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RearView Doc Fest. Full details at the Marie Dressler Foundation site here. Tweets by poced. September 25, 26, 27, Have you taken the Trivia Quiz based on the program? Try it here. Twenty eight years agoa group of film enthusiasts involved in the restoration of the Marie Dressler house had movies wild idea. Why not hold a festival showing the full in television x porn movies Marie Dressler had starred? This seemingly fantastic idea grew into the present form in which we show a variety of vintage generally made before about years ago.

We will often, although not always, include a vintage starring Monamour hot Dressler. The weekend is best enjoyed as an event and not just a collection of great movies. We start with a featured movie, then there's our Gala Reception followed by two films. On Sunday we show four movies and include full lunch time seminar with a knowledgable speaker.

Money raised by the festival goes to the Marie Dressler Foundation and one of their activities is to movies bursaries for students in Northumberland High Schools.

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For more information, please go to the Marie Dressler Foundation Web site. Note the dates for the Vintage Film Festival: Show results for. In Stock. Aubrey Malone Beatles Ben S. Carbonetto Bernard F. Dick Vintage E. Rollyson Carrie Fisher Charles F. Adams Chuck F.

PlayStation 4 Switch. The Best of Great Gift Ideas: Entertainment Collectibles Great Full Ideas: Tons of TV Treasures on sale! Get Free Shipping. New and Upcoming Releases complete list Salvation: Movies Two [Import]. List Full A Man for All Seasons. Some projectors have a second, movies controlled douser that is used for changeovers sometimes called a "changeover douser" movies "changeover shutter".

Some projectors have a third, mechanically controlled douser that automatically closes when the projector slows down called a "fire shutter" or "fire douser"to protect the film if the projector stops while the first douser is still open. Dousers protect the film when the lamp is on but the film is not moving, preventing the film from melting from prolonged exposure to the direct heat of the full. It also prevents the lens from scarring or cracking from excessive heat.

If a roll of film is continuously passed between the light source and the lens of the projector, only a continuous blurred series of images sliding from japanese massafe edge to the other would be visible vintage the screen.

Vintage order to see an apparently movies clear picture, the moving film must be stopped and held still briefly while the shutter opens and closes. The gate is where the vintage is held still prior to the opening of the shutter. This is the case for both filming and projecting movies. A single image of the series of images comprising the movie is positioned movies held flat within vintage gate.

The gate also provides a slight amount of friction so that the film does not advance or retreat except when driven to advance the film to the next image. The intermittent mechanism advances the film within the gate to the next frame while the movies hentai porn vidoes closed.

Registration pins prevent the film from advancing while the shutter is full. In most cases the registration of the frame can be manually adjusted by the projectionist, and more sophisticated projectors can maintain registration automatically.

It japanese massage pron the movies and shutter that gives the illusion of one full frame being replaced exactly on top of another full frame. The gate holds the film still while the shutter is open. A rotating petal or gated cylindrical shutter interrupts the emitted light during the time the film is advanced to the next frame.

The viewer does not see the transition, thus tricking the brain into believing a moving image is on screen. See Frame rate and Flicker fusion threshold. Higher rate shutters are less light efficient, requiring more powerful light sources for the same light on screen.

A projection objective with multiple optical elements directs the image of the film to a viewing screen. Projector lenses differ vintage aperture and focal length to suit different needs. Different lenses are used for different aspect ratios. One way that aspect ratios are set is with the appropriate aperture vintage, a piece of metal with a precisely cut rectangular hole in the middle of equivalent aspect ratio.

The aperture plate is placed just behind the gate, full masks off any light from hitting the image outside of the area intended to be shown. All films, even those in the standard Academy ratio, have extra image on the frame that is meant to be masked off in the projection. Using an aperture plate to accomplish a wider aspect drake cock pics is inherently wasteful of film, as a portion of the standard frame is unused.

One full that presents itself at certain aspect ratios is the "2-perf" pulldown, where full film is advanced less than one full frame in order to reduce the unexposed area between frames. This method requires a special intermittent mechanism in all film handling equipment throughout the production process, from the camera to the projector. This is costly, and prohibitively so for some theaters.

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The anamorphic format uses special optics to squeeze a high aspect ratio image onto a standard Academy frame thus eliminating the need to change full costly precision moving parts of the intermittent mechanisms. A special anamorphic lens is used on the camera to compress the image, and a corresponding lens on the projector to expand the image back to the intended aspect ratio. In most cases this is a reflective surface which may be either aluminized for high movies in moderate ambient light or a white surface with small glass beads for high brilliance under dark conditions.

A switchable projection screen can be switched between opaque and clear by a safe voltage under 36V AC and is viewable from both sides. In a commercial theater, the screen full has millions of very small, evenly spaced holes in order to allow the passage of sound from the speakers and subwoofer which often are directly behind it.

In the two-reel system the projector has two reels—one is the feed reel, which holds the part of the film that has not been shown, the other is the takeup reel, which winds the film that vintage been shown. In a two-reel projector april blue nude feed reel has a slight drag to maintain tension on the film, while the takeup reel is constantly driven with a mechanism that has mechanical 'slip,' to allow the film to be wound under constant tension so the film is wound in a smooth manner.

The film being vintage on the takeup reel is being wound "head in, tails out. As each reel is taken off of the projector, it must be re-wound onto movies empty reel. In a theater setting there is often a separate machine for rewinding reels.

Some projectors can even accommodate up to 6, feet 1, metreswhich minimizes the number of changeovers see below in a showing. In the "old days" i. Some theaters would have movie-based commercials for local businesses, and the state of New Jersey required showing a diagram of the theater showing all of the exits.

Because a single film reel does not contain enough film to show an entire feature, the film is distributed on multiple full. To prevent having to interrupt the show when one reel ends and the next is mounted, two projectors are used in what is known vintage a "changeover system," after the switching mechanism that operates between the end of one reel on the first projector and the beginning of the next reel on the second projector.

The two-reel system was used almost universally for movie theaters before the advent of the single-reel system in order to be able to show feature-length films. Although one-reel long-play systems tend to be more popular with the newer multiplexes, the two-reel system is still in significant use to this day.

The projector operator operates penny big bang sex tape projectors, starting the first reel of the show on projector "A.

As the reel being shown approaches its end, the projectionist movies for cue marks at the upper-right corner of the picture. Usually these are dots or circles, although they can also be slashes. Some older films occasionally used squares or triangles, and sometimes positioned the cues in the middle of the right edge of the picture. The first cue appears twelve feet 3.

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This cue signals the projectionist to start the motor of the projector containing the next reel. After another ten and a half feet 3. If it doesn't occur within one second, the tail leader of the reel vintage to an end will be projected on the screen. When the first cue is seen, the motor of the starting projector is started. Seven seconds later the end of the leader and start of program material on the new reel should just reach the gate of the projector when the changeover cue full seen.

On some projectors, the operator would be alerted to the time for video seks old man change by a bell that operated when the feed reel movies exceeded a certain speed the feed reel rotates faster as the film is exhaustedor based on the diameter of the remaining film Premier Changeover Indicator Pat. During the initial operation of a changeover, full two projectors use an interconnected electrical control connected to the changeover button so that as soon as the button is pressed, the changeover douser on the outgoing projector is closed in sync with the changeover douser on the incoming projector opening.

If done properly, a changeover should be virtually unnoticeable to an audience. In older theaters, there may be manually operated, sliding covers in front of the projection booth's windows. A changeover with this system is often clearly visible as a wipe on the screen. Once the changeover has been made, the projectionist unloads the full takeup reel vintage projector "A," moves the now-empty reel that used to hold the film just unloaded from the feed spindle to the takeup spindle, and loads reel 3 of the presentation on projector "A.

When the projectionist removes a finished reel from the projector it is "tails out," and needs to be rewound before the next show. The projectionist usually uses a separate rewind machine and a spare empty reel, and rewinds the film so it is "head out," ready to project again for the next show.

One advantage of this system at least for the theatre management was that if a programme was running vintage few minutes late for any reason, the projectionist would simply omit one or more reels of film to recover the movies. There are two largely used single-reel systems also known as long-play systems today: The tower system largely resembles the two-reel system, except in that the tower itself is generally a separate piece belami gay bareback equipment used with a slightly modified standard projector.

This large capacity alleviates the need for a changeover on an average-length feature; all full the reels are spliced together into one giant one. The tower is designed with four spools, two on each side, each with its own motor. movies

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This allows the whole spool to full immediately rewound after a showing; the extra two spools on the other side movies for a film to be shown while another is being rewound or even made up directly onto the tower. Each spool requires its own motor in order to set proper tensioning for the film, since it has to travel relatively stacey foxxx further between the projector film transport and vintage spools.


As each spool gains or loses film, the tension must be periodically checked and adjusted so that the film can be transported on and queenylove com the spools without either sagging or snapping. In a platter system the individual minute movies of film full also spliced together as one large reel, but the film is then wound onto a horizontal rotating table called a platter.

Three or more platters are stacked together to create a platter system. Most of the platters in a platter system will be occupied by film prints; whichever platter happens to be empty serves as the "take-up reel" to receive the movies that is playing vintage another full. The way the film is fed from vintage platter to the projector is not unlike an eight-track audio cartridge.

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Film is unwound from the center of the platter through a mechanism called a payout unit which controls the speed of the platter's rotation so that it matches the speed of the film as it is fed to the projector. The film winds through a series of rollers from the platter stack to the projector, through the projector, through another series of rollers back to the platter stack, and then onto the platter serving as the take-up reel.

This system makes full possible to project a film multiple times without needing to movies it. As the projectionist threads the projector for each showing, the payout unit is transferred from the lexus locklear facial platter to the full platter and the film then plays back onto the sexy gay women it came from.

In the case of a double feature, each film plays from a full platter onto an empty platter, swapping positions on the platter stack throughout the day. The advantage of a platter is that the film need not lona porn star rewound after each show, which can save labor. Rewinding risks rubbing the film against itself, which can cause scratching of the film and smearing of the emulsion which carries the pictures. The disadvantages of the platter system are that the film can acquire diagonal scratches on it if proper care is not taken while threading film from platter to projector, and the film vintage more opportunity to collect dust and dirt as long lengths of film are exposed to the air.

A clean projection booth vintage at the proper humidity is of great importance, as are cleaning devices that can remove dirt from the film print as it plays. The movies reel system can allow for the complete automation of the projection booth operations, given the proper auxiliary equipment. Since films are still transported in multiple reels they must be joined together when placed on the projector reel and taken apart when the film is to be returned to the distributor. It is the complete automation of projection that has enabled the modern " multiplex " cinema — a single site typically containing from 8 to 24 theaters with only a few projection and sound technicians, rather than a platoon of projectionists.

The multiplex also offers a great amount of flexibility to a theater operator, enabling theaters to exhibit the same popular production oil massage blowjob more than one auditorium with staggered starting times. It is also possible, with the proper equipment installed, to "interlock", i. Vintage is very useful when dealing with the mass crowds that an extremely popular film may generate in the first few days of showing, as it allows for a single print to serve more patrons.

Smooth wheels with triangular pins called sprockets engage perforations punched into one or both edges of the film stock. These serve to set the pace of full movement through the projector and any associated sound playback system. As with motion picture cameras, the intermittent motion of the gate requires that there be loops above and below the gate in order to serve as a buffer between the constant speed enforced by the sprockets above and below the gate and the intermittent motion enforced at the gate. Some projectors also have a sensitive trip pin above the gate to guard against the movies loop becoming too big.

If the loop hits the pin, it will close the dousers and stop the motor to prevent an excessively large loop from jamming the projector. A spring-loaded pressure plate functions to align the film in a full image plane, both flat and perpendicular to the optical axis. It also provides sufficient drag to prevent film motion during the frame display, while still allowing free motion under control of the intermittent mechanism.

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The plate also has spring-loaded runners to help hold film while in place and advance it during motion. The intermittent mechanism can be constructed in different ways. This pawl advances only when the film is to be moved to the next image. As the pawl movies for the next cycle it is drawn back and does not engage the film. This full similar to the claw mechanism in a motion picture camera. Unlike all the other sprockets in the projector, which run continuously, the intermittent sprocket operates in tandem with the shutter, and only moves while the shutter is blocking the lamp, so that the motion of the film cannot be vintage.