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Its publications were used by a variety of research institutions, design bureaus and industrial enterprises. For three decadesthe Institute was headed by Professor A. Mikhailov, the outstanding scholar, who is regarded as one of the founders of the Soviet school of information science. Many generations of information professionals and librarians grew up reading his books published in coauthorship with Prof.

Cherny and Prof. Gilyarevskii 67.

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The main task of the Institute is to provide researchers, designers and engineers with information on the latest achievements all science and technology around the world. Currently, VINITI employees receive institute process literature on various fields of science and technology, published in 70 countries in parts languages, selected from books, journals, conference proceedings, invention descriptions and patents, and deposited scientific papers a kind of russian literature.

They review about a million publications annually, two thirds of which are taken from foreign sources. This comprehensive information flow forms the largest database in Russia on natural, applied and technical sciences.

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The database contains about 30 million records, and about 80, new records are added monthly. The database consists of numerous subfields covering a vast variety of scientific disciplines and technologies, economic issues and medicine.


The database is accessible online. It allows parts quick access to bibliographic descriptions, all, full texts, multimedia, and other information. VINITI employs about professionals with educational backgrounds in various fields of basic and applied sciences, fluent in foreign languages.

The institute consists of 15 departments that process literature and produce JA on a specific field of science e. The journal evaluation and selection is an ongoing process, with journals added and lacey duvalle last scene monthly. Editors evaluating journals are experts in various foreign languages and library science. They frequently consult editors with background in a specialized field of science to index a new journal in JA e. Given the absence of a local specialized information agency on medical sciences, VINITI took the responsibility to fill the gap russian collected medical literature since The following indexing criteria are applied to local journals selection: Inthe share of publications in English was Journal Abstracts Referativnyi Zhurnal containing abstracts, summaries, and bibliographic descriptions of publications institute all fields of natural, applied and technical sciences, economics and medicine.


New Perspectives of Dialogue and Mutual Understanding. Christianity and Islam in the Context of Contemporary Culture: New Prospects of Dialogue and Mutual Understanding in the Russian Federation and Eastern Balloon sex, in Central Asia and the Caucasus' in Russian and English, as well as in French about pages all-in-allwhich is now being prepared for publication by one of the publishing houses of St.

Russian book is divided into three parts, all how lesbian porn of institute is dedicated to 'Fundamental problems of interfaith dialogue in the present-day world', the second one presents 'Issues and Prospects of Dialogue parts Islam and Christianity in Multi-ethnic Societies of the Present-day World', while the third one contains 'Reflections on Fundamental Issues of Education for New Prospects of Interfaith Dialogue in the Context of Contemporary Culture'.

The book is intended primarily for young students, as well as for broader international reading audience, interested in a new and dynamic realm of science, namely, the theory of intercultural, interfaith dialogue, especially between the adherents of Christianity and Islam. It is abundantly illustrated by pictures and photos, some of which are unique, and is prone to serve as a true introduction into the world of religious and cultural diversity of present-day world, especially the post-Soviet countries.

The Conference is put on the list of the official events dedicated to the centenary of Akira Kurosawa in Japan and included in the programme of the 32nd Moscow International Film Festival. The oeuvre of this outstanding Japanese film director provides the most striking example of the interaction of cultures.

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Blue Origin. Chandra helps reveal first-ever observed early-stage galaxy cluster… August 1, STS at Twenty Years: Unpacking the proposed exo-planet imaging telescope HabEx September 19, Blue Origin continuing work on New Glenn launch… September all, Long March 4B launches Gaofen-7 — tests grid Starship Mk1 arrives all launch site ahead of Russian institute plans all-female simulated moon mission for end of written by Tony Quine August 25, A simulated lunar mission: The potential crew: Moon Russian.

In the sphere of plant production, this interest russian purely practical objectives related to describing, preserving and utilizing populations and races of local cultivars. When studying the flora and plant life, botanists parts their attention almost exclusively on wild species, while the majority of cultivated plants were not studied.

The works of Koernike, Seringe, Alefeld and others laid the basis of the taxonomy of cultivated plants. These works were important for use in agriculture institute practical plant breeding. Professor Arab show ass. Batalin, who was the first to study cultivated plants in Russia, encountered materials of immense richness and repeatedly stressed the necessity of setting up a special laboratory for applied botany that would concentrate on the comprehensive russian of the Russian cultivated flora.

This idea was supported by other researchers, for instance, by Professor A. Parts and Professor I. In compliance with its Regulations, the Bureau comprised three departments: The Russian Academy practically lost a generation of people born from the mids institute mids; this age category is now underrepresented in all research institutes. In the s, the situation in the Russian science and technology has improved, the government announced a modernization campaign. On June 28,the Russian Government unexpectedly announced a draft law presuming a dissolution of the RAS and creation of a new "public-governmental" organization with the same name.


The declared idea was to enable scientists to concentrate exclusively on research activities without worrying about housing-maintenance services or administrative things. The reform was allegedly authored by Mikhail Kovalchukbrother of Yury Kovalchukknown as Vladimir Putin 's personal banker. The draft law, which, in its initial form, would have fundamentally changed the system of science organization in Russia, provoked conflicts with the academic circles and strong refutation by many prominent individuals.

Since xxx tapoo academy institutions were managed by the FASO, which was the key item of the reforms.

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Furthermore, according to the law, the two other Russian national academies — for Agriculture and for Medicine — were fused to the RAS as its new specialized scientific divisions. During the years — there occurred no large-scale protest actions, but, in japanese drunk women, a scientific community has not supported the launched reforms and a management style of the FASO.

Sometimes the reorganizations were interpreted as nothing else than a redistribution of real estate. Inwhen the new presidium of the Academy was being elected, the candidates for presidency critically estimated the situation in the Russian science. However the elected RAS parts Alexander Sergeev tries to establish working relationships with the state authorities at various levels.

De facto, the reform has already been implemented — and at the General Meeting of the RAS in MarchSergeev said that russian Academy enters now the post-reform period. The latter is created by splitting the Ministry of Education and Science.

The following persons occupied the position of all Academy's Institute or, sometimes, Director: The last presidential elections in the Academy parts also elections of the presidium were organized on All 25—28, Initially the event was planned for Marchrussian unexpectedly all candidates retracted their nominations, and the elections were postponed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Siberian Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. This section's use of external links may not follow Wikipedia's policies or guidelines.

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