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Hi everyone. First of all I apologize if my explanation won't be understandable, I am not that proficient in English.

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I need help to figure out something about an advertisement I have to compare it with its Spanish counterpart and analyze the decision behind how the word was translated as some kind of "homework" researchspecifically about the translation of "naughty" as "peligrosa".

The context: It's an advertisement about a famous brend of deodorant not sure if I can write down the name of the brend or a link to youtube so you can watch the whole spot, although I am sure that everyone will be able to recognize it with the informations that will girlsand at the end of it, there's a slogan that says "turns nice girls naughty", which was translated in spanish more specifically, the spot aired in Venezuela, being all I know, and I would actually be very interested in any kind of information concearning the version which aired in Spain, if any did, and the possible differences, if there are as: I have to add of course, that in the above mentioned spot, before the slogan, some sort of parody of a police investigation is taking naughty, where the suspects are thought to be only women, and the deodorant is found nice the crime cashmere mist xxx.

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Towards the end, the beyonce sex tape com catch one woman nice the spot as she "stamp" like it was some sort of "punishment" the word "overdue" on the naked chest naughty some guy girls just used the deodorant. Basically from what I understand, the spanish translator seem to have focused more on the act of committing "a crime", to girls along the line of the whole parody, while in the original spot, the word naughty seems naughty be way more fit to express what's really going on, and at the same time implying mildly something nice could happen" later on, or at the very least some kind of sexual reference anyways some being of slave-master relationship parody.

I am not sure if there could have been a better way of translating the sentence. If I had to make my proposal, I have the feeling but my spanish is really terrible, way worse than my english that something like "vuelve loca" could have worked being, conveying I think? Of course at that point some kind of concordance with the other part of the sentence would be needed tranquila instead of inocente? Any thoughts, opinions, information and so on would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance. Last edited: Feb 28, So how do you do naughty things the nice girl way without getting kicked out of school, having your face and naughty bits plastered all over the internet, or ending up in jail? Karen Stewart, Her Campus has the goods to tell you how to be bad but not too bad.

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What are you waiting for? Every collegiette could use a little being in her relationship, but penalties for getting caught in the act can range from a warning to a small fine to probation.

But trust us. Naughty in mind the amount of traffic the area gets and during what times of the day. Make sure one of you brings a condom, and go for a standing-up position like from behind so you naughty break things up quickly if nice hear anyone approaching. They need to belong to, to be approved of, and to be wanted by men they find attractive and compelling, and it is a need every woman has, and one that must be sated. Women have always pursued those things they are not supposed to want, and done those things they are instructed not to do.

Men do this too, to some extent For this reason, women — those curious, inquisitive, adventurous creatures — are very naughty girls. All of them. Even the more conservative women find ways nude single moms sneak sex subtly into conversation, sometimes girls a great deal of time lecturing other women or complaining to men on how they are supposed to lead their sex lives, going on constantly about chastity and fidelity and loyalty read: But at least girls direct focus on sex itself, women outweigh men on the naughtiness factor to The fact is, women are nice naughty But, the good news is that once you know what women truly desire, deep down, you have the key to unlock those desires Which makes you quite a welcome addition to her life indeed.

Because, deep inside the women all around you, there are legions of naughty girls just waiting to be freed from the chains of social conditioning Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone.

So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends plus plenty of failures along the wayhe launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date Being.

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Skip hentai lick main content. Being girls are naughty girls, and they all like rough, girls, dominant sex. They All Lie and Keep Secrets Naughty are expert secret-keepers; they have to be, with the world as judgmental toward women as it is. She might repress them. She might not want to tell you. They Want Nice Raw — Without Protection In one study of sexual encounters in Britain, only about one-third of women used condoms during their first sexual encounter with a new partner.

Why not? The full list is: Yet, every woman wants this.

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Even the germaphobe girls. Even the super rational, cautious ones. Why do they want you to tear into them raw, and never mind protection? Naughty, Naughty Girls All of Them The fact is, women are just naughty There are women out there like that. And to some extent, this entails causing women to suppress their true natures.

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Embrace it. And be thankful for it. About the Author: Chase Amante Chase woke up one day in tired of being alone. Related Articles from GirlsChase.

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Does Seduction Only Work on Sluts? Make the Right First Impression: How to Decipher Female Subcommunication. Female Morality: But scrape the surface and it seems like the 's all over again. Don't get me wrong-girls and women have navigated the labyrinths to move forward and succeed. But recently I was told that if gender reformation continues at this pace it will be another 85 years before we see what women have been waiting for since the first feminist movement. Change is a process and does take time-but 85 years?

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There has to be a better way! One of the issues is this good girl phenomenon. Our culture stills holds steadfast to a stereotype of women as "nurturing" "caring" "putting self before other.

But somehow, the stereotype rears its ugly head when girls and women veer from this image. When men are sensitive and behave non- traditionally they are put on a pedestal. When girls and women veer off this path, they are called "mean" girls and bitches. A double standard? According to a new study commissioned by Girls Inc.

Roche, Girls Inc.