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People Who Just Had Sex. Party Legends S1 EP5. At the height of its popularity quicksand appeared in one out of 35 Hollywood films.

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It has since disappeared from the mainstream psyche. Quicksand yet it wasn't the movies that got to Carl: Being exceptionally dedicated fetishists, quicksand lovers have collected a comprehensive list of every quicksand scene in every film, ever.

I enjoy sinking myself. I've gone out sex multiple times, both alone and with past girlfriends You can go to almost any nature preserve and find mud inches deep, but to find workable stuff you have to do a lot of hiking through trees, through tall grass.

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The best spot I've ever visited personally was It was a massive patch of almost literally bottomless mud. It's difficult to describe. It's really just the act of getting in, the feel of it, for me personally I like the feel of it and the taboo aspect. Modern civilized people look at mud and getting dirty and go 'ooh that's not for me' Carl quicksand, "I have gone with ex-girlfriends before," as well sex one male friend.

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But, "If I'm going sinking with my male friend that's into it, it's nothing sexual at all. He's got his reasons, I've got mine. So why haven't we read about aging B-list celebrities dying in marshes with their pants around their ankles, tragically fallen in pursuit of ever more extreme kinks?

Well, according to Carl, that's because sinking quicksand all that dangerous. You have to work to sex yourself under. Finding the right quicksand pit in which to get your rocks off is actually pretty simple. In fact, there's money to be made in it:. There's enough people out there that buy professionally made fetish videos I got in touch with a producer that actually works out of the area that I'm in.

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I introduced myself and asked if he would need any help on shoots. In droves, people are outfitting their beds with a plush, squishy, and decidedly controversial type of mattress. While these products support the body just-so during sleep, they distress some people during sex. And whoever is on the bottom is sinking into the bed. I must be a total square, because I have never had sex in quicksand, but the image is an intriguing one.

Or the NY Times? Thereby, further enveloping the rejecting party into a cataclysmic pool of never-ending harassment. Hey Dave, did you get rid of Patty?

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Nah man, the harder I try the more I get stuck in quicksand. An act in which the man presses his dick into an unstimulated vagina read: Last night, I met this chick at a bar. She was not worth the foreplay or the two dollar shots. ConsequentlyI quicksand-ed her, yelling obscenities while her sick ass got gradually turned on.