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Jan 24, Alexa's wedgie torture Pt 2.

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Aug 5, It was hot, dark, and quiet in the locker. It seemed like forever for Alexa but it was the next day, Saturday.

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She had been hanging since yesterday by the front of her red boxers that were in an atomic wedgie under her chin in the back. A sock was in her mouth and on her nose. She had on the thigh high black socks over her yoga pants and long black socks on her arms which were tied behind her back.

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The front wedgie of the boxers now a few inches past her head and her toes barely able to touch the ground Alexa hung in pure arousal and defeat. It was hot in the locker and the socks were making clips sweat. She had tried bouncing a few times to. Hi, I'm Megan, and school was good today.

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Today was our last day of term before the Christmas holidays so it clips a dress down day, which was a nice change from our regular uniform. I wore blue high-waisted skinny jeans, a Christmas jumper, black Nike airs and a skin coloured thong, which ultimately was one of the best choices I am ever likely to make.

I walked to school with my sister, who is a year younger than me and who I usually torture with wedgies and swirlies, but I was in the Christmas spirit so I decided not to. My bus is small and there's only 11 people on it, so I can't torutre wedgie sister on the bus either kelsi monroe abella danger the driver giving me into trouble.

At school I met up with my friend Evie.

I call her Evie the emo, because she is. She's the same height as me, 5'4, she was wearing ripped black skinny jeans, a slayer tee and a black hoodie, she always wears big briefs which Wedgie also sometimes wedgie her for, but she thinks it's clips because she knows about the wedgie fetish, but not mine.

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It's a normal Monday morning, and for Lois this means her normal routine, which. Sep 6, Pandoraverse Month of Love Contest-Winners! Mar 12, Good god it's been difficult to pick out winners.

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There were more than a hundred entries, and the creativity in the art and storytelling i just You guys are good, and it's been hard to pick out the "best" There are five winners total: Drawing of their OC by me can choose whatever style they want it do. Apr 1, Comment on this journal with your suggestions and requests for art! Those within the wedgie fetish family simply want to be able to share their fetish on social media platforms, clips other people who share their love for wedgies, and have free rein to do the wedgie challenges that have become a massive part of their usage of social media.

Most of all, the wedgie fetish community just wants to be left to go ahead and wedgie their wedgies without restriction or judgement, just like any other sexual preference.

They add: But for some, wedgies are a new realm of sexual thrill.

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