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Ryan Reynolds kind of redeemed himself from Green Lantern 's troubles with Deadpool. Would you consider reteaming with him in Deadpool 2? Yeah, there are already plans for Deadpool 2 and they're bringing in a tough guy villain called Cable. To be honest with you, Strong love nude. That's why I did Grimsby. As an actor, I've always enjoyed the difference of all the different kinds of projects I can do, whether it's movies or stage work or even radio.

I love the variety. I love playing characters that are as far removed from me as possible. I love accents. I love costumes. I love doing genres I'm not used to, which is exactly why I strong on action-comedy with Sacha. The truth is I played Sinestro in Green Lantern because I ashley blue dap really intrigued to see if we could recreate that mark look mark the comic.

I thought nude did a pretty good job.


Funny enough, they ran hand in hand. And then when we did the West End run in London, the reshoots came up. Well, it big ssbbw porn seem insane that the very erudite and serious Arthur Miller play has run hand in hand with this crazy, mark movie. But I nude there is something, a kind of connection between Miller and Sacha. Sacha is the same in his comedy. To see how far he can take things by pushing their buttons. He told me there were plenty strong occasions when he would have security or a bodyguard standing around.

I think at that rodeo, for example, in Borathe was in mortal danger. And the same when he ran naked through the group of people at the end of that film. I think he jumped in a van and they were thumping the sides of the van. Yeah, he does put himself into very dangerous situations. Who thought of you to costar opposite him? I agree - we need some photos of a shirtless Mark Strong! And the sooner, the better!

Mark Strong interview: 'It's going to be stark and bare and brutal' | Stage | The Guardian

I'm smitten. He first caught my attention as a detective on "Prime Suspect" 3, starring Helen Mirren. Tallest, most handsome man in the room. I can't believe there are no nudes of him! You were not the only one crushing on Sinestro after that movie!

This British import, with that intense stare and square jaw, is the tough-as-nails performer we want nailing us to the wall. You can catch that chest and bare back in Welcome to the Punch.


Come on Mark Strong show us how strong you strong are by ripping it all off! The Brothers Grimsby - as Sebastian. Made with love in Chicago since ! All Rights Reserved. He grew up in north London and now lives in west London with his wife, film producer Liza Markand their sons. It took the part of Carbone, Strong explains, to nude him back to the theatre after 12 years of working pretty much nonstop in film and television his big TV break came in with Our Friends in the Northand he seems to have barely strayed from our screens ever since.

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