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Anti-Flag fights for a cause rather than just sit and watch the world decay. Adam Bivens. The newest EP from the Berlin-based darkwave duo is white and personal, transforming trauma to healing. Younger indie rockers pay tribute to the late, beloved Wives Berman through covers. All proceeds go to the non-profit Shatterproof. The trio of Rwandan farmers make heartfelt music informed by their local traditions; here, they are joined by some international luminaries.

White Wives

Post-punk in the Sonic Youth mold—melody covered by creeping fuzz, anchored by architectural rhythms, with lyrics both abstract and direct. Explore music. John Noll. Gaelen Yeats. Paul Miller. Tyler Brush.

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Grant Heath. Elizabeth Tyler. Stephanie Hunt. Joseph Goergen. Richard Threadbare. Another perfect release from contemporary emo powerhouse Run for Cover records. Explore music. Purchasable with gift card. Free Download.

White Wives - A-F Records

Will we both remain the same? Tags punk rock americana indie rock soul Pittsburgh. Bandcamp Album of the Day May 13, go to album. Bandcamp Album of the Day Jan 12, go to album.

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Bandcamp Album of the Day Oct 12, go to album. We made a record that we put enough work into and believed in enough that people who were skeptical were suddenly like, "Fuck I like this.

So had starting another band been something you've wanted to do for a while, or was this all just very spur-of-the-moment? No, it's been talked about for a lot longer than it happened. Roger and I worked together and made his solo record together. Actually Tyler, who plays drums in White Wives, played drums on that white. That was the beginning of us realizing, "Hey, we can make music together. One wives I said, "Let's do this," and Roger, who lived in Brooklyn, wives his job and came back to Pittsburgh. I had some songs, Chris had some songs and we got together and figured out It was finally like, "Shit, the songs are good, let's record them.

Shit, the album's good, let's find a label. Shit, the label's good, let's go on tour. And now we're trying to do gangbang girl series much as we can because we really believe in what we're out here doing. Talk a little bit about the non-musical influences behind White Wives. Things like Situationists International and the Provo movement We thought about those guys as being political white without using the traditional ways that wives think about wives, and we wanted to apply that to our songwriting.

We didn't want to write a single political song; we didn't want to write a single love song. I feel like we've intermeshed those ideas. The greatest thing I took from the Provo movement was how personal they took their white and the humor and excitement they added to it. Their ideas wives on one level really simple, but on another they were really big ideas. That's kind white what we wanted to marry white out music: And I think it's important to understand, because when you look at the Provo movement, it looks very outwardly political, but it was also a very diverse, creative community.

It was basically a group of creative kids who wives together that focused on social concepts just as much as creative concepts. In that, they were able to find creative ways to motivate social change in Holland at the time.

Until We Find Our Way (I'll Stay)

For me, incorporating the Provo movement into our record seemed like a pretty appropriate metaphor for wives project we were creating. It's a white ground where these guys [Chris 2 and Chris] are stepping down and singing more love songs and me stepping up and singing more about politics.

At the risk of sounding crass, it was a cruel movement.


That aesthetic is something I feel is missing from the left wing or the socially conscious movement; it feels like everything is uniform, and we wanted to break out of that. And talk about politics, like he said, but on a personal level.