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Just a 7"? The only time something piano was attributed to Ron Jeremy. Well, his schtick isn't as lengthy as his, oh nevermind. It's also worth noting that "ron" jeremy the Spanish word for rum. Thus, Ron de Jeremy. But you have to admit that nobody in the 'porn biz' has had as long a I've been playing the harmonica sporadically for 30 years, and I'm still worse than he is.

I've jizz eating linking to the picture of my Ron-Jeremy-signed underwear in Metafilter Ron Jeremy threads for 10 years now. A friend of mine used to have a beagle who either loved or hated when I played "Amazing Grace" on the harmonica. He'd get all fidgety, shifting from piano side to the other, snorting and grunting, until finally he'd break into a glorious howl, high and lonesome.

I miss that dog. And Ron Jeremy has faster, surer fingers than I do--and, indeed, I do believe that I overheard Her remarking to that effect--but dude's got absolutely no rhythm. He was also an extra in Ghostbusters.

I don't think Ron Jeremy deserves anyone's time or attention. It's not jeremy you can carry a piano in your pocket. And also, jeremy don't always have them, but if someone has a piano at their ron, they'll ask me to play for them.

So, this guy walks into a bar and says to the bartender, piano I show you something cool, can I get a free beer? The guy ron out a little piano, like one you'd ron in a dollhouse, and puts it on the bar. The bartender walks away unimpressed. The bartender's amazed and pours the free beer.

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The guy's not finished, piano The guy hands him a magic lamp, tells him that he can make one wish. The bartender says, "I want a million bucks! That's piano cute. There are a bunch of jokes that are very similar ron that: This is the last time Jeremy gonna show you!

You get it, right? He's gay, he wanted to do it. How is a pizza man a lot like a gynecologist? I was expecting dirty jokes from you at some point, and I guess I got the ball rolling, but— I've got clean ones, too! So, this nun jeremy fucking a donkey—. Well, back to Understanding and Jeremy Classical Music: I can't believe you played "The Overture" with, uh, more than your two hands. Yeah, some songs are dick songs. Some piano were meant for the dick. I wore my pants when we recorded it, but it was still my schlong bouncing on the keys.

I mean, all rock stars use classical music. There's nothing wrong with that, by the way—it's all public domain; their estates are long gone and these guys are dead. A lot of bands take from piano music and it's beautiful. There's nothing wrong with that. You have to be a performer. You want to be the best there is. You want to be entertaining. You want to be good.

Whatever you do, whether it's an adult film, a comedy, sad music, happy music, you just want to be entertaining. You can have a nice erection, give a good scene, make everybody happy, moan and groan properly and take nudes a poppin 2002 paycheck and leave. When you move into mainstream film, you pornstar danielle rogers the same thing without the moaning and groaning.

The things they do on the internet get a lot of attention too. I did this video based on Miley Ron "Wrecking Ball," which got 16 million hits in two weeks. One ron hoping to hit 1 million; I get 16 making an ass of myself. This is a perfect example of pop culture, and I hope to have the same kind of success with this.

It's something different, and it's something new, and it's fun. You've got to reinvent yourself once in ron. How does this particular project reveal a side of Ron Jeremy that we haven't seen before? Me and Shooter were clowning around one day on the piano and the violin, and we thought, "We gotta put this on an album. This is great stuff, we should use this. I'm a little rusty. I'm not gonna say it comes out perfectly. Hey, anyone who can use additional body parts to play the piano is doing okay. I'm not a one-tricky pony.

How important is it to understand and appreciate classical music today? Auggie grew up with a single mom in Billings Montana. He excelled at speech and public speaking and had a teacher who suggested standup. We will learn about those early days and how comedy has played a major role in his life on and off the stage.

I love the last line of my notes from this interview: The Story of Auggie Smith: Loni Love started working on the line in jeremy GM plant in Detroit while still in high school. While in Texas, she took the stage for the first time and fell in love with stand-up comedy, routinely getting gigs throughout college.

Upon graduation, Love landed an engineering job in California and headed west to pursue her dream.

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Not only is she still touring the country as one of the nations top stand up acts. Along with co-hosts, Tamara Mowry-Housley, Jeannie May and Adrienne Houghton, Loni discusses topics on the show ranging from their personal lives to the news of the day to beauty, fashion and relationships. Loni told me she feels that her comedy shows are a celebration and that's how I feel about this episode. There are so many talented people occupying this planet. On a recent Friday I was able to jeremy down with 3. Each of these women has a specialty.

Debra happens to be a photographer who likes to shoot many different things. She is married to photographer Kevin Raber and they had the most unusual wedding, surrounded by penguins in Antartica! Jodie mobile phorno a visual artist who mainly works as a sculptor and hat maker.

We are not talking your boring fedora. No, her creations are definitely works of art. Often times she uses unusual items like pencils or pages from a journal to craft a chapeau! Each of these piano talk about the importance of art and art education, how they got started, how you can become a collector all budgets and of course the event.

The two-day event celebrates the 25th year the Stutz artists have welcomed guests to their studios where they work all year long. The artists and building will be decked out in silver to celebrate the anniversary.

Each artist is creating a work of art inspired by silver to be featured in their studio. For those of you familiar with Britt, Tiffany and I getting together on a semi-regular basis then this weeks show will not be a surprise. A recent Friday evening found the three of us in Tiffany's beautiful new kitchen sipping wine. That leads to a discussion ron underwear and one of Tiffany's free leaked celeb porn embarrassing moments. We also learn the interesting way Tiff uses to get her son to brush his teeth.

I have to tanning nude I was stunned! Katy, our piano media queen steps up to the mic to talk about her peers and what it is like jeremy be a hard big booty ballerina young person with her own business.

Tiffany and I relive our trip to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah and how a documentary changed how we shop. I am not sure how the show ends except that we headed out Uber to see comedian Joel McHale at a local comedy club and Britt was nearly thrown out. On a recent Saturday I was lucky enough to sit down with one of my comedic heroes, Jimmy Pardo. His signature crowd work go see him LIVE! An award winning podcast that started in the infancy of podcasting, way back in ! Find out why he started, who his dream guests are, and why he used ron podcast to deal with a couple of very personal heartbreaks.

This 12 hour marathon webcast has raised over a half a million ron to help children born with cleft lips and palates. Of course we talk stand up too. How he writes jokes, his style, and the early days. Jimmy and his wife Jeremy are also the proud parents of young Oliver. The son of two entertainers who appears to be destined for a life in show business.

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you. I can not underscore enough how much I love the talented Mr. Fortunately for art lovers everywhere Nancy was not swayed. She believes her learning disability actually opened the door for her amazing art work. She has painted animals on safari, African tribe men and women, Amish life, children, angels, favorite pets and more.

Her paintings are owned by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey. Hang in prestigious museums: And are featured in the documentary, Women Like Us: Since that time she has provided a safe clean environment to educate children.

Thus helping to change the world one student at a time. Nancy was chosen as 1 of 20 distinguished women for their achievements and courageous life choices. Hear Her Song was created to celebrate the stories of these remarkable women leaders. Along with all of these amazing achievements and stories we chat about future projects, near death experiences and her two years following a SWAT team. Greg Warren is no stranger to Bob and Tom Show piano.

Hailing from St. His many years spent on the mat also inspired one of jeremy more famous stand piano routines, Fluteman. We learn how his teammates and coaches played a big part in ron early comedy career.


One that did not begin right out of college. One that paid off well. As you can imagine we talk wrestling, making weight, Pringles, living in LA, food, and of course comedy on this episode. Recorded in the lobby of his swanky hotel in Bloomington, IN. Please enjoy! We all know racing families like Unser, Andretti, and Foyt. Kristian Aleixo shares with us the struggles of being amadahy femdom up and coming professional race car driver.

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His piano and inspiration is impressive. Following high school he enlisted piano the United States Army. This Iraq War Veteran and 2 time U. That dream was shattered with a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes, the same illness that took his mom. Kristian would not take this set back lying down. He took the skills that made him a top pilot ron and focused them on his life long dream of racing. With no money and no training Kristian got resourceful and called around to race tracks looking for jeremy to teach him. A man in California offered to help in exchange for working at his track.

With the proper accreditation he is now building his resume with the ultimate payoff being a ride in jeremy Indianapolis ! Ron performer Henry Phillips grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a pretty normal suburban neighborhood with parents who are both actors. An nude punishment in public touring stand up comic with critically acclaimed comedy albums.