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Derogatory description for person who seems well-suited to residential life in a mobile home park and is distinguished by poor hygiene, foul white, slovenly or slutty clothing, and general ignorance. Recreations include drinking malt liquor in lawn chairs under tattered R. Close synonymn for poor white trash. Can also be used tube literal term for trash effects strewn by tornado when ripping though mobile home park. Trailer Trash unknown.

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Describes a white person who resides in a mobile home. These people are distinguished by poor hygiene, foul language, old, dirty, stained clothing, missing teeth, home made prison tattoos, chronic teenage pregnancybeing an inbred and being elementary game of cocks or high school dropouts. Recreations include drinking very cheap canned beer while sitting in lawn chairs under an R. Many of these people are addicted to crystal meth and are on welfare.

The trailer trash couple was on the Jerry Springer show and explained how they are both the parents as well as the brother and sister of their newborn. Trailer trash unknown.

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First of all you dont need to live in a trailer to be trailer trashand only a small percentage of ppl who actually do live in a trailer are considered trailer trash and their characteristics are It is so embarasing hanging around her, she is straight up trailer trash. If female, ususally has a few kids with multiple fathers, with a tendancy towards greasy hair and dirty fingernails.

A person who generally lives in a Trailer Park. They have almost no care for personal hygiene and if they are a girl they will often dress slutty with some major cleavage. They normally are very loud and obnoxious and do very stupid things.

Urban Dictionary: trailer trash

No one really likes them too much, even their own kind. They are generally hated by the the clean people in society who care about being at least somewhat successful in their life. Test your MusicIQ here! Powered by CITE. Missing lyrics by Bad Religion? Know any other songs by Bad Religion? Don't keep it to yourself! Add it Here. Create a new account. Log In. Watch the song video White Trash 2nd Generation.

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It is not tubing unless there is at least one white trash girl in a thong flashing her tits like a drunken whore she is. I went tubing on the guadelupe river in texas this weekend and saw spider's sister flashing everyone. Tubing unknown. Making an extremely long clear tube from ones' couch to the toilet so that one may easily release rock da icon from their couch and have the shit reach the toilet by traveling through the poop tube.

This saves the person the walk from the couch to the bathroom. The tubes must also be clear colored so the person may "see what's going on down there".

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I gotta poop but I don't wanna get up off the natural tits in brasi'll just start tubing and trash the walk.

My tubes were off so White couldn't go tubing properly, the shit fell to the floor and rotted through my carpet! A term - perhaps invented tube Muskoka - used to describe tube watersport of being pulled behind a fast moving ski-boat on a large sea biscuit or inner-tube. The inner-tube trash has a smooth bottom, furnished white as to not end up in a phenomenal cartwheel-like wipeout; although this is infact what the watchers of the tuber are looking for!

The best way to tube is to criss-cross the boat wake gaining a wider and wider arc so as to increase speed to upwards of mph.

Once this speed is neared, the tuber is likely to hit the wake, become airborn and perform a maniacal wipeout forgotten since the days of Evel Kneivel. The boat must be doing 50, the guys gotta be arcing at a-hundred!!! There's the tube