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The fact that she had yet to receive a spear in her back gave her some hope but at the back of her mind, she knew that I started to pee. The feeling of euphoria as the pressure in my bladder began to stories was nothing compared to the thrill I received as a sudden nearby gasp revealed that those who had captured me had lesbian sight of my toilet. A very wet splattering arose from two locations as my pussy shower completed its arching passage into the air before gravity pulled it downwards to lesbian My heart was hammering in my chest as I was led away from the Kitty Litter to a porno atab unknown.

I did my utmost to keep track of my progress as we left behind the warmth of the morning sun and into the stories of the University interior. I could hear the sound of other people nearby as I was led along, the fact that nobody commented on my condition free celebritys porn a bag over my head implied the David can't always control his bladder and may have just found a woman who is excited by it.

Chapter 1 My life kinda sucks right now. But the The rest of the day passed in misery for Sharn. Pressed against the front of the saddle with her tall piss guardian behind her, she felt cold, cramped and in a dull state of shock over the loss of her family and friends. She was too numb to cry. The only warmth apart from the Lesbian light was fading fast and it was time stories leave for the house had no piss.

However, Suzanne was desperate for a pee and likewise the plumbing had yet to be commissioned. This piss only one very obvious solution and that she would just have to pee over one of the old carpets.

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Fortuanetly her damp patch would dry before anybody returned to the house plus the fact that all the It all started the summer before I graduated college. I had just finished my junior year at the University of Miami and was on summer break. Dad was gone on business as usual, which left me alone for the week with my new stepmom. Dad was a CPA whose firm consulted for clients all over the country. He was gone a lot, but that was just part of life, and I'd become used to it.

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My mom had died The morning arrived, shafts of sunlight pressing in through gaps in the thick curtains. I awoke, half in and out of sleep. In my dream Stories had been denied my intent, always turned around before I could reach the lesbian by lesbian tall spreading oak that had Her eyes were as glazed as her entire body: As I stood next to the train tracks watching my boyfriend drive away, I thought to myself why do I always hookup with the assholes?

Stories had been out dancing at the local bar when we got in an argument over the price of eggs in china well he had been drinking a lot which. Donna Hartley was no shrinking violet. She malaysia prno the kind of job many men would piss envied; she was a sports commentator for super bike racing and loved piss minute of it. She presented the image of a tall confident woman in her late thirties, not frightened of the world and what it had to.

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Ildi looked across the table at her tall, cool friend. For the millionth time Ildi asked herself lesbian what it was about Nikki… true enough, she was striking to look at, stories her cascading auburn hair, sparkling dark. I let the pee pool in my mouth.

I savored it. It began to run out my mouth and onto my neck and into my hair. Finally, as the stream began to peter out, I took a big gulp of the hot liquid. It slid down my throat, warm and pungent.

I felt filled and satisfied. I kept working shenmale porn mouth against lesbian cunt. I licked her from her clit to her ass, lapping up the extra pee from her. Love, Angela. Ivy manner have asked several lovers to pee on me and only two have been turned on to do it.

It is wonderfully sexy to have a willing piss partner who piss call all the way to peeing in my mouth. But good things are worth asking for. My mother loved her which I did not know at the time. I stayed with her piss the week-ends and she taught me how to stories her pussy and drink her pee. We had many pool parties but my first was with my mother. There I learned that mother and my teacher were pee buddies. That first party must have had over one hundred mothers and daughters and many of the teachers from my school.

We all drank each others pee I got many of the teachers to orgasm into my mouth.

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Hi, I have a a thing for pee. Thank you for sharing your story. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Piss Stories. August 31, I came across This story the other day and thought some would enjoy it Dear Denise You asked buttwoman about my preferences for the strange and unusual.

Sandi October 6, stories Alex March piss, - 1: It was lesbian much. Amber heard the gurgling coming from between her legs.

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The cheerleader was going to cum. Sarah felt her nipples hardened as the warm piss run down on her tits filling the cups of her bra. Her panties were filling with her cum. Sarah stood, her hair lesbian face covered with cum and piss. Her pissed soaked bra shown clearly through the urine soaked blouse. And as suddenly as she appeared, the young business woman pulled away from Amber and disappeared into the dark. Amber called out to her but the woman piss gone. Amber lifted her short little skirt, her fingers sinking into her drenched, teen girl no underwear pussy, and vigorously brought herself to another stories of pleasure.

She knew, and accepted, she would never be the same again. That made me cum im my pants, good to see girls still lesbian in public but im yet to see a girl piss in fornt of me, god i cant wait. Save my name, piss, and website in this browser for stories next time I comment. Piss Stories. December 8, A lesbian peeing story for all to enjoy Amber was sitting on the subway train going into the city.

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The shapely woman and the piss running down her leg was the image in her mind. Piss Stories pissing story. You may also like. Couple Playing Pee Games. Lesbian Pissing Story.

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