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As masquerade balls became popular in the colonies, other cities also set out to ban masks.


Inmasquerades and masked balls were made illegal in Philadelphia. By Ian Johnston. Related Articles.

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How about that? None of these fashions lasted beyond their moment, although designers in the early twenty-first century have looked at illustrations from the masked balls of nineteenth-century Paris as an inspiration for clothes. However, what is significant about Parisian masked balls in the nineteenth century are the technological inventions that made the balls fashionable and accessible to an expanding literate public.

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The introduction of the lithographic process and the rotary press made it possible for newspapers and magazines to print more newspapers with cheap illustrations, while advertising, a new capitalist invention, reduced their cost. The preeminence of Paris fashion, made more accessible through beautifully illustrated fashion magazines and the introduction of department stores and costume warehouses, offered this new consuming public fashionable disguises and cheaper clothes.


Serialized novels in newspapers and gossip columns fed the aspirations and desires of increasing populations and an expanding middle class, especially the women, who now had more money to spend and places to spend it, including the masked balls during Carnival. Most of these elements already existed in England in the eighteenth century, when masquerades were the height of fashion.

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Missing was the Ball genius for publicity and seduction, which made the sex pleasures and intensity of Parisian masked balls legendary and guaranteed their immortality in print and visual culture, both high and low.

November 5, Masked November 05, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

Early European Masquerades

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