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I don't understand why the test label had to go down.

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And why delete all the music? Dotan brand. Anthology Resource Vol. Philosophy of Beyond by Dean Hurley. The second volume of the David Lynch collaborator's experimental soundscape series, available in BC-exclusive colorways for a limited time. Side A of a new split with Wayne Robert Thomas is a beautiful drone piece that feels like a time-lapse video of a foggy day. Six Albums Exploring Dementia. Explore music.

Techno Mode On (Chapter Eighteen) by Modernphase - Pure Ibiza Radio by Modernphase | Mixcloud

Memory Eighteen from Theoretically pure anterograde amnesia by The Caretaker. Pet slave bdsm ambient dark ambient dementia experimental memories haunting Manchester.

Everywhere at the end of time. An empty bliss beyond this World. Persistent repetition of phrases. Deleted scenes, forgotten dreams. Another com innovation in NDBT consists in the magnetic complex architecture. Through careful use of elementary pieces of neodymium magnets, Eighteen Pure engineers have developed a powerful neodymium magnet assembly able to reach 19KGauss eighteen the gap in compact and lightweight structure.

The motor structure, throughout the precisely coherent phase plug with 3 circumferential slots and copper ring on the pole piece, reduces inductance effects and distortion. The custom designed O-ring creates a tight seal between the plate and the cover assuring air chamber loading.

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Excellent heat dissipation and thermal exchange are guaranteed by the direct contact between the magnetic structure and the aluminum cover that allows to obtain a lower power compression value. Mounting and Shipping Info. Throat Diameter 35 mm 1. Overall Diameter mm 4. Distributors Distributors Contact Contacts. Copyright Title P.