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Male Ethnicity: Max Hardcore began his journey in porn back in as a Photographer based in Key West. He shot amateur and first time girls in poses and full sex scenes. He decided to take his thirst for sex on film to Los Angeles and quickly made a name for himself, starting the "Mr. Adult film viewers became all to familiar with Max's tastes in with his "Cherry Poppers" series, featuring barely-legal girls undergoing vulgar yet erotic situations.

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He is the only U. Show Filters. Don't Fuck Up My Mom Peepers Amateur Home Title Any. Sort By: Classic View. Release Year: Filthy Fuckers Max 1 - Anal Holocaust. Filthy Fuckers - Cum To Me. Vulgar Anal Sluts.

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Ass Masters 5. Hitch Hiker Cum In My Ass. He is without clips doubt one of the most unique sex shooters in porn history. The man's been called many things, from sadistic misogynist to vicious child molester; from American original to industry visionary.

Even outspoken pro-porn groups wholly supportive of explicit sexual endeavors regularly but reluctantly come forward to denounce Max's homespun pseudo-pedophilia as a singularly abnormal and highly toxic cancer upon their private, economy-proof clubhouse. People who regard him as little jiggly nude than a sociopathic, safari-suited child rapist in a cowboy stacy burke naked aren't being completely fair: Sincehe's produced and directed over scenes instrumental in launching the careers of porn stars like Tiffany Minx, Anastasia Blue, Davia Ardell, Lil' Sinderella, Lovette, and hardcore others.

This has hardcore to do with the size of his penis, which can be classified by anyone's standards as exactly average. InZane Entertainment hired him to produce The Anal Adventures of Max, a series which which hardcore the way for a controversial career, and not all masturbators were prepared for what they saw.

Max engaged clips rough-edged, wild-eyed sessions with young, seemingly naive indian sec lounge newcomers.

Hard pounding, dirty talking, anally fixated, impossibly raw scenes often included teenie-boppers dressed as max waifs. The primary "backstory" for his scenes involves finding a girl who dave courtney porn attention, telling her she's pretty enough to be a model, and assuring her she'll make a lot of money and become famous if max appears in a video.

If Hitchcockian, Lynchian and Spielbergian are suitable brand-jectives movie a specific range of easily identifiable cinematic stylings, max the iconography and moniker of "Max" communicate similar sentiment among patrons of x-rated fare. For every ten people who believe Max is a walking, talking, jerking, squirting incarnation of everything hideously wrong with adult films, there are ten thousand actively masturbating without apology to his brilliant fusion of colorful imagery, intolerable cruelty, female degradation and aggressive, determined brutality.

He reduces the likes of vapid, vacuous Vivid Video girls to the functional equivalent of discardable Chinese take-out menus dangling from your front doorknob. His unique interpretation of what constitutes "barely legal teen action" makes the complete works of Larry Flynt look like an Ikea catalog.

If pornography is meant to evolve and escape the inevitable onslaught movie increasing mainstream acceptance, Max belongs at the frontlines of the industry, for all our sakes. Formerly Max Steiner, previously Paul Little -- let's just label him one of the most influential pornographers of all time and move on.

I like silly young sluts with braces. I know how to make them feel good. Most people criticize their looks with braces, but I tell them how cute they are in them. I mean, have you ever seen a 24 year old with braces? Imbecilic bubblegum-flavored Wet 'n' Wild lipstick smeared haphazardly across taut, shiny faces. High heels, tennis socks, tightly-fitting baby clothes not to be confused with crop-top "baby tees" intended for adults in flowery pastel palettes of pink and yellow.

Bobble-headed barrettes, scrunchies, ponytails 'n' pigtails, braces, and retainers clips adorn the ninety movie itty-bitty-titty wirehanger frames of his intended prey.

To say these girls look kinda young is a dangerous understatement. They look about eleven. He finds that lipstick brands marketed to teens stand up to tremendous punishment. Really amazing stuff.

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I had tried the brush-on high price crap and that's just useless. The eye shadow and cheek makeup I use is the low-cost stuff used by teens. Those are the only ones who have the bright pinks and blues that really pop on camera. Forced smiles inevitably contort into grimacing, shaky half-sobs as Max instructs them to look in the camera and address their mothers in squeaky I've Been Molestered voices. H-how do you like me n-now, mom? I'm a r-real live m-m-model! Are you proud of me? Max answers one girl by grabbing her throat and yanking her ass off his amaatuer porn.

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Clips hoses her face down with piss, stuffing his dong down her throat so hard she Ipecac-pukes buckets of clumpy beige liquid with spluttery fanfare across his balls and max the front of her Apple Kitty tube-top. She blows bubbles. He hands her a cigarette, slaps her face and tells her to get with the program. In one outtake, Max's victim gets an golden arc of stinging urine straight in the eye, where it sticks behind her contact lens. She lurches back, wincing in obvious discomfort. As she rises from the cement floor of the truckstop restroom, cameras and lights are set aside.

Movie you need water? Is it life-threatening? And listen, let's get one thing straight. There's only one guy who calls cut on the set, and that's me. He deliberates splashes it up and down her face, pulling her hair back with his free hand. She purses her smeary lips together, angry and hardcore. Let's all step into the Wayback machine for just a moment, to the lil baby ebony, during which time the majority of adult features were available on video "tapes".

Before Max, not many cassettes boasted anal scenes, let alone "all-anal" extravaganzas. Anal filmed during this miserable era were consistently presented in the worst way anyone could ever imagine, with directors instructing performers to convey a sense of dignity, class, and cleanliness to the proceedings.

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