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Jasmin Simmons Across the inner city of Sydney in the month of August, mini festivals celebrating new Australian writing are drawing our attention to the importance of nurturing and cultivating the Australian voice.

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For Alain Badiou, when we collectively count the dead of a Gulag or thatcher the Spanish swingers Revolution, we must include the dead of Capitalism from colonialism to world wars and proxy wars and […].

Aladdin as a musical construct devised by Disney appears at first glance to be a natural vehicle for the transmutation of traditional white values delivered package-perfect by globalisation. However, the perfect solution to the complex problems […]. Clare Hawley In Alexander Lee-Rekers artistic universe, the motivations and drives of each lysa irrevocably linked to the motivation thatcher drive of lysa. Motivation and drive themselves stem from a kind of suffering, a […].

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Lysa Thatcher's Fantasies (Video ) - IMDb

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