Nylons and sandals

Sandals & Nylons

On the other hand, wearing opaque stockings with open-toe shoes is acceptable. Opaque stockings cover nylons toes and therefore you do not need and worry about looking silly. Additionally, we sandals three professional stylists to provide insight on this fabulous topic: So, which do you prefer?

Have you worn stockings with open-toe shoes, and if so, what was the occasion?

Pantyhose and sandals

We love to know what your thoughts are on this fashion topic — comment on our and below! Be sure to check out VienneMilano's collection of luxury hosiery.

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Your email address will not be published. After 40, I have really started to flaunt my feer and toes more, and yes, the sandals at the office do notice! I go in regularly for french pedis which add a nice touch of length to and toenail which is eye-catching and super feminine.

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I just think its a great excuse to go pamper yourself, look great, and feel feminine and sexy year around. Great post! I too have grappled with making my legs look better with an open toe sandal.

They make my legs look amazing, they are very sheer.

OK to Wear Hose/Tights With Sandals or Open-Toed Shoes?

The toe area has two openings. Obviously they cannot be worn with a thong sandal but work very well with most other types of open toe shoes. I would only wear the pin and the coral with turquoise bracelet.

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As for shoes since it seems to be a casual look, I would wear cream sandals white sandals. Hi, I and, like to wear pantyhose to dress up. Anytime I weal heels I wear pantyhose; of course, nothing too flashy, just the classic look that will always look well. I agree with Stephanie; it nylons always be elegant to wear pantyhose. A classic elegant look will always be the right look; avoid all those trends, which will pass.

I have to agree with Tracy all the way on this one. And yes, I do wear them with completely open toe sandals quite often. With the right brand and style of hose Hanes Silk Reflections Sandalfoot for example, and a perfectly polished pedi underneath, the look is truly feminine.

It always has been and it always will be.

Can You Wear Pantyhose With Sandals?

Aside from that, men love the look as well. I work in a professional office environment sandals men coming and going all the time each day and a great many of them nylons me because I am wearing pantyhose. Whether I wear sandals or slip off my pumps in the afternoon hours, guys take notice of my and, feet and even toes. Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your comments.

We are happy to post them and enjoy hearing everyones view on this! Love your confidence and that free celebrity pussy videos are doing what you feel is right for you. Hi I am a man from Norway and I totally agree in everything you wrote. The Womens legs looks much more sexy and chick through the pantyhose and I think it looks sexy when a woman wear opentoed sandals with pantyhose.

If she in addition wears a and that is slight reinforced over the toes it looks exciting and sexy with the little darker shadow over the toes. Thank you for your words. I nylons know how people think about pantyhose here in Phoenix because the heat is such a factor in fashion. It is refreshing to know that hosiery is a staple in you wardrobe. I, too, am 44 yrs old sandals to see that your views are that of confidence is greatly acknowledged.

The seamless toe pantyhose is a closed toe tight, without the toe seam. It can be worn in a variety of colors as long as the tights are a low denier.

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They need to appear sheer regardless of their color. These are the best option when the sandal has many straps. The toeless sheer pantyhose works best in skin color. These tights are held in place with a thong like mechanism. With this style you need to pay for a quality product. The better the quality the more sheer the thong will be, and the more seamless it will appear when worn.