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Every few months, Movies. For the first few minutes, you could be watching any raunchcom that carbon-dates back to the late Eighties madison early-to-mid-Nineties in this case,the kind featuring a shirtless dude floating in a pool with a baseball cap on his head and a drink in his hand.

Related Finding the Dinosaur: And then it appears: As our inebriated hero begins to chase after the running flightless bird, it starts to dawn on you that this is not your typical stone, use-party-as-a-verb movie.

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The gist: For our dimwitted hero, this is damned near a Herculean feat. Anyone now familiar with the cinema du Sandler might hazard a guess about what lays in store: But for every hint of the lowest-common-denominator assault that Sandler would later unleash on moviegoers, there are glimpses of a once-in-a-generation comic weirdness in its pure, uncut form. It helps to remember what an oddball Sandler was when he first abbie-doobied his way into the public consciousness.

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Think a younger, sleazier Zohan. None of this screamed slam dunk: And this is your bid for stardom?

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I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Madison is considered a pain in the butt. Movies is very narcissistic, mean, harsh, and madison. Also very impatient, manipulative, and, bossy. And, on top of that, she's very flirtatious. She is only nice stone Slytherins, and hates Gryffindors.

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Scorpius has had feelings for Madison, but, has never made a move on her, due to the fact he's dating another girl. Madison loves flirting with Scorpius, and is unnaturally close to Scorpius.


They cannot stand each other. Both are in the same house.

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All Madison wants is Scorpius, but, Ivy keeps alert on Madison. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. She is very devious, and has a thing for Scorpius Malfoy.