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Overworked, underpaid, understaffed cops contributing to dysfunctional status quo. PMC Bank scam: In another step away from nuclear deal, Iran to inject uranium gas into centrifuges at Fordo facility.

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Ayodhya dispute: KKK Nayar, the district magistrate accused of 'dereliction of duty' in Faizabad who helped Hindus 'reclaim land of their God'. The King movie review: Kabza, Purabi Bose's documentary, depicts how forest land diversion for mining has impacted indigenous tribes.

India B beat India C by 51 runs. India C beat India B by runs.

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India C beat India A by runs. India B beat India A by runs. Bangladesh Women beat Pakistan Women by 1 wicket. India Women beat West Indies Women by 53 runs. Pakistan Women beat Bangladesh Women by 29 runs. West Indies Women beat India Women by 1 run.

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Australia beat Pakistan by 7 wickets. New Zealand beat England by 14 runs. The BJP's discomfiture didn't end there. Mobile phones are banned in the legislature. They had to resign following the incident.

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On Wednesday, Chavan, 44, was found flipping his phone when the assembly was debating the sugarcane issue. Unaware that TV crew, seated above the assembly hall, were zooming in on his activity, Chavan was caught surfing pictures — of his family, PM Narendra Modi and Priyanka Gandhi. While watching Priyanka clad in a white shirt and trousers, he zoomed in on the image.

This will only make people say that we BJP legislators only do this," said a former minister as party leaders luscious female into a huddle. They counselled Chavan and Subramanya on how to tackle the issue before the media. In a damage-control exercise, Chavan told TOI: I found Priyanka's picture while watching the photos of my family, Modi and yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

While watching porn is more of a niche activity, the most popular activity parliamentary activity is sleeping.

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Pepper spray, broken glass and vandalism. But it seems like watching porn or sleeping is a better option to the overenthusiastic politicians. During the Telangana debate some objects that turned up in parliament included pepper spray and a can of inflammable liquid.

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The subsequent ruckus resulted in 4 MPs being hospitalised. The man with the pepper spray was former Congress MP and anti-Telangana activist who claimed he did it in self-defence. They goo girls 28 on whoever opposed the Telangana bill. I would have done the same thing anywhere. Delhi Assembly Shenanigans. He targeted African women for allegedly being involved in a drugs and sex racket.

Kejriwal believed that the entire ruckus was designed to prevent the Jan Lokpal Bill and Swaraj Bill from passing.