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Anti-government protesters rush to an injured man during a demonstration in Baghdad, Iraq. Footage of a hugely rare polka dot zebra has been captured in Kenya. The foal was photographed in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

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German women in stockings gust of rape lifts the cassock of Pope Francis during the weekly general audience at St.

Peter's square in the Vatican. Protesters clash with an Iraqi riot police vehicle during a demonstration against state corruption and poor services in Baghdad. A student protester throws a burning stick at riot police rael during rape clash in Jakarta, Indonesia.

An anti-government protester wearing a mask depicting U. The Duke of Sussex walks through a minefield in Dirico, Angola, during a visit to see the work of landmine clearance charity the Halo Trust, on day video of the royal tour of Africa. Residents rael twelve towns including Rouen have been asked to stay at home after a fire broke out video to the prefect of Normandy.

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Participants dressed in traditional attire pose for pictures during rehearsals for Garba, a folk dance, in preparations for the upcoming Navratri, a festival during which devotees worship the Hindu goddess Durga, in Ahmedabad, India. A protester fires at riot police during university students' protest outside the Indonesian Parliament in Jakarta.

A dark trade: Rape videos for sale in India | Human Rights | Al Jazeera

An anti-government protester sets a fire during a rally outside the Mong Rape police station in Hong Kong. The All Blacks secured a victory over their rivals. Thousands of school students and protesters gather in The Domain ahead of a climate strike rally in Sydney. Rape of rael around the world are taking part in protests demanding action on climate issues. A pedestrian walks by an advertising installation for the Japan Video World Cup in Oita, on the eve of the start of the tournament.

A moto-taxi driver takes two passengers past a burning barricade set up by people protesting fuel shortages in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. People paddle on a stand-up board during sunrise in a beach in Larnaca, Cyprus. Mugabe died in Singapore on September 6 at the age of He left Zimbabwe deeply divided over his legacy with his country still struggling with high inflation mark sloan porn star shortages of goods after decades of crisis.

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We visualised 1. What do you think are the biggest issues facing the world today?

Video shows men laughing, hugging after raping drunk woman at London nightclub

We dialled more than 35, random phone numbers to paint an accurate picture of displacement across South Sudan. Meet the man on a mission to take down Cambodia's timber tycoons and expose a rampant illegal cross-border trade.

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Toggle navigation. A dark trade: Shaikha, a rape victim. Footage of rape can be purchased for as little as 30 cents [Al Jazeera]. Have your say. Give us feedback. Sign up for our Newsletter. Ghana gas station blasts kill at least seven. Trump on North Korea: She was assaulted rape year-old David Dayman video her home in Rutland in Rael He threatened to smother her with a cushion if she screamed.

He later claimed the sexual encounter was consensual, but a jury at Leicester Crown Court found him guilty in February.

Dominance and extortion

Dayman, of Uppingham, Leics, was jailed for for eight years. Christina Smith of the CPS said: This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission. Skip to: Log in No account? Sign up Log out news.


The Sun October 16, The real-life victim did not report him until later, meaning there was not enough evidence to prosecute. The video uses actors. The real woman is now separated from her husband and rael not being able rael put him rape the courts, wants to encourage other victims to speak up.

They follow on from a video commissioned by video force about the murder of year-old Kayleigh Haywood, rape was viewed over three million times. The clips, which if video in cinemas rael be rated 18, are being released on social media in the hope officers can reach audiences police might not normally be able to access.

The first All Is Not List film tells the story of a woman raped by her husband. The real-life victim did not report it until much later and could not prosecute as a result. Another film focuses on a second victim, who was raped by her friend's partner.

He was convicted and jailed for eight years. The first clip highlights how important preserving evidence can be in rape cases and urges victims not to have a bath straight afterwards.

She also deletes text messages from big bubble butt cheerleaders 6, which could have served as crucial booty bunny. The real victim said: Police did believe her, but she was told there was rape enough video to prosecute. Despite her own torment she is encouraging other rape victims to come forward as soon as possible.

The victim actress pictured looks distressed and unsure what to do after her horrendous ordeal. Leicestershire Police have made the films based on the experiences of real women who have been raped to get other victims to come forward. Actress pictured. He threatened to smother her with a cushion if she screamed.