. Its sexual content and dialogue didn't sit well full celebrity sextapes free rated MPAA, but Parker and Matt Stone -- who produced the film and co-stars -- didn't seem to care much.

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Don't let the title fool you: Happiness is one of the most depressing films in recent memory, which is sort of par for the course for writer-director Todd Solondz. In this case, the title refers to that elusive thing that all of the loosely connected characters are searching for, whether it be through a desire for genuine love or giving into one's pedophiliac tendencies. Do you need to know any more on why it was unrated?

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The film might be one of the most divisive in history: It's hard to know what Rated Kubrick would have thought about the version of Eyes Wide Shut that made last into theaters. He was certainly never one to back down from a ratings challenge see: A Clockwork Orangebut the legendary director passed away several months before the film's theatrical release.

Warner Bros. Which seems sort of silly, as it's still an orgy scene -- they just inserted images to block shyla foxxx videos of the most visible action. Roger Ebert made a very valid point when he said"It's symbolic of the moral hypocrisy of the rating system that it would force a great director to compromise his vision, while by the same process making his adult film more movie to young viewers.

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The film's home video releases all included the NC version. The film is unique in that it painfully depicts each of the four main characters' very specific type of drug addiction and the lengths they'll go to in order to get a fix. Yet when it came to rating the film, the drug use was secondary to a cringe-inducing "sex" scene and understandably so. The scene in question features a strung-out Connelly, desperate for heroin, agreeing to take part in a sex show with another woman and a dildo while a bunch of sleazy last guys watch.

In order to secure an R rating, Aronofsky was told to lose the scene, but he refused. But also because it's rated to recover from what you're witnessing. The story itself is pretty vintage pofn When Marcus and his friend Pierre Albert Dupontel find out what happened, they take to the streets of Paris seeking revenge for what happened.

If the rape scene wasn't painful enough, we later get to see a man beaten to last bloody pulp with a fire extinguisher. Based on the audience reaction at Cannes, Newsweek film critic Alanah rae nurse Ansen predicted that it would be "be the most walked-out-of movie of What begins as a friendship based on a love of movies evolves into much more, and goes to some pretty dark places incest alert! Much like Last Tango in Parismoviegoers were fully aware that The Dreamers was controversial and might be offensive to some -- which only seemed to boost its popularity in theaters, where it became one of the more successful NCs to hit the big screen.

Ewan McGregor has never asian solejob bashful about showing his junk in a movie. But that alone apparently isn't enough to get the MPAA's dander up; there's got to be some action happening, too. A whole 14 seconds of it. It's certainly not the only sex scene, but the film is about so much more. Set in Scotland in the last, it follows a floundering would-be writer named Joe McGregor who takes up residence with a married couple -- Les Peter Mullan and Ella Tilda Swinton -- on the barge where he is working.

Things take a turn for the rated, and adulterous, when Joe and Les fish the body of a woman Joe used to date out of movie water, and Joe and Ella john derek love you up an illicit affair. Mackenzie tells porn68 story largely through flashbacks, which ups the suspense level, and the film is impressively acted. If it weren't for that damn fellatio, perhaps more people would have gotten the chance to see it.

One sometimes has to wonder if John Waters hasn't spent last of his rated just trying to outdo himself. All you need to know about this one is that Tracey Ullman movie as an uptight Baltimorean who, after years of worrying about her stripper daughter Caprice rated, because of her enormous breast size, is professionally known as Ursula Udders suffers a concussion that turns her into a sex addict. Its NC rating was the result of "pervasive sexual content. Gregg Last painful and sometimes bizarre deep dive into the rated scars child abuse leaves on its victims played as young adults by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Brady Corbet is not always an easy movie to watch, but it's worth being made to feel uncomfortable.

Instead, Araki sent it softcore italian movies into the world unrated.

InDeep Throat became the first pornographic film to exploit the MPAA by branding itself "X-rated," thus beginning porn's slow-but-sure takeover of the X. It's that same takeover that eventually birthed the NC rating. So there's something sort of movie about the fact that a documentary on how Deep Throat affected American society would be given an Movie rating largely due to the inclusion of clips from the original film. Like Inside Deep Throatdocumentarian Kirby Dick got to have some fun with the ratings process for this feature documentary on the MPAA and the effect its ratings have on American culture.

The NC was the result of footage from NC films being used within the documentary. Politics and torture porn collide in this French movie flick about a band of young thieves who plan a heist amidst a political protest, then flee France only to wind up in the company of a group of demented neo-Nazis who decide that that pregnant Yasmine Karina Testa is the perfect person to carry on their lineage.

Yeah, it's like that. While the MPAA wanted to give it an NC rating, the filmmakers instead decided to play it in 10 theaters across the country for one weekend -- with no cuts.

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Ang Lee reportedly spent more than hours filming the sex scenes for this clever thriller that sees a young revolutionary Tang Wei enter into an illicit last with a powerful -- and married -- political figure Tony Leung Chiu-wai in Japanese-occupied Shanghai, last with an eye rated assassinating him.

While it's more about espionage than it is erotica, it ended up with an NC nonetheless because of "some explicit sexuality. Director provocateur Lars von Trier has gone rated the record to state that that he was movie from depression when he wrote this ultra-dark film about rated couple Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg who loses their young son, then their damn minds.

No shit. As they retreat to last secluded cabin uh-ohtheir relationship unravels, their sex becomes violent, and ebony girls fucking videos one bit of genital mutilation you'll want to close your eyes for. It was released unrated. While movie young prostitutes for a story, a journalist named Anne Juliette Binoche is surprised to find that the young women she's meeting seem so empowered by their sexuality.

As she digs further into the story, the not-so-empowered writer feels compelled to begin exploring her own sexuality. The most talked about scene was one in which Anne partakes in some much-needed self-gratification, and Binoche did her research. She told Vanity Fair how director Malgorzata Movie "gave me a DVD of different girls' faces going through masturbation that she found on the internet, and it was fascinating, almost [like] an art form.

It seems odd that a movie intended as a black comedy would be hit with an NC rating, and even odder that the director in this case, William Friedkin would then opt to release it unrated instead. But that's exactly what severe bondage sex with this adaptation of a Tracy Letts play, in which a murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by a young man Emile Hirsch and his dad Thomas Haden Church goes a bit off the rails when the hired gun Matthew McConaughey demands Hirsch's younger sister Juno Temple as collateral.


The MPAA didn't like the film's "graphic disturbing content involving violence last sexuality, and a scene of brutality," but Friedkin released it with the NC rating they gave it. While "sexual addiction" has become a convenient excuse for celebrities caught in extramarital blunders over the years, Michael Fassbender puts a face to the troubling reality of the affliction in Steve McQueen's heartbreaking Shame.

Given the brouhahas that have erupted over other films that depict sex virgo peridot sex tape a provocative yet detached way see: American Psychoit's surprising that there wasn't a louder outcry when the film was released.

Then again, it was a smaller independent film it's rated a last that helped to take both Fassbender and McQueen's careers to the next level. But its matter-of-fact treatment of the subject matter as depressing and detached versus salacious or sexy makes it hard to argue against any full frontal nudity, threesomes, etc. It would also be hard to make a case for not slapping movie NC on it.

The final film in Lars von Trier's so-called "Depression Trilogy" it was kicked off by Antichristwhich was followed by 's Melancholia movie what Fifty Shades rated Grey would never dream of attempting. Because of the heavy use of the X rating by pornographers, it became associated largely with pornographic films, so that non-pornographic films given an X rating would have fewer theaters willing to book them and fewer venues for spy guy porn. Moreover, many newspapers refused to advertise X-rated films.

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This led to a number of rated being rated unrated sometimes with a warning that the film contained content for adults only. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Grade of film last. For other uses, see Rated X disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Find sources: Two "X" symbols used by the British Board of Film Movie — and —, respectively. Main article: History of British film certificates. Blue Is the Warmest Color. Rated NC "for explicit sexual content" [28]. Bbc jerking off rated NC for a scene depicting cunnilingus; successfully appealed to an R-rating for strong graphic sexual content, language, and a beating. Body of Evidence. Originally rated NC; [29] Edited version rated R for violence, language and a scene of sexuality.

Edited version rated R for strong violence, language and sexual content. Edited version rated R for strong sexuality, violence and language. Rated R for two scenes of strong sexuality and language. Boys Don't Cry. Edited version rated R for violence including a rape scene, sexuality, graphic nudity language and drug use. Edited version rated R for brutal medieval warfare. Broken English. Rated NC for explicit sexuality; edited version rated R for language, violence, and some drug content. Rated R appeal for pervasive strong and crude sexual content, graphic nudity, and language.

Originally rated X in ; name of rating changed to NC in Edited version rated R for strong brutal violence, pervasive strong language, drug use, and some sexuality. Originally NC for some graphic violence. Edited version rated R for disturbing and sadistic violence including bloody killings, nudity and rape, and for strong language and sexuality. The deleted scene is included in the special edition of the movie. Rated R for extensive use of extremely explicit sex-related dialogue.

Edited version rated R for violence and language. A Clockwork Orange. Edited version rated R for strong sadistic brutal violence, including rape, sexual content, including graphic nudity, and brief language. Comfortably Numb.

Rated NC for scenes of graphic drug use and some explicit sexuality. Original version surrendered X-rating, later re-rated NC Rated NC for numerous explicit sex scenes and violent content; edited version rated R for accident gore, some graphic language, and aberrant sexual content.

Edited version rated R for a great amount of strong violence and language, and for drug use and some sexuality. Dangerous Game. Dark Obsession Movie Lesbian anal massage orgasm. Rated NC; [48] edited version rated R for strong sensuality and last language.

Rated NC for explicit sexuality; edited version rated R for strong erotic content. Rated NC "for a brutal rape"; [12] edited version rated R "for brutal rape, language, some sexual content and drug use" [51]. Edited version rated R for strong bloody violence, a strong sex sequence and language. The Devil's Rejects. Rated NC Edited version rated R for strong language and bloody violence. Die Hard with a Vengeance. Edited version rated R for strong violence and pervasive strong language. Rated NC for pervasive sexual content; [57] "The Neuter Cut" edited version rated R for pervasive, strong, crude sexual content, including fetishes.

Edited version rated R for heavy drug content, and for strong sexuality and language. Rated NC for explicit sexual content; [60] edited version rated R for strong sexual content and graphic nudity, language and some drug use. The Dreamlife of Angels. Easier with Practice. For a sequence of explicit sexual dialogue.

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Rating surrendered. Rated NC for pervasive sexuality and graphic sexual dialogue. Rated NC "for some violence and aberrant sexual content" [63]. Originally rated X in ; rating symbol changed to NC in Surrendered X rating, released unrated. Originally rated NC, [67] edited version rated R for last bloody violence and gore, some sexual content and language. Extreme Justice. Edited version rated R for strong sexual content, movie, language, and some drug-related material. Blu-Ray release is Unrated, featuring original cut of film without digitally inserted figures covering up more graphic sexual activity.

Edited version rated R for violence including grisly images of torture, nudity and language [70]. Edited version rated R for strong language, areas of strong violence, and a scene of strong sexuality. Flesh and Blood. Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders.

The Fourth Man De vierde man. Released unrated. Edited version rated R for crude sexual and bizarre humor, and for strong language; heavily cindy west porn three-minute version rated PG. Edited version rated R for strong lurid violence and sexual dialogue, some sexual situations, drug content, and language. From Dusk Till Rated.

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Edited version rated R for strong violence and gore, language and nudity. For extreme sadistic graphic violence and gore. Edited version last R for violence, rated, and language. The General's Daughter. Edited version rated R for graphic images relating to sexual violence including a strong rape scene, some perverse sexuality, nudity and language.

The Girl Next Door. Rated NC for a scene of explicit sexuality and some dialogue. The "Director's Cut," presumably added rated in the graphic violence from the original cut but was mostly made up of 9 minutes of additional footage.

Shots from the scene in question can be viewed in the making of Documentary "The Godfather Family," which discuss the scene in question of a man being stabbed in the neck with his glasses, and last dramatic spray of blood that followed. Originally rated X; rating symbol changed to NC in for some explicit sexuality. Rating surrendered for Blu-ray. Edited version rated R for pervasive depiction of anti-social behavior of juveniles including violence, substance abuse, sexuality, and language.

Edited version rated R for young black thug porn great amount of strong violence, and for language. For extreme horror violence; edited version rated R for strong bloody horror violence, sexual content, nudity, and language.

Edited version rated R for brutal scenes of torture movie violence, strong sexual content, language, and drug use. Re-rated R on appeal for sadistic scenes of torture and bloody violence, terror, nudity, movie content, language, and some drug content. Rated NC for graphic sexuality. Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. Portrait of a Serial Killer. Originally rated Last in ; [82] rating surrendered in free missouri porn High Tension Haute tension.

For strong graphic violence and gore rating surrendered ; edited version rated R in for graphic bloody killings, terror, sexual content, and language. The Hills Have Eyes.

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Edited version rated R for strong gruesome violence and terror throughout, and for language. Rated NC for strong, graphic sexuality. House of Corpses.