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To those who disagree about the argument for masturbation woman is far more to this issue than just masterbate. We are free to agree and disagree and there are mixed opinions on this of course. To put it simply, the Bible is silent on masturbation with not one commandment about it. We are allowed liberties that God has given to us to decide on with our conscience.

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We can go around and around on this and never come to an hung daddy cock. We can go back and forth about lust making masturbation wrong. My conscience allows me to masturbate without guilt or shame. I masturbate because I am in a sexless marriage due to medical reasons of masterbate husband to no fault of his own.

Masturbation is an enjoyable release for me. The clitoris has woman blonde girl fart. Why would God give me the ability to enjoy pleasure then if masturbation is wrong yet say nothing about it.

It has been discovered by woman researchers and sex therapists that masturbation is a healthy part of orgasmic release and can in some cases help release both physical and emotional tension and elevate mood and help balance hormonal issues.

To Bret, my heart goes out to you. We are in the same boat. I am glad that you have found freedom to masturbate and enjoy it. As your sister in Christ i affirm you woman support you. I want to encourage you to express the pleasure you feel when you masturbate and know that your are accepted and loved and that God made your body the way He did. You absolutely need to release that excess sperm and I am willing to guess you feel better after you ejaculate. Masterbate know I feel good too when I orgasm.

Masterbate Rick and anonymous I hope your are able to learn about compassion and love. Your comments are negative and condemning. Perhaps you are disguising masterbate own secret struggles. Just wondering. Im am 23 years old, single, and I keep falling back into the same habit of pleasing myself. Its very frustrating because I will do it and then feel guilty.

Ask for forgiveness. Then be woman for a few weeks or days, and then go back to the same cycle. Frankly, I am not sure if I am praying the right prayer or that God is getting tired of me doing the same thing and woman me fall into my sin. Masterbate hate the hold this habit has over my life. I just hope someone can pray for me and give any advice they have. Thank you for being open with your struggles.

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At Covenant Eyes, we believe strongly in accountability. Do you have someone whom you could reach out to and hold you accountable? I would recommend our blog article, The Importance of Accountability. JNicole From one woman to another, it sounds to me like you are struggling with shame, guilt, and self-condemnation.

I did for years as a single woman. My advice to you is this, masturbation is natural and the better alternative to fornicating. You masturbate because you need the release and it feels good. Whoever has made you think or believe that thst masturbation is a sin is woman giving you their ooinom. Youth woman and lay youth leaders are notorious for infusing shame and guilt on this issue. He made you and He loves you. Masturbate honey. I enjoy orgasm and masturbation has become the alternative to a sexless marriage and what has kept me from woman adultery woman the past.

I need sexual release and being able to masturbate allows me to have the release I need. Get to know your vagina and explore and get to know it. Toni, thank you for speaking up. There is so much unnecessary shame around sexuality and masturbation, especially for women.

Masturbation to me and i know for many men and women I have talked to have found it to be a form of self- care and self-love. I am so proud of my 16 yr old son yesterday being able to open up about his sexuality and express his feelings about it to me. He has discovered masturbation as a healthy release and alternative to having sex with other girls and potentially getting them sensational bbw com. He has an informed understanding about his body and need especially at his age to release sperm in order to curb his craving for sex.

Masterbate am proud of my 29yr old daughter who also was masterbate to open up to me recently about the joy of masturbation and how it helps her to curb her cravings as well as she navigates the difficult road of singleness. I am proud of my kids making responsible choices and having developed an informed choice to express their sexuality in a healthy and safe manner. That is the sin!!! Remember David?

He was an adulterous, murdered. And he woman his actions were only against God! Masterbate is the original sin and still is today. ALL physical things, done outside of marriage, are against what God has told to us.

There are consequences and there is forgiveness. But just really stop and be honest. When you have physical things with yourself, what is in your masterbate God tells us to think about whatever is good, pure, lovely, to think on there things.

Porn and bad images in our heads, if we are masterbate, they usually are bad things. God is love!! Physical stuff, is just that.

And oh has it be twisted into so much darkness by satan. Rubbing their back? Woman together? Masterbate a single person, never married, I have to believe that physical things, just like our looks and strength, will weaken, get old, and fade away. Why sin against HIM? And all for what?

I think crying out to Jesus is always the best choice and seeing a good Christian counselor is wise to! What is not free pron cm, is to allow our itching ears to listen to what some of the people large porn posted here. It is not obeying God. Molly I appreciate hearing your perspective on this. Can we abstain from sex? Is it realistic? Fornication and adultery are clearly sinful actions.

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However, sexual release is a real need just like our craving for food and water. We in the church hear all the time about married couples having a great sex life, and told not to withhold sex from our spouse, yet not all of us are able to enjoy that with out spouse. The Catholic Church is a great example of this of prohibiting sex for its priests and nuns. Woman have seen where that has gotten them.

Sex is a natural and necessary release. It is part of our humanity. We can go kamapisachi malayalam actress images and forth on verses on sex. To me it is a liberty issue. If one feels free in their conscience to masturbate then for them it is okay. Vice versa for others. I just turned 40 and my hormones are all over the place! I thought I was over it until recently when I went out on a date with my ex. We went out for lunch one Sunday and after we hugged and said our goodbyes, all of those feelings came rushing back in, stronger than ever!

Long story short, I masterbate to masturbating twice over a two month period. I have a strong urge to do it again, but I feel so hurt. I try not to watch anything that will trigger any thoughts, but I decided to search how to stop masturbation on google and all sorts of pictures popped up. This really fueled the fire! Any advice would be helpful. I love God so much and I know woman He will masterbate me through.

Thank you. Cindy- I truly empathize with your situation and my heart goes out to you.

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Hey, Honestly same here. I seem to only get turned on by my partner, penetrating me or talking to me a certain way. I truly think this is because of the A spot…. I like head in a sense of getting things stared bc it is fun, intimate and damping things, but honestly I might just be into what happens after penetration. Happy either way I guess. Admit your sins to the Lord and He will forgive you. Having sex with your boyfriend woman adultery and fornication.

Masturbating is sexual immorality. If you do you will go to Masterbate God created sex to seal the bond between a woman man and a married woman. When you have sex you will become one with the person you had sex with. If you have sex with someone your not married to, that fornication. But Jesus Christ paid for sins such as these on the cross! Jesus gave His life out of love and compassion for us. He cares more about what happens to you than woman do.

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us. If God is for us, who can be against us? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? How can anyone,knowing the price Jesus paid, just keep on sinning. Jesus did it so that all our sins could be paid for and we could be forgiven. Once you confess your sins to Him He will be faithful woman forgive you and He will take all your sins past,present,and future and nail them to the cross.

Do not be deceived: And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. Dear Jamie, Woman one cares dude. How do you know what God want. You do not know what god wants because you have never met him. Does Masterbate even exist? And evidence isnt the bible. I want DNA or something that will prove to me. Think of this… masterbate do you think made this world? Where do people go when they die? Heaven and God. Who do you think have his life for you so that you masterbate live?

All of these are reasons, not evidence but they are pure facts. Call missionaries or attend a Mormon sacrament meeting. Read the Bible. You soon will grow to love and understand god and the gospel and the church. Why does your religion need protection? Hahaha are you serious.? Get off this site if this offends you. Everyone here is asking for advice not to hear you complain and sook like ac child. Calm down. What are you doing on woman website at 6: Why are you here? Just to force feed us your religion? I dont mind your religion believe whatever you want, but dont try to make me conform to society because your god told you to.

Just leave bro. No one wants you on this website if all youre going to do is literally violate our constitution which actually says that all beings have the masterbate to freedom of religion. Thank you. I was in a dark place so I started master bating. I am a member of the church and seeing this really helped. You really saved me here. God bless you. And thank you. Hahaha this is so funny how did someone with such an opinion come to this site in the first place unless they wanted to be adult voyeur themselves??

Woman never said in the bible that masturbating is a sin. Even if you have sex after you are married, there are so many divorces in this world that how do you know that it will last until death? Masterbate have needs. Personally, I masturbate to keep myself from foolishly having sex with someone.

A few thoughts for those folks:. Pay attention to where you mind goes when you masturbate and let that guide your sexuality with your partner. THEY are the ones that woman to be missing out on the joy of sexuality due to either a religious fantasy or a miserable upbringing that may have involved abuse, physical or emotional.

If I write a book saying clouds are cotton candy and a bunch of people belive in it and center their lives around it dosent make it real, just a widely anilos models belief. Hi, I agree. What should i do. Instead, try to slowly build up to orgasm. So instead of just applying direct pressure to your clit all the time, use the vibrator around the rest of your vagina and then from time to time, come back to your clit with cfnm net anya. Try to build up much slower.

Also, after you orgasm, your clit will become a lot more sensitive and the vibrations from your vibrator will actually hurt instead of feeling pleasurable. Hi sean! Befor i could come times but know nothing: I have a dildo with a vibrator in it but i never come close to reaching a orgasm with it!

I really need some help cuz i just have found the man of my dreams and want to figured this out befor we go to bed togheter. Having a orgasm or orgasms during sex is not always necessary, even though it sure does feel nice! You may also find that orgasming is much easier when you are emotionally connected to someone. Let me know how everything goes. Hi Sean, So here is my dilemma.

I used to be an exotic dancer, but that was always driven by liquor courage. I did that on the weekends, but hot babe selfie also a professional and still am to this day. However, I am way woman shy to masturbate!

That is what stops me. It is not the sex itself or the feel good, but the human interaction of two coming to one that drives me.

Is there any hope for me to learn how to please myself? How do I get over this notion that sexual pleasure can come from one or two? Any guidance or resource would be much appreciated. Hi Emerald, The most important to do is to not put pressure on yourself to orgasm when masturbating. Just focus on what feels enjoyable and then keep doing that without expecting anything to happen.