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The image features familiar software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Flight Simulator in their box-packaged, glory. We'll be watching to see if this throwback campaign winds up having a more contemporary tie-in or if it's just a thoroughly executed joke.

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Aurich Lawson. Possibly the most tubular exchange of compliments on Twitter. We'll overlook the "take my money" meme because Good luck trying to explain floppy disks to the kids these days.

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Anna Washenko Anna is a freelance writer in Los Angeles. If you can geek out about it, she's probably interested in it. Twitter AnnaGetsPithy.

Get MS-DOS Executive, Paint, and Reversi in...whatever this is.

WB Games teasing doubling down on teasing new Batman title tease. Eagle-eyed fans recognized the Court of Owls logo, which is a mysterious group that runs all video Gotham City. In a now-deleted tweet, Scott Snyder, the author of modern Batman arcs video include the Court of Owls, wrote "Wait for it Batman Day was on September 21, celebrating the caped figure's debut in Detective Comics. That's why there was a Fortnite x Batman event at the weekend, and it's also why the Epic Games Store is giving away loads of Batman games for free.

Arkham Origins, should fire off a celebratory tweet to mark the occasion. Except it's not as straightforward as that.


Arkham Knight. Since then the studio has quietly worked on a DC-related title, with job advertisements on its official site confirming that it will be "AAA". Oh, and the studio has never before tweeted about Batman Day.