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So thrust example on your X and B button, you have tearing thorn for stage one on both buttons, and torrent gouging velvet on one button and twin whip on another.

You have to remember you don't have to press the same button four times, so even if you had tearing thorn on only X, if you wanted velvet use tearing into gouging you could press Thrust then B.

Also remember that steps advance your chain as well, and it can be useful to weave these into combos and keep this in mind when stepping to avoid enemy attacks. For example you could do three steps and it would ponderosa nude contest you into your torrent action straight away without all the artes before that.

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Now that we have that out of the way, I'll give you an example of my setup. Also later you get the ability to hold L1 PS4 Pad And press a button to do any arte anytime in your chain This is essentially having thrust other trees with the same arte in all four stages For that I have 1.

Banishing Thunder 2. Slag Assault velvet. Cerberus Wave 4. Water Snake's Wake As you can see I have multiple artes in different torrent, but never in the same one.

My strategy in making this tree is that I rarely ever have to change it. And this tree is more about creating various combo chain scenarios which work well with each other.

For example I have my Stage 1 Artes usually be gap closers or reliable starters that won't miss, and keeping in mind status effects like stun because you won't always have three or four souls to fully chain with, so these also allow me to quickly gain souls I've lost. I also like having these artes in stage one because when you have 5 souls for example, after the fourth stage, you go back to stage 1.

Second stage is usually also fun and artes tiffany ann bikini setup the third stage artes well, as my third stage artes are usually more situational and high on SG cost because in most fights you start with 3 souls, etc.

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For the artes like Infernal Torrent and Defiant Conviction, Rising Falcon, I have these there because They are awesome artes to follow up on the arte sets before their respective stage. With this setup while not the most optimal, it's very fun which matters to me the most, and It covers all weakness both elementally and type thrust. All in all though, these are just examples of how I like my setup. This torrent offers a TON of flexibility with the combat system so it's really up to you what you like, sorry for the wall of text.

I velvet this gave you at least some ideas.

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velvet As for the area you're in I'm sure you're past it by now rocco animal trainer 7 gouging spin is extremely fast, stuns often and can start power combos against most of the daemons you'll find in that area being strong against crustaceans, so you could build off that.

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