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However, you also can do it to help stabilize yourself as you start to move. Don't lean forward when you do this because your back should remain straight. Rotate your hips backward. Start in the central position, then move your hips back. Do this slowly at first until you have the hang of it. You may shift your rate to your heels as you do this.

Then, move your butt out faster. Now, you should be booty shaking. Practice a lot until you get the hang of booty.

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Method 3. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Since you're shifting your body weightthis gives you a strong base so that you don't topple over. Your feet should be about the same distance apart as your shoulders, and they should be parallel to each other.

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Point your shaking forward. Sway from side to side. Swing your hips from left to right. Repeat this motion until you have a good feel for booty movement. Rate is just so you understand the basic movement that you'll be doing. Twist from side to side. Increase your range of motion as you sway side-to-side and twist back-and-forth. Twist your hips forward and backward. As you are twisting, release your butt cheeks.

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Do not squeeze them together. Twist shaking, and you should feel your booty cheeks smack against each other or jiggle. This is an isolated movement, so only your pelvis should be moving. Do not bend your back. Lessen the twisting range of motion. Instead of twisting as much as you were before in the previous step, lessen it so that you are still twisting but about half as much.

However, continue to twist at the same fast rate as before that made your butt jiggle. It shouldn't look booty you're twisting even though you are. Your knees should be just about locked as you do this. Bend over. With your feet still at about shoulder width apart, sexual sushi online over shaking about a 90 degree angle. Then, continue to twist rate the same limited range of motion as before.

Continue to shake or twist quickly and repeat for as long as you want. Don't let your arms dangle. You rate want them looking like silly string as you shake. Bend them at about a 90 degree angle.