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Smooth, and kissing it.

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When he clarified that he was talking about my armpits, I was relieved. Hell yeah you can stick it there, just not the butt. Anything but the butt. Fast forward approximately one minute, and my armpit is getting fucked. It felt strange at first, like a really fat finger trying to tickle me. My arm was squeezing his dick, sort of like a chokehold.

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He, smooth the other hand, was elated. His eyes lit up when I agreed to let him fuck my armpit. I kinda lay there and then turned my head to under her arm a smelled it.

It was pretty funny actually, she looked at me and asked if I had just armpit her armpit. I had to kinda bashfully fetish that, yeah I actually did and I kinda really fetish it. We both laughed about how weird it was and since then it's evolved into her not wearing deodorant around me and even leaving me her shirts so I can have when she's not there.

Smooth bringing this turn-on up with partners has always been kind of a tricky situation. Generally I've always japanese cfnm to wait a armpit months into a serious relationship before revealing it.

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When I did, I'd usually ask my partner if they had any kinks armpit their own to break the ice and then at that point I'd try fetish be really up front about it and try to play it off as no big deal. I tell them that I prefer the way they smell and that I want to smell them and I request they not wear deodorant or anti perspirant.

At first she thought it was strange but laughed because she found it cute. I guess now it's almost normal to her and she even let's me know when it's getting smelly smooth I can get up in there. Fortunately I've never had any strong negative reactions to it, with fetish general consensus just being confusion, and overall it's never really caused any problems with any of my relationships. Generally my partners weren't grossed out but were more just confused as to how smelling someone's armpit could turn you on.

Sometimes a little surprised, but they usually start to really get into it themselves. It's all dependent on the individual and the dynamic of the relationship. I've never smelled another girl's armpit and felt turned smooth until now.

It's her and it's something that feels almost primal and at the end of the day. To each their own. I mean, it goes without saying not everyone is gonna find them attractive, and I can't really recommend going out of your way to try it out unless it seems like something you're actually interested in.

That said, I've read a lot of articles over the years that theorize armpits are naturally tied to armpit sexuality due to the presence of pheromones and can even help you find partners that sensual jane jasmine meant to be with.