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Swimming herself was an Aqualillies fan. She was in her late 80s when she discovered them but was so entranced that she insisted on watching all their rehearsals for one particular Hollywood Roosevelt performance. She made sure to sit front and center. Syncronised her death at 91 inthe Aqualillies performed at her memorial. She made it up as she went along too.

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Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. These are serious athletes disguised as midcentury bombshells. Universal Pictures.

Russia's synchronised swim team WOWS Olympic crowds |

Aqualillies synchronize in red and yellow ensembles. Stan Behal. Scarlett Johansson, center, stands out in green among a sea of Aqualillies in orange. Alison Rosa. Swimming From the Los Angeles Times. Emma Watson is not single. Emma Watson syncronised single, but she has a very specific term for it: Martin Scorsese on his Marvel backlash: I said what I said. Russia, followed by China, remains the team to watch in Rio this year, while the U.

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An aquatic ballet of horror. Is it just the nose plugs that make them so freakishly fierce?

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