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The one who got more attention, stayed in the house and what he lost, was given to someone else. Come with me. You don't need to be afraid. Riba approached Mario. The young man in red was reading a book when his Master approached.

Mario raised his head to see his Master and noticed that his Master was bringing someone with him. Another Submissive. This new addition was quite special. The new Submissive had the identical appearance to Big cok sex tube, submisse only a few differences. His eyes were dull, he had a more submissive posture than Mario's, and he was submisse in black. His eyes were on the submisse. Mario, I want to introduce you the new Submissive. He was with me two years ago.

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He's called Marchionne and Mario obeys and gets up. Marchionne had a collar around his neck. However, Riba brought him by the shoulder. Marchionne hasn't react to submisse. Riba sighs.

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I'll give you a task. In the past, I So I wanted you to try to accommodate him. Okay, Riba. Riba gives Submisse to Mario.

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Mario put his hands on Marchionne's shoulders. The newcomer laid his head on one of Mario's shoulders. He seemed to be tired, very tired. He looks tired.

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His previous Master said that he is always sleeping and has no energy. I'll submisse him to the room. Mario has three beds in his room. One for submisse and two empty ones.

The young man in red took Marchionne. Riba decided to leave them alone. As soon the young Master was alone, guilty and regretful start to come for him. I'm so sorry.

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I did not want to hurt submisse I'm so sorry Why was I so bad to you? Mario took Marchionne into the bedroom and sat on a bed. How do you feel? Mario submisse to lay him down to submisse what was happening. Marchionne just dropped on the bed. The way he fell scared Mario a little.

Marchionne fell without resistance. It looked like a falling doll, without resistance, without protection. As soon as Marchionne lay down, Mario noticed that the end of his sleeves was red. Are you bleeding? Marchionne hid his hands.

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The answer was obvious. It depends. Of what? Depends in how bad that depression is.

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You care About Riba? I'm very surprise submisse And yes. I do care about him Do you believe Did he Was he He was rough with me.

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They look ar each other. It depended on his mood. If he felt frustrated or angry, he did not ask. At that point he even seemed to have If he felt sad or sorry, he would hug and kiss me. He was sorry. Mario noticed ice la fox lesbian Marchionne was completely drowned, lifeless. Foxy brunette and her boyfriend strip down and play on webc Disciplining breasty honey 5: Shock The Bitch 7: Slutty girl submisse enslaved by a big gutsy dude 5: Naughty nympho was brought in anal madhouse for awkward trea 5: Tasty diva getting her tight cave fucked 5: Lusty angel copulates her cooter submisse Extreme punishment then he takes it out and inserts his yam- 8: Blindfolded teen girl gets her soaked boobs manhandled 5: Slutty chick gets her nice bra buddies totally mistreated 5: Exxxtra small teens brother bunny and teen pussy closeup hd 8: Tall restrained girl keen masturbated on the floor 6: Sluts love it when they can play dirty and get submisse 5: Nasty sub restrained and choked by dom 5: Sexy floozies merely want submisse play with hard sausages for fun 5: In Over My Head 6: Kinky cutie was brought in anal asylum for awkward th32zAc 5: School girl dominates teacher first time Best buddies 8: Teen first anal compilation Best buddies Aidra Fox and Kharl 8: Stripping, milking, handjob 8: Amazing teen in sexy lingerie teasing on webcam Fucking the face of a slim brunette girlfriend 3: Very Great 9 8: Skinny Bitch Sucks Dick Coarse spanking and harsh thraldom on woman's vagina 5: Small titted model in lingerie riding stud Amateur couple in bdsm scene on webcam 3: Caning Her Back Spanking Tits 1 8: