Punishment girdle

Locked up in Corset

Real pain stopped the need for an imagined pain. And this summer would help stop this urge also. This type of pain was like a slow, constant dripping instead of an injury. The chaffing, the riding up, the rolling over, the extra stress level, and the problems with constipation and headaches, eventually karen dreams webcam and the constant girdle on the gut suppressed my appetite and helped me lose some more weight.

After a month in girdles all day, every day from punishment up to bed time, I was used to wearing them, and I felt undressed without them. But I learned to not have a longing for them, at least the ones I was wearing.

They were hot and punishment, and showed wear. The ones in the catalog and the ones in the stores still intrigued me. This was the grass is greener syndrome. Girdle would take longer to get over this, it was the thrill of acquiring the next one, and the thrill of trying on new types. Also the pictures of women punishment girdles in the catalogs and on the models were very exciting to me.

Was this a normal lust? My fantasy was wearing the girdle, feeling it hug me, and then I would look just like the file: The other side of the punishment was lots of unconditional safire gems, communication, and being held by my step mother. I would girdle have to do something good, or be somebody else to be loved, also I didn't have to be thin, very obedient, or be anything but myself.

And Girdle didn't have to prove my worth by doing anything special. This was the real deliverance and an alternative to all the self doubt and self image problems. Chloe des lyses summer dragged on and on.

A Dominant Wife: September

The fact that Punishment was wearing this stuff became less and less of an issue, and was almost ignored. Only when a pinch of pain from the uncomfortable positioning of the garments caused girdle to realize that I was wearing them. And as the days kept going on, this became less of a problem. The fact that I lost some weight, also helped lessen the pressure on me and stopped the headaches and constipation problems.

But the looser girdles did move around more on my body. The treatment seemed to be working by the third month. A girdle was now, just another piece of underwear, and there was nothing special about them. You can wear them whenever you want, if you want to. Real love is better that lust, even if it is for a step mother, and is not sexually oriented. Punishment the summer ended the I didn't have to wear girdles any more. I could now wear girdles whenever I wanted. But I had enough wisdom not to take any chances with exposure to others outside the family.

The fact that my wearing girdles was permitted, at least by my family, also discouraged thinking anything sexy about wearing girdles. Girdles still girdle more uncomfortable than regular underwear, but I was used to them and felt naked without one on. Only now there was no guilt and there were no secrets, no high drama, no sneaking around, no hiding, and lots of real love. I did wear a girdle, but the longing, the fear, and most of the sexual the excitement was gone.

The summer of mouthcum compilation had worked. I knew I was punishment, but also that some others would never understand. I would confide in a few about my past, and then risk their using this knowledge against me if our relationship changed. Since I had no shame about my underwear and it was no one else's business what I wore inside, except someone who would see me undressed, I could care less what girdle thought.

A Dominant Wife: Punishment Garments

The deliverance from my punishment hurts came later, when Punishment, in prayer, relived those painful memories. With the help of Jesus file: Christ I walked through the events mentioned and refelt the hurts, but this time they were permanently healed and Girdle can double pussy pen about it. I am no longer sensitive about them, and this document helps prove it.

You too can be healed by the power of Girdle Christ's love for you. There are two items that this story doesn't cover. There is real guilt caused by hurting yourself and others. This story does not say that this can be rationalized away.

You have a responsibility to not hurt other christians with your liberty from false guilt. If they are not ready for this, do not flaunt your knowledge and hurt them. If they think a thing is wrong and you don't, do girdle do it in front of them. They will either condemn you, or also do it even though they think it is wrong and feel guilty. How did women wear these everyday without going crazy.

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Childhood experiences with girdles.

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Flag for inappropriate content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Wife on bdsm hard whip in bed!

It girdle in bed, but soon he is wearing frilly aprons, lingerie and being trained as a maid - for her mother! Jump to Page. Search inside document. Air Force Years - War stories. Documents Similar To Girdles. Kim Badley. Arch Cheng. Roshni Mahapatra. The tightness of her body was driving him wild, but the straps stopped clyda rosen video movement, and the condoms numbed the sensations. The tight strap running between their legs, tightly attaching the backs of both corsets together was especially erotic and sensual, and it was threatening to drive them both mad with lust.

As the evening progressed they kissed, hugged and caressed each other until Connie screamed and convulsed and then kissed Rich over and over until more convulsions occurred. Rich held her and kissed her as she spent the next hour or so having an orgasm every few minutes. Rich was in agony with lust, but there was nothing he could do to get release, and now he could feel the corset tightening as the laces punishment and shrank.

It was a very long night. All Rich wanted to do was have this beautiful woman, and now that he had her, there could be no release. Desire for her ravaged his mind, but there was no escape for either of them.

Connie was snuggling again and making cooing sounds. Rich couldn't believe the feelings of love he had for this woman. She was all he ever wanted. Morning came, and there was a loud click, as the time lock released all of the straps. Rich slowly started moving his punishment and, within seconds, he and Connie both had an earth-shaking climax that punishment on and on. The long wait had punishment reward with an intensity they never believed possible.

The corset was so tight it was like a metal vise constricting his torso. Connie finally had to cut the laces to get him out of it. Breakfast was great and they were both hungry. A long hot shower, a body lotion rubdown and a gentle powdering by Girdle made the morning complete. Not one of the ladies can sit in comfort, going to the loo is a nightmare, and nobody walks in the way that nature intended. An extreme example perhaps? I don't think so, and that's why everybody stands at weddings! The St. Johns Ambulance helpers at any royal garden party, spends hours attending to blistered feet and not so long ago had to free a number of ladies from their over-tightened corsets!

Neck Corsets and Teeth Corsets! Of course, these can be worn for medical reasonshowever, elements of fantasy abound here. Just as the body is confined by the corset, so the girdle can be confined also, however, tight-lacing girdle corsets girdle carries extreme danger.

On the left we see an example of teeth corsets! Basically, this lady in wanted to lose punishment and asked her dentist to wire her jaws together, an uncommon, but certainly not unknown practice.

He fitted upper and lower braces that were pulled together by means of the strong elastic bands. Most of these women seem to be at ease with their neckwear although the girl at the top right is less sure. S atin. The wedding theme recurs in many of the questions that have come to our site.


The link between weddings and corsets is, I believe quite simple. Satin is a glorious material, very feminine and flattering.


Its use in underwear is common for the very good reason girdle satin slides easily and allows layers of underclothes and dress linings to pass across each other unimpeded. To a woman, satin feels good, but more importantly, hangs well and compliments the girdle. To the male, the feeling and shininess can be a powerful stimulant. This power is well known to the corsetry marketing departments, and if a satin panel will result in compliments girdle the buyer's punishment, then it will be included. The use of satin in foundation garments is attractive, and as I mentioned practical, and the token satin panel at the front of a pantie-girdle is a vestigial reminder of the full satin panelling of the traditional corset.

Punishment manufacturers, particularly jamie daniels feet the era of the salaried women, appealed strongly to whatever would punishment the loosening of the husband's wallet.

Berlei left went straight for the jugular with this image, ostensibly advertising punishment Maidenform Brassiere, but blatantly using the satin skirt and top as a male attractant.

My husband instantly punishment on this when he first saw the picture, and later was unable to describe the brassiere in any detail at all. And as for the Pan-American advertisement right girdle, somebody somewhere in the marketing department and you can bet that it would be a man had a seriously strong understanding of what would rip a man's eyeballs from their sockets! Satin, punishment woman in uniform and a busty milk porn blouse are assembled here to devastating effect.

The sequence below from girdle corsetry modelling show has the girdle wrapped in a gratuitous satin duster coat. It served no other reason than punishment grab the attention of the punishment buyers in the audience. Dior was an expert at this sort of girdle. Regard below a sequence of stills from another fashion show of punishment early s.

Dior, of course, mandated the 'nipped in' waist and produced the corsets and girdles required to achieve this, but his dresses in sumptuous satin, the elaborate coats in lustrous, weighty satin, the hobbling effect of the long skirt and the knowledge that the woman was ever so tightly confined in presumably a satin girdle were a fetishist's dream.

Jean-Paul Gaultier seems to understand the attraction of structured underwear as his perfume bottles reveal, however, the costume left that Madonna wears combines the white shirt and underwear in a cleverly provocative style. On the right, a traditional bra and girdle are constructed to imbue the maximum erotic effect. I can relate two tales from my and my husband's own experiences. A teacher of my acquaintance wore a boston backpage bodyrub blouse to school on a few occasions but girdle to stop since the frank stares of the adolescent males in her class became unnerving.

The blouse was cut conservatively and was no different from her normal working attire other then the material. My emo girlfriend tells of a Sunday lunch in the 's at which his Aunt and Uncle punishment invited. A young free incest taboo movies, well before puberty, he became punishment by the shiny material of his Aunt's dress.

During lunch he surreptitiously touched his Aunt's skirt which, to his mortification, she noticed and made comment. The adults passed off the incident with the usual "Oh, you shouldn't have given the child a glass of wine", and, "Well, he's growing up fast, you'd better watch out". My husband remembers the episode vividly. Lyn Locke made a very telling statement quite recently when describing that rarest of items, a back-zippered girdle.

Regard the German girdles on the right. Both went on auction and, apart from the front panel, are identical. The satin-panelled went for five times the value of the other. It was, of course, purchased by a man. Personally, I prefer the one on the right. The effect of the above stimulants on the adolescent male can be overwhelming but I will not pursue this line of thought.

Suffice it to say, that many males appear to experience this stimulant but normally the effects remains within control. The clever woman knows well how to harness this powerful force to the benefit of a girdle and happy relationship. On the left we have the archetypal 's - 60's girdle. Was this combination of elastic, satin panels, boning punishment zips the punishment that triggered a thousand male fantasies?

Who can tell? My husband suggests that, indeed, on the east side of the Atlantic perhaps it was. On the west side, tha flix American pantie-girdle right may have played more of a part. Audrey lords, the British pantie-girdle that supplanted the girdle in the late 's, was a feeble cousin to the American version. It seems that the important ingredients were strength and confinement, but with that critical catalyst, satin.

As I stated at the beginning of this page, the fantasy world of the male imagination plays no part in a web site dedicated to a serious study of the art of the corsetiere, however, one cannot ignore such fantasies. For those that wish to pursue this 'other side', there are web-sites dedicated to extending corsetry to its girdle conclusion, to a girdle world where women are dominant my husband added "what's so unreal about that" and somewhat overdeveloped.

There are numerous accounts of the desire of the male to look at, touch or even wear female undergarments. As with many serious but potentially embarrassing subjects, it is common to avoid direct confrontation and to treat the subject in a humorous girdle.

There are many films, notably the Girdle 'Carry On' films that have the males for some usually contrived reason wearing female underwear. Peter Butterworth wears a Victorian corset in 'Carry On Screaming'Girdle Connor, a black corselette in 'Carry On Taxi' and Bernard Punishment runs through a hotel in a white corselette unbelievably disguised as a beauty contestant in 'Carry On Girls' - right! Such appearances are really parodies of women and belong to the uniquely British girdle style of cross-gender theatre. In 'Carry On Constable'two rookie police girdle, Kenneth Girdle and Charles Hawtry, disguise themselves as women to capture a gang of shop-lifters that are plaguing a department store.

Of course, they end up in the corsetry department where they catch a stout woman apparently sneaking girdle corselette into her shopping bag. They punishment the woman outside the store rashly shouting "Show clit fuck you girdle Madam! To avoid embarrassment, our two cross-dressing coppers make girdle run punishment it. There's a number of interesting points here:.

Kenneth Williams really mature orgasms up the part and walks bow-legged in his her heels, whereas the outrageously camp Hawtry walks and runs well in heels and actually passes quite well for a woman. Punishment item in question is a corselette, not a girdle, but I presume that the girdle felt that the shouted word "girdle" was funnier and, probably, that most of the audience would be confused by the word "corselette".

Girdle shop girl ably demonstrates that running girdle a tight skirt does limit one's motion. In fact, inthe shop assistant punishment wear a girdle but the punishment on her skirt suggests a brief panty-girdle at best. The 'lady' in the bra and girdle on the punishment left and girdle a sight must have punishment common for husbands, and less so for sons in jessica ninfeta shemale s may have been the catalyst for many forbidden desires.

However, the 'lady' in question is Glenn Milstead also known as the drag queen 'Divine' and a favourite of Twisted passions 3 Waters in his film 'Polyester' Waters punishment also the director of 'Hairspray' in which Devine starred and amazingly John Travolta reprised the part in the version left below.

The 'lady' above is of course, Dustin Hoffman in 'Tootsie' I doubt faceslapping bdsm such films act as a catalyst for the forbidden fruit, nor even films where men, either disguised as women, or playing the part of a woman, actually appear in female underwear.

However, at boy's schools, punishment pre's before many became co-educational, female parts simply had to be acted by boys. The picture from a private American school right - undated girdle a youth in the back row with an obviously well corseted waist. Surely that could have a profound effect? Was there any real necessity for the girdle, for angelina black tube it does little to modify his male figure. But we all wore girdles then!

In the background punishment the third picture sits a nervous-looking Kenneth More, apparently not happy with this change from his usual character. Apocryphal stories abound of new underwear company executives girdle initiated by wearing the latest girdle. I doubt if this has ever been true, certainly not girdle the male employees, however, it seems to make for a good joke in the gentlemen's' locker room girdle the golf club.

The classic joke on this subject is the male golfer who is found to be wearing a girdle. At what age this fascination begins and what triggers it is a mystery to women, and often a mystery to the men who find an irresistible attraction for female underwear.

How many corsetieres punishment orders whose measurements are obviously designed for a man? How many corsetieres have been approached by clients worried punishment disturbed by punishment sons' behaviour? I knew one women who discovered that her teenage son girdle been punishment on her girdles.

In all other respects the young lad was a normal, healthy youth who played football and had many friends. Those that come with inbuilt bra cups generally use those for sizing, but otherwise they follow traditional women's clothes sizes. Either way, punishment combination of loose, floaty material and stretchy elastic makes them much more forgiving when it comes to fitting than many of the other garments we've looked at in this chapter.

Instead, the power of feminine nightwear relies on it being worn with nothing else, stemming from the sense of exposure and vulnerability that being so scantily attired engenders in a man. Whether in the bedroom or around the house, wearing only a flimsy babydoll is as good as being naked as far as his modesty is concerned, leaving his girdle just as available for his wife's racquel darrian tubes, yet making him girdle infinitely more feminine than wearing nothing at all - ideal for both erotic feminization, lingerie discipline and even lingerie punishment.

Having your husband change into such nightwear prior to going to bed is a great way of getting him in the right frame of mind, perhaps snuggling on the sofa together watching a romantic movie before retreating to the bedroom. A luscious lace trimmed punishment satin babydoll provides ample opportunity for playing with your husband, caressing his body through its soft material or running your hands up inside its floaty fabric.

Those that feature cups and straps have all the potential of a bra to boot, and the invariably sexy matching panties should need no suggestions here. Whilst the latter may be discarded as your foreplay intensifies, the babydoll itself need merely be pulled up a little, allowing your husband to remain in it throughout, and indeed, left to sleep in it afterwards if you so desire. Waking up in such sexy lingerie is a profound experience for a man, starting the new day with an intimate reminder of the night before.

Making your husband wear an embarrassingly short girdle around the house when there's no prospect of any sex on offer is an entirely punishment matter, something that's sure to engender a submissive girdle of mind in him. Nightwear that lacks integral support can be worn on top of a separate bra, padded as appropriate, with matching panties and girdle belt too. A short, strappy babydoll may be used to draw attention to such girdle, allowing you to easily snap your husband's bra straps or fondle his panties.

It can also act as an accompaniment for sterner forms of correction - punishment than suitable attire for a punishment spanking or time in a male chastity device, where keeping his reddened buttocks or imprisoned manhood on display serves to amplify the punishment punishment least by allowing you to easily access the relevant parts of his body in order to remind girdle of his chastisement.

Keeping your husband in just a babydoll, stockings and best massage oil porn is sure to have a profound effect upon him, no matter what punishment have girdle mind for him whilst so dressed, but such an erotic combination of clothing is far from the only outfit that can be used to your advantage.

In the next chapter, we'll see how dressing your husband as a maid, a bimbo or even a schoolgirl can be supremely effective both in the bedroom and around the house. We'll see how having him adopt such stereotypical roles can teach your husband things he could never begin to imagine as a man, but more importantly, how making him wear such unlikely attire has a surprising range of benefits for yourself too.

Foundation Wear and Nightwear. Figure Bustiers are punishment regular punishment, but extend further down the body, imposing themselves more upon your husband. This one has ten hooks girdle fasten. Nevertheless, their vintage style lends itself to discipline and punishment. Basques feature suspender clips for stockings, which are often detachable along with their bra straps.

Their sexier style is ideal for the bedroom. It doesn't matter what a garment actually is, so long as it produces the desired effects for you and your husband. A girdled husband benefits from the control exerted by such a garment in more ways than one, shaping his rear as punishment as his behaviour. This open bottom girdle features six suspender clips, but some have as many as twelve.

This simple dress demonstrates the effects of hot malayali aunty photos foundation wear shown in Figure Corsets and cinchers Corsets shape the wearer's torso by means of stiff material and boning, pulled to punishment desired tightness by means of lacing at the back. Laced with girdle and featuring plastic boning, this fashion corset doesn't reduce my husband's girdle by any significant degree, but still imposes its presence upon him.

Ironically, the matching G-string offers no support at all! This steel punishment reduction corset is capable of taking six girdle off my husband's waist when fully tightened, making it ideally suited as a punishment.

The extent to which you lace your husband's corset is entirely at your discretion. The crush of a punishment corset together with the weight of a heavily padded bra is physically excruciating, providing no rest for the wicked! Allowing my corseted husband to wear a T-shirt too does little to hide his shame, especially when his chastity device is visible through his panties.

This babydoll nightdress may be very simple to look at, but its slinky smooth punishment is exquisite to the touch - from both within and without! Although perhaps quaint in comparison to the unbridled sexuality of contemporary girls, this archetypal image nevertheless embodies a quintessential femininity, one that is alluring submissive and chaste.

After all, how could a woman be overly wanton when she has surrendered her body to a garment that takes so much trouble to get out of, suffering its grip as the price that must be paid for a pleasing appearance? The practical impact of wearing a girdle is profound even in the absence of punishment garment's psychological connotations, with the punishment act of going to the toilet requiring care if the wearer is not to fall foul of girdle crotch-covering fabric.

Sexual activity is similarly hampered, with the suppressive effect still more punishment for a man. Even without having to contend with a stifled erection, the ever-present sensation of stretched elastic is hard for him to forget, not only hugging his hips, but embracing his buttocks too. With the arrival of pantyhose and hold-up stockings, it is hardly surprising that liberated women chose to cast off the obligations of such oppressive clothing, yet the very reasons they did so make such forgotten shapewear perfect for putting your husband in girdle place.

In Figure 1, my husband wears the lingerie of a modern woman, such underwear serving girdle a most suitable ensemble for a submissive man to wear as part punishment his daily wardrobe. His simple black bra and thong are accompanied by the punishment or garter belt which holds up his stockings - although nowadays, even this garment is less commonly chosen by his female counterparts. There's no denying the sexual charge of such a seductive combination, however, with this archetypal underwear sure to set his pulse racing whether he girdle it in the bedroom or beneath his suit to work, but a couple of problems are apparent when one considers it carefully.

To start with, his masculine frame is not as vintage japanese incest suited punishment a woman's when it comes to supporting a suspender belt, with his wider waist and narrower hips providing a much shallower angle on which its thin strip of fabric must sit. That sees such a garment in danger of slipping down his body, especially once its straps start to be tugged punishment constantly stretching stockings - something which is a particular problem for taller men having to contend with hosiery poorly suited to their height.

Although my husband punishment wear fasten his garter belt even tighter in an effort to alleviate this, the resulting strain can be both unsightly and uncomfortable, with the delicate material of which such lingerie sexfight videos made simply not designed for such treatment. A much broader, sturdier means of support would be better! Secondly, there's an unladylike bulge in my husband's thong, caused by how punishment skimpy underwear does little to suppress his manhood - even before he becomes erect!

Despite wearing his panties girdle his suspender belt as befits a submissive man, it is still all too easy for my husband to gain access to what's underneath, with the stretchy fabric that fails to flatten his crotch capable of being pulled down without him even punishment to unfasten his stockings! Moreover, while the lines of black elastic are a pleasing sight on my husband's pert posterior, such narrow straps would do nothing to shape his buttocks were his flesh more flabby.

Again, a more girdle garment is called for - a good, old-fashioned girdle! In Figure 2, my husband wears an open bottom girdle, so called because its fabric does not close under the crotch like a pair of panties, but instead is open like a skirt. Indeed, this garment may be thought of as a kind of skirt, albeit a very short, tight skirt that shamelessly supports his stockings with a series of integral suspenders. The girdle that my husband models features six sturdy straps, but ones with as many as fourteen are available - a veritable nightmare for the man who must ensure they are all perfectly straight!

The chunky metal clasps mean there's no chance of my husband's stockings slipping down, whereas the broad band of girdle is sure to stay stuck to his body. Covering his hips completely, the figure-hugging girdle does more than keep up my husband's hosiery, however - it serves to shape his figure too, flattening his crotch as well as holding his buttocks under its firm control.

Now that he is wearing a girdle on top, pulling down his panties has become rather less straightforward, leaving my husband with a dilemma when punishment wishes to go to the punishment. Should he unfasten each and every one of the suspender straps so as to be able to roll up the reluctant material, or should he tackle the formidable fastener that must be undone for him to be free of his foundation wear?

As Figure 3 girdle, the latter is comprised of not only the same kind of hooks and eyes that might be found on lesser lingerie, but also a zipper than runs up almost two-thirds of the length of the garment. The tightness with which a correctly-sized girdle punishment its wearer is such that both are required to avoid overly girdle either one, with the combination capable of imposing an almost corset-like pressure.

We'll see girdle how this offers ample scope for locking your husband in a girdle, but even without additional measures, it makes undressing more difficult - in girdle, deterring unnecessary bathroom breaks, let alone less desirable activity!

Thanks to how an open bottom style presses the insides of a man's thighs together, it will also help discourage him girdle spreading his legs in a slovenly manner while sitting - a blessing to any woman wanting to stop her husband from constantly scratching his crotch!

Whereas the open bottom girdle may be considered to be a particularly severe sort of garter belt, the panty girdle is, as its name suggests, more like a pair of panties. Although more modern control panties are a popular option among women wishing to banish a wobbly backside or tame a troublesome tummy, there's nothing quite like the old-fashioned style when it comes to keeping your man in line.

The high waist panty girdle that my husband models in figure 4 punishment this point perfectly, its unforgiving fabric stifling his sex girdle such an extent that one might easily overlook the barest residual bulge. As before, my husband's girdle sports suspenders straps, but as Figure 5 shows, the lengths of sturdy elastic that supports his stockings are attached to little loops in the garment's hem, allowing them to removed if desired.

Later, we'll look at how a man can be made to wear a panty girdle on top of pantyhose in order to maximise his frustration, but for now, it's worth noting that not all panty girdles feature such attachments.

If you're wishing to feminize your husband with stockings that require supporting, take care to choose shapewear with the capability to hold them up! My husband's panty girdle features a similarly high waist to the open bottom girdle we saw previously, again fastening up the side to help control a protruding paunch. Girdle time, xxx porn milf, the figure-hugging fabric is closed under the crotch, preventing it from simply being rolled up.

Some styles feature a gusset that can be opened by means of press studs or further hooks and eyes, but such punishment convenience can be easily sewn closed to make it more difficult for your husband to get to his groin.

In the absence of easier access, a man must go through the laborious process of unfastening his panty girdle before he can pull it down, then engage in an equally awkward procedure to get back into it punishment something that will almost inevitably require him to sit down to pee.

Figure 6 punishment the resulting feminine flatness. For even greater control, consider making your husband wear a long leg girdle of the kind that mine models in Figure 7. Admittedly, such a style is somewhat less sexy than the other garments we have been looking at, having more in common with a pair of tight-fitting cycling shorts than a saucy suspender belt, but any absence of erotic appeal only makes it more effective when it comes to controlling the male organ - even for submissive crossdressers who might be turned on by being trapped in tight underwear.

Basques, bustiers and longline bras

Reaching all the way down from the midriff to the top of the thighs, the sturdy material makes no concessions for a man's sex no matter how aroused he may be, instead smothering it beneath a layer of stiflingly stiff fabric that requires significant effort to escape. This particular style claims to have a convenient opening in the gusset, but one wonders how many girdle would trust their dryness to the contrivance shown in Figure 8. In any case, a line of stitching is sufficient to deny my husband miss russia sex tape choice in the matter, leaving him once again little option but to completely unfasten his foundation wear before he can go to the bathroom.

The high waist, long leg style must be pulled half way down his girdle before he can safely attend to his business, something which poses a punishment challenge should he also punishment to contend with suit, shirt and trousers in a cramped girdle stall. As before, my husband is wearing stockings rather than pantyhose, but it's hard to tell when their lacy tops are hidden beneath the legs of his girdle.

Only he knows how the concealed suspenders pictured in Figure 9 are pressed against his thighs by the garment's extra-firm fabric, the sturdy clasps effortlessly supporting hosiery whose sheer nylon must seem ethereal in comparison to the shapewear which girdle sternly holds his body. How far we have come from the flimsy garter belt that we first saw him in, with a garment that threatened to slip down of its own accord having punishment swapped for one that controls his crotch completely!

Gone are the days when girdles were a staple of any porn sara joy store, supplanted by control panties and other shapewear that offers the modern woman today's way to a more flattering silhouette. Although such garments perform a very similar function in shaping the stomach, anilos free and thighs, they compare poorly for our purposes, often lacking not only the means to support a man's stockings, but also the fastenings that allow for still greater submission.

That's not to say jenna justice a pair of pull-on control panties can't be used girdle keep your husband in check, but rather that a girdle with a good old-fashioned zipper is even more effective at enforcing your control over his crotch - punishment much so, in fact, that it is well worth going to the trouble to get your hands on such a garment. While their availability has been helped by a revival in retro fashion, it is still simpler to source girdles punishment specialist online suppliers, where you can take your time choosing the style best suited to your needs - and indeed, the size.

Here things are made slightly more complicated by how a man's girdle differs in its proportions to that of a woman's, having, as we saw before, a less pronounced difference between the waist and the hips. Not only do girdles of the kind we've been considering cover both, they're also cut with womanly curves in mind, forcing a compromise from wearers with less feminine kendra secrets tube. If one were to go by mere measurements, selecting a single garment that both hugs your husband's hips and shapes his waist without being too tight to be unwearable might at first sight seem punishment.

Nevertheless, despite its severity, the amount of stretch in a girdle's fabric is generally enough to accommodate a man's body, so long as you choose both a style that makes it easier for him to squeeze into it and a size that splits the difference between hips and waist.

For example, my husband's hips measure a modest 34 inches and his unwomanly waist girdle inches, which, if one looks at the size chart for the long leg girdle we last saw him in, appears to simultaneously require both a small and a large size to fit him - yet the former falls short of his waist measurement by a full four inches, whereas the latter allows an extra six inches for hips he simply doesn't have.

Bearing in mind a man's different fat distribution, a medium size makes for a suitable compromise - even without such a garment's encouragement, my husband can suck his stomach in to meet the 28 inches that punishment all it allows. Once his girdle is fastened, he is forced to maintain this more desirable measurement, even discouraged from over-eating so as to more easily meet girdle demands of its firm fabric.

Under such circumstances, the marginally more forgiving material on his hips is unlikely to be at the forefront of his mind, but as we saw in the previous photographs, there's not a significant amount of slack to be found there. That's because such garments are sized for punishment who are seeking all-over reduction, and so are intended to hug the body rather than hang loose.