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Based on this list, we cannot decide if being the Guinness World Record fact-checker would be the coolest ivannadicarlo or the most shocking. Most Frequent Sex: With the same lady cricket. BTW, we really hope they use cricket lube.

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Largest Penis: Now go measure your arm to compare. Then shriek when you realize how big that actually is. Biggest Vagina: It was 19 inches and belonged to a Scottish lass named Anna Swan.

She died inbut still holds the record.

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The weirdest sex records in the world. View gallery.

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The porn star admitted she's currently looking for a boyfriend. NHS Why No Nut November could actually be bad for your health No Nut November is here, which means many are attempting to give up masturbation and sex — but here we explain why it might actually be bad for you. That's because surprise! Vagina me: I want you to remember that number, and the next time the dude in your life is bellyaching over having a stuffy nose, whip that out for his consideration.

Anna Biggest Bates, the owner of said vagina, was born in in Nova Scotia. It's hard enough being an average sized woman going about worlds in without feeling like you're taking up too much space. We know that the tyke's cranium fudi picture gallery about picture inches 48cm in circumference, hence we compute the minimum dilation of Swan's passage as 6 inches, or just over 15 cm.

That's pretty wide—the normal dilation for childbirth is 10 cm.

Jump to. Sections of this page. Hooray for vaginas. Handy for bringing new people into the world, sexy to look at.

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