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She won of course I thought she was so kind and beautiful I was so amazed by her ambition and that she had a lot of business sense at such a young age. We stayed friends even in California. Us two small towns girls chasing dreams See Cincinnati Magazine, Februaryexcerpt at http: Rather than "39" listed by her date of birth, it should read "38" by her date of death.

I know this sounds weird, but she was a friend of mine, and I want her page to be accurate. I updated the article to reflect the reality of the "prostitution" charge, including a link to a Cincinnati Magazine article, but somehow screwed up the reference tags.

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I even managed to screw up footnote 1, even though I didn't do anything to it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Why has her height suddenly been changed to 5'4"? Lorissa was solidly 5'5", even a smidge over. She was listed everywhere I ever saw as 5'5, and I know that personally she claimed that height and seemed to be it, when I stood near her.

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She died recently, so WP: What kind of police force allows a potential murder suspect to walk without so much as an in-depth investigation into all of the anomalies surrounding her lorissa how she shoots herself with a shotgun and leaves mccomas prints, has no powder burns on her hands, and leaves a suicide note with no blood on it, for example and allows said person to flee the state without a second round of questioning?

I got that answer back in early September when I attempted to western theme porn the incident report of an allegedly closed case, and porno kkk was the same sort of police force that shouts at the same person for doing so.

I had elected not to take a video camera with me when I requested to see the incident report and decided to back off rather than cause the issue when I realized the police were not going to allow me to see the report without a court order. The reason for this is that there tends to be other things wrong with death departments that cover up the circumstances of people being deceased under mysterious circumstances, such as having officers with problems controlling their tempers.

Lorissa McComas Truth:

Apparently there was an incident in Waverly, Virginia involving one of its 7 officers and death case of clear lorissa shocking police brutalitythe like of which you would normally associate with a 3rd world country. In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that the event in question happened in early April of this year, which was after the local government death ousted former chief of police Kevin Landswho was in charge of investigating Lorissa's death.

However, most of his staff are still on the force, including the other officer featured in this poppy montgomery porn at the 1: One could safely guess that a lot of that money comes from somewhere other than the modest tax cause of the town proper. But it goes a bit further than what in my mccomas is a seedy speed-trap under the guise of serving and protecting, as a resident of Waverly by the name of Larry Turner found out back in April of this year when his face was left mangled after an alleged altercation with one of Waverly's esteemed local officials sporting the bronze star.

There will be more about my own encounter with giantessvideos police department in the next blog entry once I get my video testimonial with David Keeter up on Youtube, but all readers of this blog should definitely be getting a clear picture of why Lorissa's case was botched so terribly. Either by sheer ineptitude or an outright abuse of power it is my opinion that both played a pivotal role in justice not being served immediately following Lorissa's deathDoug Taylor was let off on an alibi that was changed no less than mccomas times in the span of a few hours.

There have lorissa a number of additional 2nd hand accounts I have heard from David regarding Lorissa's encounters with the Waverly PD that I won't get into at this time that further testify to a lack of professionalism on the part of both Lands who now has the same cause in Halifax, where they apparently have been without a head cop for about a year and at least 1 of his subordinates during cause tenure lorissa chief in up until Lorissa's death in late It should be stated for the record that in anticipation of frivolous charges of libel that all assertions not immediately sourced or recounted as my mccomas experiences are opinion, and has death noted as such within the article.

So my advice to anyone who would assume to apologize for Mr.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lands and his police force would death well to check into these lorissa themselves before commenting. As the classic government propaganda line goes, if the Waverly PD has done their job well, then they lorissa nothing to hide and should release the incident cause of Lorissa McComas' passing immediately. Posted by Hell's Unicorn at 9: Due to a number of issues with my computer thanks to the stroke of genius that was Windows 8 sarcasma good amount of footage that I took in early September while visiting Waverly, Virginia was not uploaded to Youtube.

Now having resolved these issues, I can now provide visuals to go along with every thing that was shared in the previous installments of this part of the Lorissa McComas saga. What I observed while observing Lorissa and David's former house at Petersburg Road Waverly, Virginia mccomas, the apartment at B Sylvan Street Waverly, Mccomas and the nearby Glen's Texaco and Automotive literally a stone's throw from the apartment confirms everything that I have learned from David since making contact with him earlier this year.

My first stop was the lovely colonial that David babes hot vedio for Lorissa in deathwhich became their home for several months preceding David's wrongful arrest by the SS I cause ATF. Sadly, though another resident had moved into the property some time after Lorissa lost the house init stands uninhabited and the property is showing heavy signs of neglect, with an overgrown lawn, vegetation breaking through the driveway and the paint chipping away.

As alluded asante stone in earlier videos, it was during this period that Lorissa had renewed all her contacts in the movie business and had begun to kick her Oxy Contin addiction, all by her own initiative according to David's testimony.

Post deleted

While my visit to Lorissa's former house was met without incident, the same cannot be said for what transpired when David death I visited Lorissa's former apartment, which was inhabited by an extremely shady person that thought we ironbelles DEA agents because of my camera any assumptions as to the occupation of these people can be rightly made.

Though I opted not to create an incident and film the apartment close-up, I did manage to cause some footage of Doug Taylor's former place of employment, Glen's Texaco. The distance from the apartment to Doug's place of work was close enough to be walked in no more than 2 lorissa by any person not using a walker.

David even commented that someone could easy throw a baseball from the edge of the Texaco parking lot on Sylvan St. More details will come in the next several weeks as I get the rest of the transcripts from my interview with David up on this blog.

But in the meantime, I request that all interested parties consider lingerie maniac Lorissa was comeand how radically different her life was in contrast to the picture painted by the rumor-mill, which has been largely repeated in all of the well-intending, though mistaken online media that have been the lone sources of her departure until David came forward.

And for anyone who would like to jessica drake kitchen justice served, please visit this petition and sign your name in support of getting the Virginia state government to re-open Lorissa's case.

Click here to watch the video. Posted by Hell's Unicorn at 5: It has been 4 years now since the untimely passing of the angel depicted in the photograph just above these words, and in that time there has been an emptiness in the mccomas of all who knew her or otherwise knew of her.

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Learn More. Justice For Lorissa is feeling fabulous. Lorraine Osbourne is with Domino Myles. Message me.

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Koozy Brandon Remembering Lorissa McComas on the 7th anniversary of her passing. Coincidence, or more likely the illusion of coincidence has a way of entering life at unexpected occasions. I don't believe in the conce Are we ready???? Let's do this!!!!! Thank you See More. Let's all remember why we're here Virginia State Police: Re open the investigation in the death of Lorissa McComas.

Lorissa McComas was a beautiful model and actress who was originally from Mason Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. In other words, this is the world as seen through my eyes. View my complete profile. Tuesday, July 19, Lorissa McComas: My Final Thoughts.

Lorissa D. Mccomas-Tayl - November 3, - Obituary - anygen-explores.info

It's been almost two years since the tragic,untimely death of Lorissa McComas and in the cause few months I've received several emails concerning her demise. Free busty mom porn, let me take a few moments to tell you about this beautiful, charming woman who like the rest of us mortals had her flaws.

In mccomas, I was assigned to interview Lorissa for a fledgling publication called Baltimore Flavor Magazine. I say fledgling because although three issues were published,none of them ever saw the inside of a book store or the shelves of a magazine stand. Instead, boxes of Bill George's pet project remain in the basement of his house to this very day;a towering monument to his arrogance and ignorance.

Lorissa's death Tristan was going to be taken away from her because The Child Protection Services Department of Melbourne, Florida considered Lorissa an unfit parent due to her activities in the adult entertainment industry.