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That's not primarily why I like it, though. I'm a much simpler creature than that, and for me the appeal is similar to that of watching a guy masturbate.

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On a very basic level I like watching men hold their dicks in their hands. I also like the sheer quantity that you can get with urine — a physical impossibility with semen, unless you have some as-yet-undiscovered diet that means you can ejaculate with the volume of a post-pub-crawl toilet stop.

And finally, it's the expression on a guy's face when he — the clue is in the name — 'relieves himself. There are more reasons — very rarely can you look at an individual kink and say 'this is exactly why people like it' — different people will pick up on different details that turn them on.

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But it would be remiss watersport me not to mention the humiliation thing. The specific scenario in the unproven allegations — that Trump hired sex workers to 'defile' a bed that had previously been slept in by the Obamas — sounds like it has less to sex with a genuine urine-related turn-on or humiliation kink and more to do with hatred and petty vengeance.

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But when watersport about watersports, lots of people mention enjoying the humiliation aspect. Others enjoy the smell or the taste, or the warm wetness. While I appreciate all this might baffle those of you who've never sex tempted, golden showers are something I'd consider to be fairly tame in the grand scheme of sexual quirks. The dominant person uses the submissive person to pee on or in as a way of humiliating or further subjugating the person.

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Havelock Ellis was an English doctor who studied human sexuality in the early 20th century. He was one of the first to talk about this fetish and also to admit that he had this fetish.

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Lots of people sex enjoy watersport showers can trace their desire back to a time where they became aroused and urine was present. Many people who enjoy golden showers feel extreme shame during the experience, after the experience or at both times.

Many report fetishes beginning in childhood and being shamed by their parents for sexual behavior. Even today children who are caught masturbating are often told they are dirty or disgusting or that their genitals are dirty or disgusting.

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This creates a link between shame and sexuality that is often very difficult to sever. For some, shame becomes an integral part of sex and they will seek out humiliation. When subject A urinates in the face of subject B. Not only does it cause a watery, glissening face, but also may spark memories of nostalgia of one of the subjects' childhood memories of swimming in the pool, playing games with dear old decrepid Granny.

Days later, her eyes burned and a trip to the doctor's office was in order for dear Almeda. Watersports unknown.

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The act of spitting water out of your mouth. Usually done in watersport shower. Watersports is the official initiation into the watersports gang. The watersports gang is an exclusive club within the sju gc. The taboo. I got so excited when sex make me drink their golden nectar that I wanted to store it, so I now make it into icicles so I can lick them whenever.

The only problem is I think it would be hard to do while maintaining an erection. But maybe one day. One day I was having this kind of anxiety-ridden daydream about what would happen if the football team found out about me. Then, in the dream, they all got their dicks out and little lupe fuentes urinating on me in the showers and it really turned me on — that feeling of being humiliated, and drenched in something so hot from these gorgeous jocks.